Live Blogging the 2009 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Finals

(Click photo to enlarge.) Sergio Moraes at the 2009 BJJ World Championship after defeating Alan “Finfou” Nascimento. Photo courtesy Jay from Grappling With Life for The FightWorks Podcast.

10:02 Caleb: Mighty 600,000! It’s time! The little guys are starting now!

10:02 Caleb: Felipe Costa just began his match with Pablo Texeira… Felipe pulls guard immediately.

10:02 Caleb: This is the first match in the Rooster division.

10:03 [Comment From sue] yea!

10:03 [Comment From pats0] Woo, thanks a lot for doing this caleb.

10:03 Caleb: My pleasure!

10:03 [Comment From garra] Bom dia, Go Tiago!!

10:04 Caleb: At 1m43s it’s still tied 0-0 and no advantages.

10:04 [Comment From garra] Yea , thank you Caleb

10:04 [Comment From ray] just listened to the podcast, now the nest fwe hours glued to this, my GF hates you Caleb

10:05 Caleb: Guillerme Mendes (Atos) is also in action on mat 2 with the Ramon Lemos & Atos patch. Mendes is up 2-0 against an unknown Gracie Barra opponent.

10:05 [Comment From J Sho] Hope you took enough cafeeine onboard at the daily grind!

10:05 [Comment From Vita Team] Portugal with you again Caleb!!!

10:05 Caleb: Bom dia Portugal!

10:05 Caleb: Felipe Costa is now up 6-0 over Pablo Texeira.

10:06 Caleb: Mendes is passing the open guard of his opponent from standing.

10:06 [Comment From sue] i wonder if it will end up being G Mendes v S Braga

10:06 [Comment From Gary in Kabul, Afghan] I’m an Alliance blue belt currently in Afghanistan. Do you know if Batista (black belt Alliance) has already fought and also if Helio Costa brown belt Alliance (65 kilos) has ought?

10:06 Caleb: @Gary – Only two matches have begun today…

10:06 [Comment From J Sho] Here are all the various finalists for everyone’s benefit:

10:06 [Comment From J Sho] Super Pesado: Roger Gracie vs Bruno Bastos; Comprido vs Faria; Demente vs Peinado; Telles vs Gaia

10:06 J Sho: Pena: Reis vs Faria; Tagarela vs Frazatto; Mendes vs Escorrega; Cobrinha vs Megaton

10:07 [Comment From J Sho] Pesado: Rodolfo vs Souza; Soluco vs Lovato; Cyborg vs Ceconi; Braulio vs Pinheiro

10:07 [Comment From J Sho] Meio Pesado: Rominho vs Carlos Portugues; Victor Estima vs Toni Eduardo; Otavio vs Salazar; Gregor Gracie vs Tarsis

10:07 [Comment From J Sho] Pesadissimo: Corleta vs Gigantinho; Cachoeira vs Cavaca; Vella vs Maozinha; Moacir vs Freitas

10:07 J Sho: Pluma: Santos vs Mendes; Barata vs Vieira; Kuraoka vs Beleza; Lalli vs Braga

10:07 [Comment From J Sho] Medio: Bessa vs Finfou; Garcia vs Alves; Moraes vs Chico; Kron vs Leite

10:07 [Comment From J Sho] Leve: Durinho vs Simoes; Formiga vs Persiliano; Furao vs Chalita; Langhi vs Tanquinho

10:07 J Sho: Hopefully that will stop a deluge of questions as to who fought and beat who today!

10:08 Caleb: Felipe Costa (Brasa) is on the back of Texeira going for a choke at 5m43s, where he’s been for several minutes now…

10:08 [Comment From sue] thanks J Sho

10:08 Caleb: Mendes continues in front of his Gracie Barra opponent and up 2-0 at 4m02s.

10:09 Caleb: Alliance’s Bruno Malfacine is on deck on mat one. He is supposed to face Mikio Oga.

10:10 Caleb: Mendes and his Gracie Barra opponent are started standing after tying their belts at 4m54s.

10:10 Caleb: Felipe Costa is now up 10-0 over Pablo Texeira.

10:10 [Comment From Gary in Kabul, Afghan] Bruno is awesome… hope he wins!!!

10:11 [Comment From abdullah] go gui mendes!!!!!!!!

10:11 Caleb: Pablo Texeira escapes and is now in Costa’s open guard again. He has 20 seconds to win…

10:12 Caleb: Gui Mendes is now up 4-0 at 6m17s.

10:12 Caleb: Felipe Costa defeats Pablo Texeira 10-0 as time runs out.

10:13 Caleb: Gui Mendes (Atos) remains still attempting to pass his clever GB opponent’s guard. The time is 7m00s.

10:14 Caleb: Bruno Malfacine is now on the mat against Mikio Oga. Both attempt to pull guard. Very quickly Malfacine scrambles and is nearing having Oga’s back.

10:14 Caleb: The Pyramid is mostly empty. Spectators are dribbling in.

10:15 Caleb: Bruno Malfacine collar chokes Mikio Oga at 1m23s and advances. More good news for Alliance.

10:15 Caleb: Gui Mendes is up 4-2 with under a minute left in his match against a Gracie Barra opponent.

10:15 [Comment From Gary in Kabul, Afghan] Brilliant!!!

10:16 Caleb: Gui Mendes wins 4-2 over his Gracie Barra opponent at time expires.

10:19 [Comment From Fettel] It was Pablo Santos form GB….BIG THANKS FOR YOUR WORK CALEB!

10:19 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] What time is Roger due to fight? Am I right in thinking his fighting for a place in the final?

10:19 Caleb: Just for clarification: Gui Mendes (Atos) defeated Pablo Santos (Gracie Barra).

10:20 J Sho: santos was brasilieros champ iirc

10:21 J Sho: @ adam No, Roger is in the quarter finals of his cateogry – will fight bruno bastos, then winner of comprido/faria int he semis

10:21 Caleb: Makoto Sawada is now up against Bernardo Pitel. Pitel is up 2-0 for a takedown.

10:21 [Comment From Gary in Kabul, Afghan] Hi Caleb, I spent 6 months training under Fabio Gurgel in Sao Paulo and at the end of March this year he awarded me my blue belt. I first listened to your podcasts in Sao Paulo, keep up the good work!! If you bump into Fabio Gurgel, tell him Gary says, “Brilliant! Brilliant” He’ll know what it means. Must sign off as it’s nearly 10pm in Kabul and morning comes quickly… Vai Alliance!!!

10:22 Caleb: @Gary – please tell me how I can have whatever job allowed you to do that.

10:22 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] Thanks J Sho, much appreciated

10:24 Caleb: Daniel Beleza defeats Joao Paulo Kuraoka (Axis) by choke in 52 seconds. Looks like there is some deviation from the brackets that were posted on

10:24 [Comment From Gary in Kabul, Afghan] Bodyguard!!

10:24 [Comment From oliver] hi all !!!

10:26 [Comment From Zawi] Any Baret Yoshida results?

10:26 J Sho: @ caleb, the QF matches are here

10:27 Caleb: @Gary – doh! Looks like I’m not going to be doing that anytime soon πŸ™‚

10:27 J Sho: @zawi he was in mario reis’ side of the bracket so must have lost

10:31 Caleb: Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra) is tied 0-0 against his opponent but has 6 advantages to 0.

10:32 [Comment From sue] Go Samuel!

10:33 Caleb: Makoto Sawada loses 17-2 to a Nova Uniao opponent.

10:34 [Comment From abdullah] when is lovato fighting??

10:34 [Comment From abdullah] rafael mendes???

10:34 [Comment From sam] Caleb please keep an eye on Pinheiro vs Estima,thanks ur doing a much better job than GM

10:34 Caleb: Carlos Vieira (Check Mat) is now up against Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra) on mat 2.

10:35 [Comment From Guest] how did moriarity do yesterday?

10:35 [Comment From Sean (Gracie Barra)] What do you think the chances are that Gracie Barra will be able to catch alliance

10:35 Caleb: Photos from this morning’s pre-mundials coffee. Thanks Ross!

10:35 [Comment From sam] squsito!!!….lets go!!!

10:36 J Sho: @sean, i think alliance will win overall, but i think barra will take pesado, super pesado, meio pesado adn the absolute

10:36 Caleb: Samuel Braga is going to win on advantages alone (8 to 2) against Sebastian Lalli (Check Mat).

10:37 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] Does anyone know how Oliver Geddes got on (purple 76kg). Thanks!

10:37 Caleb: Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) is now up against Rodrigo Ferreira on mat 1.

10:37 [Comment From Sloth] Won 1 lost 1

10:37 [Comment From sue] Is Samuel playing his guard?

10:38 Caleb: Some may also know Rodrigo Ferreira as Rodrigo Ranieri. Mario Reis pulls guard immediately.

10:38 [Comment From Guest] not much going on

10:38 [Comment From Sean (Gracie Barra)] Thanks Caleb

10:39 Caleb: Carlos Vieira is up over Rafael Freitas 2-0.

10:39 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] @sloth, what happened to daniel?

10:40 Caleb: Mario Reis is up 2-0 over Rodrigo Ranieri and on top in 1/2 guard.

10:41 [Comment From Guest] moriarity?

10:41 [Comment From JF] Caleb – is Cobrinha on the mat yet?

10:41 [Comment From student 24] hey sloth c u soon

10:41 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] @ Sloth any news on Nic (RGA)?

10:41 Caleb: Cobrinha has not fought yet.

10:41 Caleb: Rodrigo Ranieri is now tied with Mario Reis 2-2.

10:41 [Comment From homoplata] mario reis pullls guard and the crowd goes wild!!

10:42 Caleb: Mario Reis has a body triangle on Rodrigo Ranieri to hold guard.

10:43 Caleb: Carlos Vieira is up 6-0 over Rafael Freitas.

10:44 [Comment From sue] @ Caleb Did Samuel win?

10:44 Caleb: Yes Samuel Braga won.

10:44 Caleb: Today is much calmer than yesterday!

10:45 [Comment From sue] cool, i train w him

10:45 [Comment From Sloth] No M8, he either lost his 1st or lost to Portoguese looking at the brackets

10:45 [Comment From JJD] my good friend Kid Peligro say’s Caleb is a great guy and typing like a mad man!

10:45 Caleb: @JJD – ha, thanks!

10:45 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Hi all, does anybody have a link to the time table?

10:45 [Comment From Guest] Tagarela vs Frazatto should be soon.

