Estima Brothers Clean Up in French Submission Grappling Contest

Braulio and Victor Estima
Victor Estima (red rashguard) and Braulio Estima (black rashguard) celebrate their success in Paris.

Last weekend in Paris, Atch Productions held a 16-man submission grappling tournament, the Grappling Masters VIP with a $5,000 prize for the winner. The FightWorks Podcast received this report from the tournament winner, Gracie Barra’s Braulio Estima, who entered the contest alongside his younger brother Victor Estima:

This weekend saw the Estima brothers competing in Paris for a prize of $5000. The event featured big name grapplers from Europe and Brazil, all competing to claim the cash prize.

Victor put in a very impressive display in the quarter finals, submitting the winner of the 2009 ADCC European Trials, Kassim Annan, via leg lock. Braulio beat the first fighter by arm triangle and then the French Tonton via points.

The brackets put Braulio & Victor against each other in the semi-finals, with Victor stepping down to allow Braulio through to the finals against Gregory Bouchelaghem who beat Lagarto in the quarter finals by judges decision (a match which ended in a controversial decision as the French didn’t get the minus points for stalling).

The end came 4 minutes into the final, with Braulio submitting Bouchelaghem with a slick triangle to claim the prize money.

Congratulations to Braulio and Victor. The two were very busy last month. At the 2009 BJJ World Championship, Braulio won the gold medal in the heavyweight division after sweeping Alexandre de Souza (Gracie Florianopolis) in the finals, and Victor placed third in the medium heavyweight division. The two were also organizers of the British BJJ Open (review, results) just a couple of weeks ago.

Images of the Grappling Masters VIP can be found here.

Braulio Estima
Braulio Estima changes the light bulb at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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