Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Protects Bachelor from Second Date

by Caleb on June 12, 2009

Norman Hayes, a local man who has taken Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes for just six months, used his knowledge of the deadly martial art on Wednesday to nullify any possibility of a second encounter with his attractive and once-interested date. Their first meeting, arranged by way of an online dating site, was marked by a one-sided, non-stop barrage of jiu-jitsu conversation that rendered Hayes’ date completely helpless. A defeated Jennifer Barton remarked, “Let this be a lesson to me: never agree to meet anyone whose screen name on a dating site is ‘Tap-U-or-Snap-U’”. For his part Hayes is eager to follow up by email but cannot decide whether to send a link to videos of jiu-jitsu on YouTube or to invite his date to his next jiu-jitsu class.


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Will Koplitz June 18, 2009 at 2:58 am

That is a great bit-o’-news!
Too true…
Non-practitioners have no defense against the BJJ addiction blitz.

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