10:45 [Comment From sam] thanks caleb

10:45 [Comment From Guest] love to go

10:46 Caleb: Rodrigo Ranieri is standing to defend a Mario Reis omoplatat at 7m13s.

10:46 Caleb: Time runs out and Carlos Vieira defeats Rafael Freitas.

10:46 [Comment From Guest] Caleb is a saint.

10:46 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] @Sloth- thanks buddy, appreciate it

10:46 [Comment From Guest] Damn I wish I could watch this but I have to go to work.. Hopefully Bruno & Cobrinha finals again!

10:46 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] @ adam, Nic G came in over weight

10:46 [Comment From roger fan] what time is roger fighting anyone??

10:46 [Comment From Liz] for times

10:47 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto is up against Jonatas Gurgel (ATT) on mat 2 now.

10:47 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] @ Andy and Adam – Heat breaking for Nic G!!

10:48 Caleb: Cobrinha is now headed to mat 2 alongside Megaton. Looks like they’ll be up next there…

10:48 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] @ Andy Roberts Really? did he not fight then?

10:48 [Comment From Guest] should be a good one

10:48 [Comment From Guest] Awesome, Go Tagarela!

10:48 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] Man thats a loooong way to go not to make weight. bet his pissed

10:48 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] @ reckless – sure is

10:49 Caleb: Rodrigo Ranieri loses to Mario Reis. It was tied 2-2 but Reis was up on advantages 4-0.

10:49 [Comment From Guest] COBRINHA!!!!!!

10:49 [Comment From abdullah] go megaton!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:49 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] @adam, according to JSho, 6pounds over!!

10:49 Caleb: Mat one is now up with Carlos Lemos (GB) and Rafael Mendes (Atos).

10:50 Caleb: Frazatto is playing guard in a tied 0-0 match against Jonatas Gurgel.

10:50 [Comment From Noriega] so it’s reis and who ever wins between bruno and Jonatas??

10:50 [Comment From Guest] GURANTEED COBRINHA WILL WIN

10:50 [Comment From kemail] G’day Caleb, Kemail from the Netherlands back again..hope ur fingers r fit!!

10:50 [Comment From Guest] Has Megaton ever missed a Mundials? I think he’s been in every one.

10:50 Caleb: @kemail – Welcome Netherlands!

10:50 [Comment From JJD] Good for Mario, great job!

10:50 [Comment From Adam, Gracie Barra UK] @ andy roberts, mate i’m totally shocked, very unlike nic. feeling his pain bro

10:50 [Comment From homoplata] go megaton!!!!

10:50 [Comment From 123bjj] Tx for this Caleb

10:51 Caleb: It’s tied 0-0 between Frazatto vs. Gurgel and Mendes vs. Lemos.

10:51 [Comment From Noriega] I see a rematch between mendes and cobrinha. CAn’t call it

10:51 [Comment From 123bjj] Another dutchy

10:52 [Comment From Sloth] he was 4kg over weight for a match in france a month ago???

10:52 Caleb: Gilbert Burns (Atos), who shocked many yesterday by eliminating Lucas Lepri (Alliance) is now on deck on mat 1.

10:52 [Comment From H] Hey Kemail, It’s H from NJ

10:53 [Comment From 123bjj] kenmail waar in Nederland zit je?

10:53 [Comment From Tim L] Nic.G will not be in the best off moods

10:53 [Comment From briwales] Hey caleb when is Pedro up against finfu

10:53 [Comment From Ryan] Let’s go meg!!

10:53 [Comment From abdullah] go gibert!!!!!!!!!!

10:53 Caleb: @Briwales – not sure buddy, sorry!

10:54 Caleb: Jonatas Gurgel remains tied 0-0 against Bruno Frazatto at 5m56s.

10:54 [Comment From abdullah] Featherweight: Mario Reis advances to semifinals

10:54 [Comment From stevelangford] this is amazing! do you know when Victor Estima is up?

10:54 [Comment From Guest] Via Fifou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:54 [Comment From briwales] no worries mate looking forward to that as pedro is my teacher

10:54 [Comment From kemail] Yo H, whats goin on?

10:55 Caleb: Frazatto is now tied 2-2 against Gurgel.

10:55 [Comment From JJD] Caleb- who’s the best guy you’ve seen so far?

10:55 [Comment From Noriega] any advantages caleb for frazzato nad gurgel

10:55 [Comment From Guest] Gurgel is a tough competitor he has many titles

10:55 [Comment From ben] hope Megaton has a good showing

10:55 [Comment From kemail] @123bjj, breda en jij?

10:55 [Comment From H] same old. Claudo & Piotr fought yesterday. Piotr won via armbar, claudo lost a decision.

10:56 Caleb: Frazatto is down by one advantage.

10:56 [Comment From Tim L] Lots from efn here tonight

10:56 [Comment From Erik] RE: Nic G -For a black belt to not make weight, esp at the worlds, is terrible. And he didn’t make weight by a greater amount previously either. FAIL

10:56 Caleb: Rafael Mendes is up 2-0 over Carlos Lemos. No advantages.

10:57 [Comment From abdullah] go frazzato!!!!!!!!

10:57 [Comment From briwales] mendes is awesome

10:58 Caleb: Carlos Lemos, coached by Draculino, is now in Rafael Mendes’ guard at 7m36s on mat 1. Mendes remains up 2-0.

10:58 [Comment From Styrkur] Cobrinha will beat Mendes

10:58 [Comment From abdullah] Lightfeather semis! Gui Mendes vs Esquisito; Samuel Braga vs Daniel Beleza

10:59 Caleb: Frazatto wins in a tied match 2-2 against Jonatas Gurgel, 3 advantages to none.

10:59 [Comment From kemail] @H, too bad…Andy won via armbar as well, popular move these days! is ur school goin?

10:59 [Comment From Robb] Caleb, Caio Terras division starts at 11, please keep an eye out for him, much appreciated

10:59 [Comment From 123bjj] Amsterdam, so Felipe is in the final??

10:59 [Comment From Erik] @erik- have you ever had to cut weight pal? sure he’ll be pissed at himself but show some respect bro

10:59 Caleb: Mat 2 Cobrinha versus Megaton Dias!!!!

10:59 [Comment From Noriega] remember mendes beat him in abu dhabi

10:59 [Comment From Styrkur] yeah, but that was then

11:00 Caleb: Cobrinha and Mega both facing each other low and close, Cobrinha pulls guard. Mega’s job – to pass – not easy! Cobrinha sweeps and us up 2-0 already.

11:00 [Comment From briwales] should be a good day for all those old TT fighters like cobrinha

11:00 [Comment From Barca] Meg-a-ton! Meg-a-ton!

11:00 J Sho: @ erik – “And he didn’t make weight by a greater amount previously either. FAIL ” he was brown belt last year made weight adn beat 3 people before losing to kayron – which occasion are you referring to?

11:01 Caleb: Rafael Mendes defeats Carlos Lemos 4-0.

11:01 [Comment From briwales] wooooooo terere

11:01 [Comment From abdullah] Cobrinha and Megaton get a bow on mat 2

11:01 [Comment From abdullah] Frazatto overcomes Tagarela and will face Mario Reis

11:02 Caleb: Mat 1 is now Gilbert Burns vs. a Gracie Barra opponent with a bandaged head.

11:02 [Comment From Dan] go Cobra!

11:02 [Comment From Dan] Frazatto will beat Mario.. it will probably be a fight to pull guard first

11:02 [Comment From kemail] any idea on the time of the absolute finals?

11:02 [Comment From Styrkur] Megaton is such a nice guy

11:03 Caleb: Cobrinha is threatening an armbar on Megaton at 3m04s. Mega escapes and is now in Cobrinha’s open guard!!!

11:03 Caleb: The crowd applauds both!

11:03 Caleb: Gilbert Burns (Atos) eliminates his GB opponent at 1m47s.

11:03 [Comment From Styrkur] GO Mario Reis!

11:03 [Comment From mike] i actually hear the opposite from guys at my school

11:03 [Comment From briwales] they are all great guys and whoever wins its just top BJJ

11:03 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Time table –

11:04 Caleb: Mat 1 Rafael Barbosa (Soul Fighters) vs Eder Souza (GB)

11:04 [Comment From H] @kemail- good, I got a boxer teaching a class here in a few minutes. I’ll be back on later

11:04 [Comment From abdullah] go megaton!!!!!!!!!!!

11:04 [Comment From stevelangford] who was the mysterious GB guy with the bandaged head?

11:05 Caleb: Cobrinha is now up 4-2 over Megaton at 5m01s.

11:05 [Comment From kemail] @reckless, thx bro

11:05 Caleb: Mega and Cobrinha are breaking to tie their belts at 5m07s.

11:05 [Comment From Guest] woot woot! go cobrinha!!!

11:05 [Comment From abdullah] go megaton!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:05 [Comment From Guest] The featherweight semi’s are going to be great.

11:06 Caleb: Caio Terra is now on deck…

11:06 Caleb: Royler Gracie, Luka Dias, Regis Lebre, and other Gracie Humaita names are next to Megaton and Cobrinha’s mat hoping Mega can come out on top…

11:07 Caleb: Eder Souza is hanging in an omoplata from a standing Rafael Barbosa.

11:08 Caleb: At 6m21s Cobrinha chokes Megaton from the back. Alliance’s fans respond loudly.

11:08 [Comment From quentin] 4 – 2 all sweeps?

11:08 [Comment From Guest] How did Mega get 2?

11:08 [Comment From Styrkur] I went to Cobrinha seminar at Megaton’s academy

11:08 [Comment From gam] go meg!!

11:08 [Comment From abdullah] go gracie humaita

11:08 [Comment From Styrkur] It was amazing

11:08 [Comment From Guest] come on megaton

11:08 [Comment From Gumby] Doing great on the coverage Caleb, threw up the podcast and link to coverage on OTM

11:08 Caleb: @Gumby thanks buddy!

11:08 [Comment From Guest] yesss!!!!! cobrinha is the truth!!! woooooooo

11:08 [Comment From Andy] I just wacked it, and then ate a piece of birthday cake that was leftover from yesterday. Way to go Cobrinha!!!

11:08 [Comment From Guest] go megaton

11:09 [Comment From ben] go meg

11:09 [Comment From Robb] Thanks Caleb, Keepus posted on Caio Please

11:09 [Comment From abdullah] come on megaton

11:09 [Comment From abdullah] to bad for megaton

11:09 Caleb: Sorry, got backed up on comments…. I believe we’re going to see Bruno Malfacine (Alliance) against Felipe Costa (Brasa) in a moment…

11:09 [Comment From germany] which guys advanced in the lightweight categorie?

11:09 [Comment From abdullah] ‘It is better to cry for being defeated than to be ashamed of running from a fight” thats the rule megaton goes by

11:09 [Comment From Robb] COBRINHA!!!

11:10 [Comment From Gumby] Megaton is my hero. WE make a big deal of his age, but he never does

11:10 [Comment From brazil] wow !

11:10 [Comment From 123bjj] WOW

11:10 [Comment From abdullah] Mendes sweeps Escorrega twice, 4-0;

11:10 [Comment From brazil] wow !

11:10 Caleb: Eder Souza and Rafael Barbosa are still tied at 0-0 and 5m34s….

11:10 [Comment From brazil] thx a lot for the coverage !

11:10 [Comment From Dan] does this mean cobrinha mendes next?

11:10 [Comment From Liz] Is this the finals for Felipe?

11:11 [Comment From abdullah] yup it sure does

11:12 Caleb: Augusto Mendes is up against Alliance’s Michael Langhi.

11:12 [Comment From Styrkur] Cobrinha will beat Mendes!!!!

11:13 Caleb: Rafael Barbosa and Eder Souza are still tied 0-0! Very close match. Souza is up 5-3 on advantages….

11:13 [Comment From Matt] Hi, let us know when chalita is up in the LW

11:13 [Comment From briwales] it will be a close match

11:13 [Comment From Noriega] I say mendes wins

11:13 [Comment From Guest] stryrkur why do u think he will beat mendes??????

11:13 [Comment From briwales] they both have very similar games very athletic and lots of scoring moves

11:13 [Comment From Styrkur] I am confident in Cobrinha

11:14 [Comment From Guest] BECAUSE COBRINHA IS THE BEST

11:14 [Comment From Styrkur] Plus, I want him to win it all again

11:14 Caleb: Augusto Mendes (Claudio Franca) is up 4-2 over Michael Langhi at 6m09s.

11:15 Caleb: Eder Souza scores two points in the closing moments and defeats Rafael Barbosa (Soul Fighters).

11:15 [Comment From Guest] I think that Mendes takes it with a good gaurd game it seemed to me in the BJJPRO he figured out the game. I look to see Mendes win 4-2

11:15 [Comment From brazil] i don’t see kron winning !

11:15 [Comment From Tim L] Hope they don’t stich in 50/50 guard for 8 mins !

11:15 [Comment From briwales] well former TT guy so should do awesome

11:16 Caleb: Caio Terra is now up on mat one against a Nova Uniao opponent, Bernardo Pitel.

11:16 [Comment From Dan] Mendes will not win

11:16 [Comment From Guest] This is Mendes first year at black belt and will walk away champ

11:16 [Comment From GB-Bustardo] Is there anyplace I can see the current brackets?

11:17 Caleb: Michael Langhi is now tied 4-4 with Augusto Mendes.

11:17 [Comment From Andy] Bustardo-

11:17 [Comment From Robb] Alright Caio!!! Much luck to him

11:17 [Comment From abdullah] @ cakeb thats the semis right

11:17 [Comment From Styrkur] Mendes is going down!!!

11:17 [Comment From Tino] Caleb, ur da man bro. Thanx 4 day updates.

11:17 Caleb: @Tino my pleasure buddy.

11:18 [Comment From abdullah] @GB-Bustardo the brakets are on the ibjjf website

11:18 [Comment From Robb] Just curious, What team is Caio representing??

11:18 [Comment From danX] go langhi!

11:18 [Comment From GB-Bustardo] Thank you much Andy

11:18 [Comment From Andy] Caio- Cesar Gracie Team

11:18 [Comment From briwales] Caleb has the bes seat in the house just hope all that coffee doesnt make him go for a whizz to much and miss some of the fights

11:19 [Comment From Guest] I love the internet warriors

11:19 [Comment From kemail] @caleb, if i order a few patches , how long will it take to arrive in Holland?

11:19 Caleb: @kemail I have heard once that it took two days to get to Japan! I don’t knwo how that happened lol. I would give it ten days? Can’t really say…

11:20 Caleb: Caio Terra is playing guard and is down one advantage to Pitel. He suddenly sinks a straight footlock at 2m44s!!!

11:20 Caleb: Pitel limps away from the mat smiling.

11:21 [Comment From Robb] Thnx Andy, wasnt sure if he was repping himself on this one, glad he has cesars name

11:21 [Comment From Styrkur] internet warriors?

11:21 [Comment From Styrkur] yeah, right

11:21 [Comment From kemail] btw, i truly believe more people shuld order patches to support u for all the work!

11:21 [Comment From abdullah] Durinho submits and will face Formiga;

11:21 [Comment From Andy] Middle should be starting pretty soon, I can’t wait.

11:21 Caleb: Alliance wins! Michael Langhi defeats Augusto Mendes.

11:22 Caleb: The vocal Alliance crowd chants to reward their fighter, who had a very tough match that went the distance and was won by one advantage.

11:22 Caleb: It’s now Bruno Malfacine versus Felipe Costa on mat 2!

11:22 [Comment From kemail] @ caleb, well i will order a few, it is the least i can do!

11:22 [Comment From Robb] YEAH CAIO!!!

11:22 [Comment From T-money] Hell yeah Caio Terra!

11:22 [Comment From Andy] The odds are stacked against Kron today, but It’d be awesome to have him and Marcelo in the finals.

11:22 [Comment From Styrkur] nice

11:22 [Comment From Styrkur] Damn guys, I have to work in 3 hours

11:23 [Comment From germany] Chalita vs. Furao? Who advanced?

11:23 [Comment From Andy] I don’t know the team totals, but it seems that Alliance should be dominating this year?

11:23 [Comment From briwales] Are they doing they sword dance yet

11:23 Caleb: @briwales have not seen and invisible sword swinging yet from the Atos guys…

11:23 Caleb: Felipe Costa is on bottom against Bruno Malfacine in 1/2 guard.

11:24 [Comment From Guest] Thank God leave now strykur

11:24 [Comment From briwales] I want to see pedro vs kron in the final as it was close fight in the europeans

11:24 [Comment From Styrkur] If Atos and Checkmat just combined, they’d be doing so well

11:25 [Comment From abdullah] Styrkur yah i agree they get the team trophy for sure

11:25 [Comment From Andy] If I’m not mistaken, Sergio Moraes and Lucas Leite are the last 2 guys to beat Kron, and there is a good chance that he will have to face them both today, and then probably have to face marcelo as a reward.

11:26 Caleb: It’s still 0-0 between Malfacine and Felipe Costa! But Malfacine suddenly lands an armbar on Costa (Brasa)! The time is 3m37.

11:26 [Comment From Styrkur] Kron will face Lucas Leite in his next fight

11:28 Caleb: The mats are momentarily quiet. No matches going on.

11:28 J Sho: is there any helio commemorative poster or anything like that?

11:29 Caleb: On mat 1, Gui Mendes (Atos) is now up against Carlos Vieira. Daniel Beleza is now up against Samuel Braga on mat 2.

11:29 [Comment From Robb] Caleb- When should i expect Caios next fight to be??

11:29 [Comment From germany] Chalita vs furao? How they fought?

11:29 [Comment From brazil] what did costa ?

11:29 [Comment From danX] is atos a new team? where did they come from?

11:29 Caleb: @danX – that needs some investigation!

11:29 [Comment From germany] split up from brasa

11:30 J Sho: atos is the mendes, galvao, calasans and a few others, so former brasa i guess

11:30 [Comment From steve langford UK] any news from Victor Estima?

11:30 [Comment From briwales] they are Andre Galvao‘s team

11:30 Caleb: Gui Mendes is up by one advantage over Carlos Vieira at 1m09s.

11:30 [Comment From gusuk] has anyone know the result for the black bet – heavy weight category?

11:30 [Comment From abdullah] atos came from check mat when brasa split and andre galvao and ramon lems started it

11:31 J Sho: @gusuk – hasnt started yet – quarter finals are: Rodolfo vs Souza; Soluco vs Lovato; Cyborg vs Ceconi; Braulio vs Pinheiro

11:31 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto will face Mario Reis momentarily…

11:31 [Comment From Styrkur] checkmat and atos are former brasas

11:31 [Comment From Slick] And ramon lemos theyre drom rio claro

11:31 [Comment From Mchapman] poinsts so far – Alliance 69 – GB 45 – CheckMatt 38. With the advancement of Cobrinha, Langhi, and Macalfacine, I believe they have the team trophy locked up.

11:32 [Comment From abdullah] caleb u rock

11:32 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] @gusuk – thay have not fought yet.

11:32 [Comment From Styrkur] yeah, Alliance will take it again

11:32 [Comment From Andy] I wish more tournaments paid the BJJ guys so we wouldn’t lose so many top guys to MMA. I want to see Jacare vs. the new crop of tough guys.

11:33 Caleb: @Andy – amen!

11:33 Caleb: Spectators are now visibly pouring into the stands…

11:33 [Comment From germany] Light: Gilbert Durinho vs Rodrigo SimΓ΅es, Formiga vs Eder Persiliano, FurΓ£o vs Chalita, Michael Langhi vs Tanquinho

11:33 [Comment From germany] who advanced the lightweights?

11:33 [Comment From briwales] Caleb ? if the old TT team where competing how many teams points would they have know with most fighting for the main teams

11:34 Caleb: @briwales – I have no idea lol. I can’t think that fast…

11:34 [Comment From Oliver] I want Rodolfo x Braulio in Finals. The REMATCH !!!

11:34 [Comment From Guest] I WANT TO SEE THE WORLDS RETURN TO BRAZIL WHERE THEY BELONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:34 Caleb: Gui Mendes continues up by one advantage over Carlos Vieira. The time is 5m14s. It’s tied 0-0.

11:35 [Comment From briwales] hahahaha not even with the coffee

11:35 [Comment From Andy] Yeah, I wish the world’s weres till in Brazil too. Has a new tournament filled in the void in Brazil that the world’s left behind?

11:35 [Comment From kemail] @guest, i agree, brasil !!

11:35 Caleb: Both of these matches are very slow right now…

11:35 [Comment From ascension ny] copa do muno still in brazil

11:35 [Comment From Styrkur] Brazilian Nationals

11:35 [Comment From Guest] The toughest tournament in the world is the Brazilian National Championships

11:36 J Sho: @ascension ny – the copa do mundo is no more, the cbjjo folded a couple of years ago

11:36 J Sho: as replaced with the cbjje

11:36 J Sho:

11:37 Caleb: Both matches still tied 0-0. 7 minutes have passed between Gui Mendes and Carlos Vieira. Mendes continues on top trying to pass.

11:37 [Comment From Guest] they do not have the copa do mundo any more last year was 2006

11:37 [Comment From Mchapman] JSho is the master statistician, he should be able to tell you – πŸ™‚ (although I think it would just be Telles, Cobrinha, Moraes, and Langhi with points)

11:37 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] There are lot$ of reason$ why the ibjjf will keep the Mundial$ in the u$ from now on πŸ™‚

11:37 [Comment From briwales] be nice if they moved the worlds each year to a different country like the world cup does in football that would be soccer to all americans

11:37 [Comment From mike] IF JJ is to grow, it needs to grow outside of Brazil, World’s need to be showcased in more prominent venue in US, that way some many JJ studs won’t keep leaving

11:37 [Comment From SC] Any news on Tony Passos from yesterday?

11:37 [Comment From dokomoy] @j sho aren’t the Brasilerios still considered at least equal to the mundials for

11:38 J Sho: @dokomoy for blue/purple/browbn perhaps

11:38 J Sho: but not for black belt, a lot of the big dogs don;t come out to play for the mundials

11:38 Caleb: Daniel Beleza and Samuel Braga are now retying their belts. The time is 5m56s.

11:38 [Comment From Oliver] If Mundials were in Brazil, “foreign competitiors” wouldnt win the gold. But the real mundial is in brazil

11:38 [Comment From Guest] the cbjje has some big tournaments coming Sul Mundial in SP

11:39 [Comment From Andy] Which stars from today do you guys think will get an ADCC invite? If Cobrinha isn’t in there this year I might shed tears of anguish.

11:39 [Comment From Guest] it is not called JJ it is called Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

11:39 [Comment From Guest] Bring them back to Brazil

11:39 [Comment From dokomoy] @jsho thats what I meant, my post got cut off

11:39 J Sho: @dokomoy – check here to see brasilieros/pan ams/mundials winners for comparison,89619.0.html

11:39 [Comment From Styrkur] different countries?

11:39 [Comment From Guest] J sho, alot of the big dogs dont come out to play for mundials? how do you figure that?

11:39 J Sho: my bad, meant dont come out to play for the brasilieros

11:39 J Sho: i.e. roger, braulio etc

11:39 Caleb: Gui Mendes defeats Carlos Vieira in a very static match.

11:40 [Comment From Styrkur] you know that’s hard and lots of money will be needed from competitors

11:40 Caleb: Now we’ve got Bruno Frazatto against Mario Reis!!!

11:40 [Comment From Guest] oh ok, yea that makes sense..agreed 100%..mundials at the bb are much tougher then any tuornament

11:40 [Comment From sam] esquisito lost!! πŸ™

11:40 [Comment From Styrkur] Go Mario!

11:40 [Comment From Guest] they dont go to Brazil because they know the guys there are hungry to beat them

11:40 [Comment From Mchapman] There is more money to be made here in the US than any other country. I don’t see it leaving Cali for a while.

11:41 [Comment From briwales] Maybe with the new world cup pro that is the way to go and have prize money to keep the big dogs in bjj and not mma

11:41 [Comment From Guest] they dont want to risk losing to a unknown BB

11:41 [Comment From JF] Why not have the worlds somewhere on the US east coast?

11:41 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] You’ve got to admit, though – the Pyramid is a really nice venue. (Ive heard that the old venue in Brazil sucks by comparison)

11:41 [Comment From mike] sorry guest typo, doesn’t change the fact americans need to give it more acceptance which menas more money to winners which means less leave to mma

11:42 Caleb: Reis is first to pull guard. Frazatto must now pass…

11:42 [Comment From Guest] Sucks you are crazy you dont know what you are talking about

11:42 [Comment From brabo fett] why is it bad that jiu jitsu guys do mma?

11:42 [Comment From Andy] Is this the only sport where you can be the World Champion and earn $dick for your troubles??

11:43 [Comment From dan] @ caleb is beleza still fighting

11:43 [Comment From ascension ny] yes, they should at least have the pans on the east coast

11:43 [Comment From Styrkur] Money to winners would be good if they find great sponsors that are willing to do it

11:43 [Comment From Andy] Brabo fett, because then they don’t compete in BJJ. A la Galvao, Werdum, Jacare etc..

11:44 Caleb: Braga just beat Beleza.

11:44 Caleb: Rafael Mendes is now up against Cobrinha!!!

11:44 [Comment From ascension ny] you should have to qualify for the worlds

11:44 [Comment From Guest] Bring them Back to Brazil!!!!!!!!!

11:44 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] Anyway, the Geezer Mundials (Master & Seniors) are still being held in Brazil, for now at least

11:44 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] @ andy – there are plenty sports out there with little to no prize money.

11:45 [Comment From Styrkur] All the money the tournament gets goes to medals, trophies and bill for the venue

11:45 [Comment From Andy] They had almost 2,000 competitors this year at like $125 a pop. I’m sure they can afford to fork over a few bucks to the winners.

11:45 [Comment From Mchapman] hows the Reis/Frazzato match going? GOOO COBRINHA!!

11:45 [Comment From Dan] GO COBRINHA!!

11:45 [Comment From mick] why are the mundials held in america if all the medals are won by brazilians?

11:46 [Comment From brabo fett] they have proven themselves in bjj so its only logical that they would try to venture into new things

11:46 [Comment From briwales] can you really say the worlds are better without Galvao and Werdum and jacare we need them back in the worlds in my honest opinion

11:46 [Comment From dan] Do you know how Samuel Braga beat Beleza?

11:46 Caleb: @dan – maybe one advantage? Very narrow margin.

11:46 [Comment From Guest] all the money is not spent on the tournament Styrkur what is your source for this??

11:46 [Comment From mike] sorry guest you must be right TOP LEVEL BB’s leave for 2-3 fight deals worth a total of 10-30k on average worth contract, MMA is run more like a business in US, BJJ, as a past time

11:46 [Comment From sam] not all medals are won by brazilians

11:46 J Sho: @andy – a lot of olympic champions don;t make anything

11:47 Caleb: Mario Reis is trying to convince the ref that Frazatto should be DQ’ed for the illegal knee attack. The ref calmly disagrees.

11:47 [Comment From Guest] WOO VIA PAGAR MENDES!!!!!!!!

11:47 [Comment From dokomoy] a ton of the big names may be brazilian but they live outside brazil(roger, brualio, vitor, romulo, cobrinha, marcelo, fin fou etc)

11:47 Caleb: Mendes is tied 2-2 with Cobrinha…

11:47 [Comment From briwales] Mendes and Cobrinha fight is on guys

11:47 [Comment From homoplata] most olympic athletes are paid (carded) by their government

11:47 [Comment From Styrkur] common sense

11:48 [Comment From Guest] USA wrestling just announced the GOLD MEDAL PROGRAM it will pay athletes for medals won

11:48 [Comment From Guest] at the olympics

11:48 Caleb: Bunch of leg spaghetti going on in both these matches.

11:48 [Comment From Styrkur] go Cobrinha!!

11:48 [Comment From Andy] True, the Olympics don’t make anything. But BJJ is a much bigger sport than mosr Olympic sports.

11:48 [Comment From briwales] come on Cobra

11:48 [Comment From warriorliz] hey caleb, is there free wifi at the pyramid? i’m heading down there soon…

11:48 Caleb: @warriorliz nope.

11:49 Caleb: Frazatto is up 2-0 over Mario Reis! He’s now in Reis’ closed guard….

11:49 [Comment From briwales] this could be one of the best fights of the 2009 worlds

11:49 [Comment From Guest] is this update going to be used for todays event or a HUGE discussion?! please guys , save it for the forums!

11:49 Caleb: Yes guys please keep the comments relevant to the details here so I can concentrate as much as possible on the event and not moderating comments.

11:50 [Comment From ray] i dont know about all the guys, but Kyra was at our academy all last week, and i know her sponsors pay her well, and bounus for wins

11:50 Caleb: It’s tied 4-4 between Cobrinha and Mendes at 5m30s…Cobrinha is standing and trying to pass…

11:51 Caleb: It’s 8m48s and Reis is still down by two to Frazatto. Draculino is urging Reis to get busy!

11:51 [Comment From briwales] mendes just swept cobrinha and he then in return swept mendes back oh my god looks like this is going to be a great match

11:52 Caleb: It’s 6m36s and Cobrinha is still trying to get around Mendes’ legs. The two are tangled completely.

11:53 Caleb: Mario Reis loses to Frazatto and is complaining to Alvaro Mansur, head referee. They could go raise hands but he’s holding things up.

11:53 Caleb: Frazatto goes to congratulate Reis on a good match but Reis walks away.

11:53 [Comment From Bjj420] Caleb, you should forget about responding to people and just focus on commentating. You are doing a wonderful job! Thank you very very much!

11:53 Caleb: I’m going to slow down on the comments Family. Don’t take it personally.

11:54 Caleb: Gilbert Burns (Soul Fighters) is now up against Eder Souza (GB)…

11:54 J Sho: shades of last year – reis thought he was screwed against frazatto then as well didnt he?

11:55 Caleb: Still tied 4-4 in the closing moments of Cobrinha vs Mendes!!! Both are rolling in a ball….

11:55 Caleb: Who will get the points??!?!

11:55 Caleb: Time runs out and Mendes wins!!!

11:56 Caleb: The place is going crazy! Mendes was up by one advantage with a tied score of 4-4! Alliance’s fans are exchanging chantWAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!

11:56 Caleb: Cobrinha’s hand is raised! There is now 4 points each on the score board and one advantage each! It’s ref’s decision!!!

11:57 Caleb: WOW!

11:57 J Sho: no way

11:57 Caleb: Felipe Della Monica is now up against Michael Langhi on mat 2.

11:57 J Sho: big call by the ref

11:57 [Comment From Mchapman] yes!!!!

11:57 [Comment From marcovia] what???

11:57 [Comment From Andy] !

11:57 [Comment From GB-Bustardo] Wow

11:57 [Comment From shane] that’s crazy…

11:58 Caleb: Gilbert Burns is up 8-0 over Eder Souza (GB) on mat 1.

11:58 [Comment From Noriega] where did the cobrinha’s advantage come from

11:58 [Comment From Guest] YES COBRINHA! that scared me lol

11:58 Caleb: @Noriega – It must’ve been added right as time expired.

12:00 Caleb: Gilbert Burns is still up 8-0 over Eder Souza. The time is 5m34s.

12:00 [Comment From Mchapman] I have to change my shorts now, damn that was suspenseful!

12:00 [Comment From joskar] :O that was nervewrecking…another frazatto – cobrinha final!!!! just like i was hoping. Their rivalry is epic =P

12:01 Caleb: Michael Langhi (Alliance) is tied 2-2 with Felipe Della Monica (GB).

12:02 Caleb: Langhi is now up 4-2 over Della Monica and trying to get out of Della MOnica’s 1/2 guard.

12:02 Caleb: Eder Souza has scored and is now down 8-2 against Gilbert Burns.

12:03 [Comment From Guest] what time are the finals?

12:04 Caleb: Eder Souza is fighting hard to come back but Gilbert Burns is not having it. It just entered the final minute and Burns remains up 8-2.

12:04 Caleb: Michael Langhi remains up 4-2 over Felipe Della Monica. The time is 7m07s.

12:05 Caleb: Gilbert Burns (Atos) defeats Eder Souza (GB) 10-2 as time runs out.

12:05 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia was just called to the bullpen!

12:05 [Comment From dan] is Eder from GB Jacksonville?

12:05 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] Who was the guy who Cobrinha just fought? Damn, he was good; he almost took it

12:05 J Sho: @ross rafael mendes

12:06 [Comment From Andy] 20 more minutes until Middle starts! I can’t wait for this DVD. I’m thankful that Caleb is our eyes and ears until then!

12:06 Caleb: Lucas Leite and Kron Gracie were just called to the bullpen as well!!!

12:07 Caleb: With less than a minute to go, Della Monica is giving it his all to come back but Michael Langhi remains up 4-2 in the closing moments.

12:07 [Comment From adam (GB)] @Caleb do you know if a dvd is being made of the event and if so, where i’ll be able to get it? thanks muchly

12:07 J Sho: budovideos probably

12:08 Caleb: Alliance cheers and chants as Langhi pulls the win over Felipe Della Monica (GB).

12:08 [Comment From Andy] Budovideos has all the big tournament DVD’s. I’m sure they’ll have this in a few months as well.

12:09 Caleb: Romulo Barral, Otavio Souza, Sergio Moraes, Kron Gracie, and others are warming up in the bullpen…

12:09 Caleb: Time for a quick break all around!

12:09 J Sho: lol, get a red bull in yourself!

12:17 [Comment From Guest] LUCAS LUCAS LUCAS!!!!!!!!

12:18 Caleb: Okay Marcelo Garcia is now up against Tiago Alves as well!

12:19 Caleb: The two are gripfighting, forehead to forehead leaned over…

12:19 [Comment From Styrkur] I’m rooting for Lucas to take Middle

12:20 Caleb: Marcelo is now on his back, Alves is trying to pass…

12:20 Caleb: Kron and Lucas Leite are now up on mat 2!!!

12:20 [Comment From garra] Go TIAGGOO!!!

12:20 Caleb: It’s 0-0 and no advantages between Alves and Garcia.

12:21 Caleb: Leite pulls guard on Kron at 0m28s….

12:21 Caleb: Garcia is trying to sweep Alves but no luck yet at 3m19s.

12:22 Caleb: Kron is on top trying hard to immobilize Keite underneath him…

12:22 [Comment From Guest] LETS GO MARCELO

12:22 [Comment From San] go marcelo

12:22 Caleb: Marcelo almost gets a sweep from xguard and is given the first advantage of the match at 4m20s.

12:23 [Comment From San] work kron come on

12:23 Caleb: Kron remains on top in 1/2 guard and is up by one advantage now….

12:23 Caleb: Looks like Kron has trained hard for this familiar position with Leite…

12:24 Caleb: Saulo and Gracie Humaita are shouting “booooaaaaa!” to Kron who is now up 2 advantages to none at 3m31s.

12:24 Caleb: The two are paused to retie their belts.

12:25 Caleb: Marcelo almost takes Alves’ back but is unsuccessful. He is up by three advantages to none !

12:25 [Comment From James…] Come on Tiago!!!!!!!!!

12:25 [Comment From dokomoy] @caleb I hear the brazilian yell boa all the time, what does it mean?

12:25 Caleb: “boa” means “good!”

12:25 J Sho: good/well done/go on

12:26 J Sho: not to be confused with porra :o)

12:26 Caleb: Kron is still on top flattening Leite out in a very stressful match to watch! The time is 4m47s.

12:26 Caleb: Kron and Leite are now standing again at 5m10s.

12:27 Caleb: Alves and Kron are still tied at 8m26s but Garcia is up by one advantage point now.

12:27 Caleb: Marcelo is un xguard underneath Alves with one minute to go…

12:28 Caleb: Kron stuffs a takedown attempt…

12:28 Caleb: Marcelo maintains…..

12:28 Caleb: Alliance counts down the clock…

12:28 Caleb: and he wins over Thiago Alves 0-0 and by advantages 3-2.

12:29 Caleb: Kron and Leite are now restarted in the middle after retying their belts again. The time is 7m05s.

12:29 Caleb: Kron is up 2-1 in advantages alone over Leite.

12:30 [Comment From Styrkur] nice

12:30 Caleb: Leite sweeps! HE’s up 2-0 now!!!

12:30 Caleb: Kron is playing closed guard now and he has 2 1/2 minutes to do something big…

12:30 [Comment From Styrkur] wow nice Leite!!!

12:30 Caleb: This is not the UFC Thiago Alves.

12:31 Caleb: Sergio Moraes is now up against Augusto “Tio Chico” Vieira on mat 1.

12:31 [Comment From shane] kron is going to be distraught if he loses to leite again

12:31 [Comment From Dorian] 2 mats today?

12:31 Caleb: @Dorian, yes just two mats.

12:31 [Comment From Ben] I hope kron can pull out the win, i would like to see him against marcelo

12:32 Caleb: Leite is now on top working to pass Kron’s guard with one minute remaining. He’s winning 2-0.

12:32 [Comment From Styrkur] omg Leite!!!

12:33 Caleb: 30 seconds left in Leite vs Kron!


12:33 J Sho: but who wins!!!???

12:34 Caleb: The two scrapped and scrambled – Kron took him down but Leite came right back up, and re-swept Kron for just a split second!

12:34 Caleb: Time expires and Leite wins 2-0!

12:34 [Comment From ROBERT] LUCAS LUCAS

12:34 [Comment From 123bjj] amazing to read

12:34 [Comment From Caleb *shouts*:] LEITE WON!!!!!

12:35 Caleb: @Caleb *shouts* – LULZ

12:35 Caleb: Wow I am actually out of breath after that excitement!

12:35 J Sho: no last minute aura last from rickson to help his son out?

12:35 J Sho: aura blast even

12:35 Caleb: And the only thing I am doing is typing!

12:35 [Comment From Red] I’m got pumped just reading that…

12:35 [Comment From JasonFitz] Wow.

12:35 [Comment From Guest] i am crying

12:35 Caleb:

12:36 Caleb: *Exhale*

12:36 Caleb: Tio Chico is beating Sergio Moraes 2-0.

12:36 J Sho: porra, how?

12:36 Caleb: Pedro Bessa is now up against “Finfou” Nascimento on mat 2.

12:36 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] Caleb you are a god amongst men

12:36 J Sho: finfou is the sleeper in this division potentially

12:37 Caleb: @Andy – just a BJJ podcaster, that’s all πŸ˜‰

12:37 Caleb: Romulo Barral is on deck now…

12:37 Caleb: Pedro Bessa is trying to pass Finfou’s open guard…

12:38 Caleb: Tio Chico is now up 4-2 against Sergio Moraes and is on top while Moraes tries to get some traction with offense…

12:38 [Comment From Guest] go pedro!!! uk bjj

12:39 [Comment From Alliance] I can’t find Tio Chico on my bracket. Wasn’t he a Mexican Championship wrestler

12:39 Caleb: Tio Chico is Augusto Viera from GB.

12:39 [Comment From phil] I was hoping Kron would get his revenge. It read like a great match. Can’t wait to see it on DVD!

12:39 [Comment From San] u do a great job fair play to you


12:39 J Sho: lol uncle chico, where did the name come from?

12:40 Caleb: Pedro Bessa and Finfou are standing again in the middle. Finfou remains up 2-0.

12:40 Caleb: Bessa & Finfou are retying their belts at 2m57s.

12:40 Caleb: Tio Chico remains up 4-2 over Sergio Moraes in the closing minute!

12:41 J Sho: vai graciebarra!

12:41 Caleb: Wow! Sergio Moraes ties it up 4-4! THere are 23 seconds left! They are restarting in the center…

12:42 [Comment From Mchapman] damn!

12:42 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] oo ah gracie barra!!

12:42 [Comment From lealdade porra] adams family, he kinda looks like that dude (dark eyes)

12:42 Caleb: Wow!! Alliance pulls this one out!!!

12:42 J Sho: tio chico is a draculinho black belt iirc

12:43 J Sho: what happened?

12:43 Caleb: Sergio Moraes was tied 4-4 with Augusto Moraes but Moraes was up 2-0 on advantages. The GB section is angry.

12:43 [Comment From Styrkur] How did Sergio win?

12:43 [Comment From mark] Shenanigans!

12:43 [Comment From Mchapman] a lot of cliffhangers today!

12:44 J Sho: lol, nothing worse than a bunch of angry teenagers :rolleyes:

12:44 Caleb: Romulo Barral (GB Texas) is now up at Eduardo Santoro (CIA Paulista).

12:44 J Sho: Eduardo Santoro aka Carlos Portugues

12:44 Caleb: Finfou continues to beat Bessa 4-0 at 6m02s.

12:44 J Sho: l, they should have a special thing on nicknames

12:44 [Comment From phil] Another great fight. The middle weight division is STACKED!!!

12:44 [Comment From Oliver] comon romulo

12:44 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Damn!

12:45 Caleb: Romulo is now on top in 1/2 guard with Santoro. There was no takedown. Still 0-0.

12:45 [Comment From Dorian] Rumolo is very sharp…he has the xande mojo from 2008

12:46 J Sho: maybe he took xande’s mojo when he beat him in 2007 ;o)

12:46 Caleb: At 6m33s Bessa is trying to take Finfou’s back but he can’t get it yet.

12:46 [Comment From Escola de jiu jitsu] cmon Romulo!

12:47 J Sho: @escola de jiu jitsu – you one of ze beleza’s students?

12:47 Caleb: Bessa and Finfou are now standing again at 7m31s. Finfou pulls guard hard. No points for takedown.

12:47 Caleb: Romulo Barral is up 3-0 over Eduardo Santoro.

12:47 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Come on Pedro….

12:47 [Comment From Joe] c’mon Pedro!!!!!!!

12:48 Caleb: Bessa is standing in Finfou’s closed guard… and is pulled back down. 8m40s.

12:48 Caleb: Romulo Barral is working an Americana on Santoro’s far side…

12:49 [Comment From mark] GB has got to take medium heavy

12:49 Caleb: Finfou is now up 6-2 on Bessa…

12:49 Caleb: But he doesn’t have time to come back. Finfou defeats Pedro Bessa 6-2.

12:50 Caleb: Romulo Barral is now up 6-0 on Eduardo Santoro. They’re retying their belts at the 5 minute mark.

12:50 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] No no no!

12:50 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Gutted!

12:50 [Comment From Oliver] good job alan

12:51 Caleb: On Mat 2 Tony Eduardo is now up against Vitor Estima. Listen up UK!

12:52 [Comment From ggg] Good job Alan!

12:52 J Sho: come on cacarazinho!

12:52 J Sho: does he have the fastest sub so far with that 27second sub on roy dean?

12:52 Caleb: Romulo is still in control over Santoro and it’s 6-0 at 6m31s.

12:52 Caleb: @J Sho – in the black belt division, probably so!


12:52 [Comment From Gawkrodger] Come on Vitor!

12:53 [Comment From mark] Come on vitor

12:53 Caleb: Vitor Estima has Eduardo Santoro in closed guard. It’s tied 0-0 at 1m53s.

12:53 [Comment From Oliver] @ caleb : did you see the fight of victor x roy dean ?

12:54 Caleb: @Oliver – I blinked and missed it!

12:54 [Comment From JasonFitz] Victor victor……come on

12:54 Caleb: Romulo Barral seems to have slowed things down. It’s 8m47s and still 6-0. But he appears in strong control.

12:55 Caleb: Vitor Estima is definitely attempting to set up an armbar from the guard.

12:56 Caleb: It remains 0-0 all around between Tony Eduardo and Vitor Estima.

12:56 Caleb: Romulo Barral defeats Eduardo Santoro on points 6-0 as time expires. He also had 3 advantages to none.

12:56 [Comment From F4LL3N W4RR10R] Lets hope it’s tight

12:57 [Comment From mark GBescondido] estima armbarred dean from guard

12:57 Caleb: Vitor Estima is still working from closed guard against Tony Eduardo.5m49s and 0-0, no advantages.

12:58 Caleb: Otavio Souza is now entering the mat to take on Marcelo Salazar (BTT).

12:58 [Comment From Oliver] comon otavio !!!

12:59 Caleb: Just a reminder – I am not approving every comment so I can concentrate on the matches more…

12:59 Caleb: Otavio Souza is now on top in 1/2 guard and is up 2-0 at 7m43s against Tony Eduardo…

12:59 [Comment From Gawkrodger] come on Otavio!

1:00 [Comment From Gurnit] Go Tony Eduardo !

1:00 [Comment From sam] awsome caleb πŸ˜‰

1:00 [Comment From San] fair dues

1:00 Caleb: Otavio Souza is on bottom in closed guard with Marcello Salazar attempting to get out. It’s 1m29s.

1:01 Caleb: Less than one minute left and Vitor Estima is still up 2-0 over Tony Eduardo. Both have one advantage…

1:02 Caleb: Tony Eduardo makes a good last minute effort but it’s not enough to topply Vitor Estima, who wins 2-0.

1:02 [Comment From steve finan] come on vitor close him out

1:02 Caleb: Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is warming up next to mat 1.

1:02 [Comment From mark GBescondido] where was vitor’s points from?

1:03 Caleb: Gregor Gracie now is up against Tarsis Humphreys! This should make The Pyramid very loud!!!

1:03 J Sho: on balance, gregor is not good enough to beat Tarsis is he?

1:03 [Comment From mark] well done victor

1:03 [Comment From steve finan] jsho … what time Roger on ?

1:03 J Sho: good luck to him tho

1:04 Caleb: Otavio Souza is up 2-0 against Marcelo Salazar at 5m01s.

1:04 J Sho: anytime from now steve

1:04 Caleb: Tarsis and Gregor are locked up forehead to forehead, and trading grips….

1:04 Caleb: WOW!

1:04 Caleb: Tarsis throws Gregor hard over his shoulder! 2 points for Tarsis!

1:05 Caleb: Otavio Souza remains up 2-0 over Salazar but almost all eyes are on the Tarsis vs Gregor match…

1:05 [Comment From Triggs] Wow sounds promising

1:05 [Comment From lealdade porra] gregor def has skills to beat tarsis, if he is prepared he can do it

1:06 Caleb: I take it back I take it back I take it back – Tarsis’ throw did not earn him 2 points, just an advantage.

1:06 [Comment From lealdade porra] tarsis is muuuito bomba tho, more than gregor

1:07 Caleb: Tarsis and Gregor are standing again, hands on each others’ sleeve and collar…

1:07 J Sho: lol @lealdade porra – i’m sure it is just steak and chicken

1:08 [Comment From eso10] Come On Gregor!!!!!

1:08 Caleb: Okay now Tarsis is up 2-0 against Gregor.

1:09 Caleb: They are restarting in the center at 4m49s with Tarsis standing over Gregor.

1:09 Caleb: For some reason, now they are started standing.

1:09 [Comment From Oliver] any news about otavio’s fight ?

1:10 Caleb: Otavio seems to be riding out the 2-0 victory over Salazar.

1:10 Caleb: Yes, Otavio Souza defeats Marcelo Salazar 2-0 as time runs out.

1:10 Caleb: Tarsis is now in Gregor’s closed guard…

1:10 [Comment From sam] salazar??

1:11 J Sho: nice work by gorillinho beating slazar

1:11 Caleb: “Cyborg” Abreu (Carlson Gracie) is now up against Alexandre Siconi (sp?) on mat 1.

1:12 J Sho: Ceconi

1:12 Caleb: Tarsis and Gregor are now standing on mat 2, grip fighting again. It’s 2-0 Tarsis at 7m10s.

1:12 Caleb: Wow Cyborg and Sicconi traded big takedowns and they are each at 2 points after 1m01s.

1:13 Caleb: Slams, not takedowns.

1:13 [Comment From funch] How did Tarsis score?

1:13 Caleb: I think Tarsis later got a takedown I missed.

1:13 [Comment From JJ] Go Cyborg

1:13 Caleb: @J Sho – Thanks!

1:14 Caleb: Ceconi gets another takedown on Cyborg and is up 4-2.

1:15 Caleb: With one minute left, Tarsis is fighting off a sweep but appears in control at 2-0…

1:15 J Sho: think he is one of rillion’s guys

1:15 Caleb: Gregor is working hard to get a sweep! One team is getting ready to begin chanting at the victory….!

1:16 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys wins 2-0 over Gregor Gracie. Alliance shakes their giant Alliance flag in the stands!

1:17 Caleb: United Kingdom get ready – Braulio Estima is up on mat 2 against Rodrigo Pinheiro (Humaita).

1:17 [Comment From Matt] Way to go Tarsis!

1:17 [Comment From DomDom] J Sho..what time is absolute final?

1:17 [Comment From JJ] Damn I wish could watch this!

1:17 [Comment From esp10] Way to hang Gregor!

1:17 J Sho: tarsis vs otavio and romulo vs vitor – will vitor stand aside for romulo?

1:17 Caleb: Ceconi is still beating Cyborg Abreu 4-2 at 5m09s. Cyborg is underneath.

1:18 Caleb: Roger Gracie’s name was just called to the bullpen…!

1:18 Caleb: Braulio Estima is down 2-0 against Rodrigo Pinheiro and playing guard…

1:18 [Comment From sam] go rodrigo!!!

1:18 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] WHOOP WHOOP!!!!

1:18 [Comment From Matt from Alliance] This is the year for Tarsis to take the Gold.

1:18 [Comment From JJ] Cyborg ! Cyborg !

1:19 Caleb: Cyborg has all he can handle from Ceconi here. I haven’t seen anyone take it to Cyborg like this before…

1:19 Caleb: Just as I write that, Cyborg sweeps! It’s now 4-4!

1:20 Caleb: At 2m48s Braulio Estima triangles Rodrigo Pinheiro!!!

1:20 [Comment From JJ] BOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Cyborg!

1:20 J Sho: yes!!!!! vai carcara

1:21 Caleb: Soluco (Alliance Ecuador) is now up against Rafael Lovato Jr. (Humaita) on mat 2!

1:21 [Comment From esp10] Braulio!!!!! Barra!!!!!

1:21 [Comment From Gawkrodger] Yes Braulio!

1:21 [Comment From steve finan] told you

1:21 J Sho: braulio vs cyborg then in semi 1

1:22 J Sho: sorry vs winner of cyborg ceconi

1:22 Caleb: Soluco is trying to take the taller Lovato Jr. down. The two wander outside the mats and restart in the center.

1:22 [Comment From Chris Rees] Go Braulio !!!!!

1:22 [Comment From Tsekul] Yes go Braulio

1:23 Caleb: Cyborg and Ceconi are tied 4-4 and Ceconi has 4 advantages to Cyborg’s one! Less than 30 seconds left!

1:23 [Comment From JJ] Run it Cyborg!

1:24 Caleb: The ref stops it with two seconds left and restarts them in the center – Cyborg shoots and can’t land it that fast. Ceconi advances!

1:24 J Sho: wow, another big name bites the dust.

1:24 Caleb: Lovato Jr. is working hard from the guard against Soluco. It’s tied 0-0 with no advantages…

1:25 Caleb: Rodolfo Vieira is now up against Alexandre de Souza on mat 1.

1:25 [Comment From dokomoy] Regarding vitor vs romulo carlinhos told graciemag that all the barra guys were fighting(at least for the absolute, I think at weight as well)

1:25 [Comment From Ray (rilion gracie miami)] CECONI!!!!

1:25 [Comment From Sucuri – GB Braulio] Soluco to advance over Lovato, I think.

1:26 Caleb: Lovato is still playing from the guard against Soluco at 4m31s and there is no score for either.

1:26 J Sho: if it was otavio vs vitor in the final, that would be like brothers fighting

1:26 J Sho: what happened to alencar?

1:27 Caleb: Gracie Humaita’s cheering section is rumbling the stands chanting… “Lo-Va-TO! Lo-Va-TO! Lo-Va-TO!”

1:27 Caleb: @ J Sho – Tussa was eliminated in his first match yesterday.

1:27 [Comment From Oliver] @ J SHO : It would be a exhibition

1:28 Caleb: Alliance responds, chanting, “So-Looooooo-So! So-Looooooo-So! So-Looooooo-So!”

1:28 [Comment From dokomoy] @j sho me and my brother fight all the time, and with the stakes much lower than this πŸ˜›

1:29 Caleb: 0-0 between Vieira and de Souza, and between Lovato and Soluco.

1:29 Caleb: The entire Gracie Barra cheering section is migrating somewhere…

1:29 [Comment From Sucuri] Oo Allliiaaannnnccee aa oo

1:30 Caleb: Lovato now has one advantage and Soluco has one penalty!

1:30 Caleb: Just about one minute left between them!

1:30 [Comment From Guest] Is the Pyramid packed today Caleb?

1:31 Caleb: I’d say the Pyramid is at about 85% or so…

1:31 Caleb: Just seven seconds left for Lovato and Soluco……..

1:32 Caleb: Sorry – 67 seconds left ( I got too excited and was one minute off)…

1:33 Caleb: Soluco is penalized for stalling (?) with just a few seconds left…

1:33 Caleb: The ref awards Lovato 2 points, who goes on to win seconds later!

1:34 Caleb: Rodrigo Medeiros (Brasa) is up against Bernardo Faria (Alliance) on mat 2.

1:34 [Comment From clubfoot] GO Lovato

1:34 [Comment From Guest] Hell yeah go Lovato!!

1:35 Caleb: Soluco acted surprised for a moment but seemed to accept the referee’s judgement in his match against Lovato. Humaita’s cheering section celebrates Lovato’s win warmly.

1:36 Caleb: This Brasa vs Alliance match is getting the cheering sections very animated!

1:36 J Sho: BRaulio is saying he used the same triangle on pinheiro that he tapped out margarida with in the copa do mundo a few years back.

1:36 Caleb: On mat 1 Rodolfo Vieira loses to Alexandre de Souza in a 0-0 match that was decided by de Souza’s 3 advantage points to Vieira’s 2.

1:37 [Comment From shrimpn aint easy] LOVATO!

1:37 Caleb: On mat one…….

1:37 Caleb: ROGER GRACIE!

1:37 Caleb: vs BRUNO BASTOS (Nova Uniao)!

1:37 [Comment From San] lets rock on roger

1:38 [Comment From shrimpn aint easy] Roger=Mount to x-choke.

1:38 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Come on ROGER!!!

1:39 Caleb: Roger Gracie’s large frame in a bright white gi is like some sort of monument out there.

1:39 Caleb: Roger Gracie pulls guard against Bastos. Bastos is attempting a standing pass at 1m37s.

1:39 [Comment From StΓ₯le] BRaulio is saying he used the same triangle on pinheiro that he tapped out margarida with in the copa do mundo a few years back. and the one he showed in graciemag

1:39 [Comment From esp10] Roger! Barra!

1:40 Caleb: Bastos and Roger are restarted in the center at 2m22s.

1:40 Caleb: Both are standing, trading grips…

1:41 Caleb: Bastos almost gets a takedown and is given an advantage. Roger is in Bastos’ closed guard…

1:41 Caleb: Bernardo Faria (Alliance) is up 5-0 over “Comprido” Medeiros at 7m17s.

1:42 Caleb: Bruno Bastos is up 2-0 over Roger Gracie at 4m05s!!!

1:42 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] pass-mount-choke

1:42 [Comment From JJ] Underdogs! Underdogs!

1:43 Caleb: Roger sweeps! He’s now on top fighting for mount!

1:43 Caleb: It’s tied 2-2 between Roger and Bastos!

1:43 [Comment From burien top team] Go Roger!

1:43 [Comment From gfd] bruno is a great guy, common bruuuuunooo!

1:43 Caleb: At 5m43s Roger is on top in 1/2 guard, and up by one advantage point.

1:44 [Comment From Sucuri – GB Braulio] Mount and Choke, Mount and Choke, Mount and Choke. πŸ˜‰

1:44 [Comment From alex] GO BRUNO!!

1:44 [Comment From mick] how long will it take roger to finish? I say 3 minutes

1:44 Caleb: Roger gets mount….! He’s up 9-2 !!!!

1:44 J Sho: boa!!!!

1:44 Caleb: Here comes….!!

1:44 [Comment From Guest] Here it comes….

1:44 [Comment From Steve72] Cross choke….

1:45 Caleb: At 6m58s ROGER TAPS BRUNO BASTOS!

1:45 Caleb: At the same time on the other mat, Faria (Alliance) beats Comprido (Brasa) 5-2!

1:45 [Comment From Eric] LOL at the inevitability…

1:45 [Comment From Andy Roberts (RGA)] BOA!!!!

1:45 [Comment From Guest] can you hear the gurgle?

1:46 [Comment From pedrosauer] why even have the match? just give roger the championship

1:46 [Comment From scsubfighter] Roger is a machine. The Terminator of the Mudials!

1:46 [Comment From Tsekul] He is a machine!

1:46 [Comment From shrimpn aint easy] Roger is a monster!

1:46 [Comment From John O] Is anyone gonna give Roger a run for his money for a whole match?

1:47 Caleb: Eduardo Telles is now up against Tiago Gallo.

1:47 [Comment From Guest] Does anyone have better BJJ than Roger? You KNOW what he’s going to do and he still does it.

1:47 [Comment From steve finan] He trained harder for this champs than i ever saw

1:48 J Sho: Tiago gaia i think

1:48 J Sho: steve am on another call will call back in a tick

1:48 Caleb: Yes Tiago Gaia, thx J Sho.

1:48 [Comment From Guest] go telles!!!!!!!

1:48 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Parabens Roger!!

1:49 [Comment From pridetv] how did Roger win? Cross choke?

1:49 [Comment From eclipse] xande ribeiro is the answer to that

1:49 Caleb: @pridetv – yes, Roger won via choke from the mount.

1:49 [Comment From Kyle] Everyone knows he will mount.choke. But most cannot stop it.

1:49 Caleb: Marcio Corletta is warming up next to mat 1.

1:50 [Comment From pridetv] thx caleb

1:50 [Comment From Guest] Unstoppable the more time goes on

1:51 Caleb: Telles is tied 0-0 with Gaia at 3m55s. No advantages.

1:51 [Comment From pedrosauer] telles via headkick!

1:51 [Comment From Sav] did Lovato win?

1:51 Caleb: @Sav – yes, Lovato beat Soluco.

1:52 [Comment From Guest] is telles in turtle guard

1:52 Caleb: Telles is actually on top.

1:53 [Comment From kemail] can u play turtle from on top ? πŸ˜‰

1:53 [Comment From Sav] thank you

1:53 Caleb: did the GB section all head to the snack bar?

1:55 Caleb: When I get excited or anxious, the muscles around my neck tighten up and I have to crack my neck. I have done that every 15 minutes today!

1:55 Caleb: I will have to see the medics here before the day is over!

1:55 [Comment From abdullah] how is the telles fight

1:55 Caleb: Telles vs Gaia is tied 0-0 with 1 advantage each at 8m32s.

1:56 J Sho: get ross to give you a neck massage or something, we can;t lose this service!

1:56 [Comment From steve finan] jsho and I will pay for a Masseur with breasts

1:57 J Sho: that would be a masseuse ;o)

1:57 [Comment From pedrosauer] come on telles!

1:57 Caleb: It’s going to be ref decision in Telles vs Gaia…

1:58 [Comment From ceh] thanks for this Caleb.

1:58 [Comment From mark GBescondido] massages $1/min by the sambazon booth homey

1:58 Caleb: Tiago Gaia’s hand is raised! Telles displays disbelief, smiling and shaking his head.

1:58 J Sho: roger gracie deja vu…

1:59 Caleb: Rodrigo Cavaca vs Charles Cachoeira…

2:00 Caleb: Ricardo Abreu won by like a dozen points over Antonio Peinado if I’m not mistaken…

2:01 [Comment From kemail] gdm telles, anyway bedtime in Holland thx again caleb..peace out!

2:01 [Comment From GSA] thanks for the pictures

2:01 Caleb: Marcio Corletta is now up against another giant guy, from GB.

2:01 J Sho: gigantinho!

2:02 Caleb: Cachoeira and Cavaca (ultra heavyweights) are tied 0-0. Cavaca is in full guard as usual. 2m19s.

2:02 [Comment From cato] cachoeira the guy is huge

2:02 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] J Sho – There’ll be a few more to add to that list before the night’s done.

2:02 [Comment From Phil] Great coverage Caleb!!! U B the best!

2:02 J Sho: aka Fabio Vilela

2:03 Caleb: Corletta is in side mount against his GB opponent and winning 5-0.

2:03 [Comment From Guest] Who is this Ricardo Abreu? He sounds like a terror. Looking forward to hearing how his match with Roger goes.

2:03 [Comment From steve langford uk] victor and Romulo will only fight if tarsis beats Octavio……

2:04 Caleb: Cavaca is attemping a triangle / omoplata combo but Cachoeira is having none of it. It remains 0-0 at 4m27s.

2:04 [Comment From bobby] any brazilian chants going on?

2:04 Caleb: @bobby – no at the moment it’s pretty quiet…

2:04 [Comment From Guest] booooooaaaaaaaaah boooooooooooooaaaaaaah

2:04 J Sho: Ricardo abreu is from nova uniao, no relation to roberto cyborg i dont think

2:05 [Comment From mark GBescondido] i like how caleb shoots through all the comments that pump him up. not saying they’re wrong, just ironical.

2:05 Caleb: Gabriel Vella is up on deck…

2:05 [Comment From cato] ricardo abreu also know as ricardo demente a bb from robson moura

2:05 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] Oh, and yes, thanks for the terrific coverage Caleb. Your commentary has been on point, so a big thanks from out London.

2:06 Caleb: Marcio Corletta is winning 5-0 at 5m09s over his GB opponent.

2:06 [Comment From steve bowers] Thanks caleb!

2:06 Caleb: @Steve – my pleasure!

2:07 Caleb: thanks everyone, for tuning in to our coverage…

2:07 Caleb: Cavaca continues with Cachoeira in his closed guard at 7m32s. It’s still 0-0 but Cachoeira is up by one advantage.

2:07 [Comment From ggg] Go vella!!! yay teacher!

2:07 [Comment From Steve72] Hey…I’m steve bowers. and I didn’t say that. …but thanks, caleb!

2:08 [Comment From Tantrum] This coverage is the st*#! I’m on my iPhone rollin through a carwash. Great job guys!

2:08 [Comment From mark GBescondido] thanks for offering it

2:08 [Comment From Guest] thank u caleb

2:08 [Comment From Noriega] when is frazzato and cobrinha

2:08 Caleb: Frazatto and Cobrinha will be the finals later if I am not mistaken. Things are going so fast here I can’t say for sure…

2:09 Caleb: Cavaca is working a triangle on Cachoeira.. will he sink it?

2:09 Caleb: Cachoeira pops out.. and is now getting back to passing from 1/2 guard.

2:09 [Comment From sam] Caleb you’re the man! put a link up with your myspace if u have any

2:09 [Comment From cato] cahoeira is 270 pounds gorilla

2:10 Caleb: Time expires between Cavaca and Cachoeira. It’s going to decision!

2:10 Caleb: The three judges confer…

2:10 [Comment From Stevenmark] it’s been so awesome following all the instructors out of the UK- Braulio/Victor/Roger/Pedro! Caleb, your the man. Thank u

2:10 [Comment From pedrosauer] much better final than mendes frazatto

2:10 Caleb: ….and…..!

2:11 Caleb: Cavaca’s hand is raised! He bends backwards, smiling with joy and the Check Mat guys celebrate.

2:11 J Sho: …and…?

2:11 J Sho: nice work by cavaca

2:11 Caleb: Cachoeira is not happy but accepts the decision.

2:11 [Comment From Vita Team] Cavaca!!!

2:12 Caleb: Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie) is now up against an dunknown opponent.

2:12 Caleb: Marcio Corletta’s match with his GB opponent just ended. Corletta wins by his 5-0 margin.

2:12 [Comment From cato] at least he works the triangle

2:13 Caleb: Gabriel Vella (Alliance) is now up against Marcel Fortuna (Crolin Gracie).

2:13 [Comment From bob] He is fighting Boca (Moacir Olivera)

2:13 [Comment From cato] a submission attempt worths more then other kinds of advantages unless is a other submission attempt

2:13 J Sho: all advantages are equal theoretically

2:14 J Sho: a ref’s decision may look more favourably on # of sub attempts tho

2:14 Caleb: Andre de Freitas is up 2-0 over his de la Riva opponent on mat 2.

2:15 Caleb: Vella and Fortuna are tied 0-0 after 1m45s.

2:15 [Comment From JJ] Thats BOCA SON!

2:15 [Comment From JF] Does Alliance has the points wrapped up?

2:16 Caleb: Vella gets 2 points for the takedown at 2m30s against Fortuna.

2:16 [Comment From JJ] Come on BOCA!!!!!!

2:17 Caleb: Fortuna tries to sweep Vella with xguard but can’t land it…

2:17 Caleb: de Freitas continues up 2-0 against his de la Riva opponent…

2:17 [Comment From bob] War Boca!!

2:18 Caleb: Action is stopped on mat one to treat a nosebleed from Vella.

2:18 [Comment From JJ] Caleb .. How don’t you know BOCA?? I mean look at his giant head πŸ˜‰

2:18 [Comment From bugs] Vella is an animal

2:19 Caleb: Fortuna pulls guard against Vella as the action resumes at 4m13s.

2:19 [Comment From JJ] Come on BOCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:19 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School] When is the frozato-cobrihna fight Caleb?

2:20 Caleb: Vella remains in Fortuna’s closed guard. He stands to pass and Fortuna opens his legs. Vella brings the weight down on Fortuna, who adjusts to maintain guard….

2:21 [Comment From bugs] Cobrinha-Frazatto will be another 50/50 fest, no?

2:21 Caleb: de Freitas remains up 2-0 against his de la Riva opponent at 8m52s. de Freitas is in guard.

2:22 Caleb: Sorry de Freitas is playing guard, defending the pass.

2:22 [Comment From fab] cobrinha all the way

2:22 [Comment From JJ] the DLR opponent is BOCA he is a legend

2:22 Caleb: de Freitas defeats his DLR opponent 2-0 as time runs out.

2:23 Caleb: Vella remains in Fortuna’s guard. On mat 1: Marcelo Garcia versus Lucas Leite!!

2:23 [Comment From bugs] Mendes and Frazatto can use the 50/50 all they want–it’s within the rules, after all–but that is some ugly jiu-jitsu. Yuck. I will be rooting for Cobrinha to destroy Frazatto.

2:24 J Sho: the king wants his throne back… vai marcelinho

2:24 Caleb: Vella has one more minute to go before he wins, if nothing changes.

2:24 Caleb: Vella’s nose is bleeding again and the action is stopped at 9m08s.

2:25 Caleb: It’s 0-0 between Garcia and Leite at 1m15s.

2:25 Caleb: Marcelo is on top in 1/2 guard.

2:25 [Comment From Guest] come on marcelinho!

2:25 [Comment From fab] Vai marcelinho

2:25 [Comment From cato]

2:25 [Comment From bugs] Garcia has looked mortal lately

2:26 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is on top and now has one advantage over Lucas Leite. 2m41s.

2:26 J Sho: @bugs well he has only fought 1 gi tournament since the mundials in 2006

2:26 [Comment From Guest] holy shit leite vs marcelo

2:27 Caleb: Gabriel Vella wins 2-0 over Marcel Fortuna.

2:27 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia passes and is up 3-0 at 3m31s over Leite.

2:27 [Comment From bugs] @J Sho Fair enough

2:27 [Comment From bugs] Is Alliance on its way to taking the overall crown?

2:27 [Comment From Guest] marcelo and leite in one semi, finfou and moraes in the other, stacked!

2:27 J Sho: lets remember, in ibjjf comps, marcelo hasn’t lost to someone his own weight since 2003 when terere subbed him in the final

2:28 Caleb: “Finfou” (CheckMat) and Sergio Moraes (Alliance) now begins on mat 1!

2:28 [Comment From Guest] This is better then twitter

2:28 [Comment From cato] nice marcelo show who is the pimp

2:28 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School] Not surprised to see you here Shotter lol

2:29 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia and Lucas Leite are now both standing… It’s 4m53s.

2:29 [Comment From Chassa Moosa] GO ALAN!!!!

2:29 [Comment From Dorian] sergio v finfou is a rematch of 2008 Rio Open right after mundials….sergio won a close one

2:29 [Comment From Triggs BJJ School] wat a match fin fou n moraes:)

2:30 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is on top in 1/2 trying to get past Lucas Leite’s legs again. 6m04s.

2:30 [Comment From bugs] Does Sergio look much bigger than Finfou?

2:30 Caleb: Sergio does look a little less lean than Finfou.

2:30 [Comment From bobby] marcelo is back!

2:30 [Comment From Luciano] Come on Roger!!

2:31 [Comment From 415er] So awesome, wish I continued gi training…

2:31 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys just headed to mat 1 to be on deck. His beard is getting crazy.

2:32 J Sho: special beard enhancement supplements

2:32 Caleb: Finfou and Moraes are standing, tied up and struggling energetically…

2:32 Caleb: they shove each other out of bounds and restart at 2m12s after retying their gis.

2:32 [Comment From I got mad sweeps] Marcelinho is my fav!

2:32 [Comment From bugs] How does the beard affect his guillotine defense?

2:32 [Comment From Guest] that’s not a beard. it’s his sideburns meeting in the middle.

2:33 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia and Lucas Leite are also retying their gis at 8m33s.

2:33 [Comment From Ciaran] Thanks for the updates Caleb!

2:33 [Comment From cash] this is better than gracie mag twitter

2:33 Caleb: Otavio Souza will face Tarsis Humphreys.

2:34 Caleb: Sergio Moraes just scored another advantage and is up 2-0. Score still 0-0.

2:34 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia is up 6-0 in the closing seconds…!

2:34 [Comment From Chassa Moosa] Hope Alan has some strength left, I know Sergio looked to have a tough fight before this one!

2:34 [Comment From Pippa Banana] Thanks for the updates, this is so much better than twitter wish I had realised b4!

2:34 [Comment From Mchapman] marcelo / leite score?

2:35 Caleb: Marcelo Garcia wins 6-0 over Lucas Leite!!!

2:35 Caleb: The Alliance flag is raised and here comes the chanting and bleacher rumbling!

2:36 Caleb: Romulo Barral is now up against Otavio Souza! GB vs GB!

2:36 [Comment From JJ] Battle of who has the cooler name

2:36 [Comment From Oliver] go otavio!! go!!!

2:36 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School] Otavio vs Tarsis will be a very very tough fight

2:36 [Comment From Guest] SOUZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2:37 Caleb: Otavio Souza is playing guard and Romulo Barral is truing to sweep. But wait!

2:37 Caleb: sorry scratch that

2:38 Caleb: Vitor Estima is playing guard on Romulo Barral, and gets the sweep! He’s up 2-0 but Romulo returns the favor in short order and is now tied with Vitor, 2-2!

2:38 Caleb: It’s 0-0 between Finfou and Sergio Moraes. Moraes has 3 advantages to Finfou’s 2.

2:39 [Comment From cato] barral pound to pound the best guard on the business

2:39 [Comment From Rob T] Thanks for the coverage Caleb πŸ™‚

2:39 Caleb: Vitor Estima could be in trouble now… Romulo is going for his back!

2:39 J Sho: romulo probably too good for cacarazinho

2:40 Caleb: He’s dodged that bullet for now, Romulo is now on top trying to pass. It remains 2-2 and Romulo is up by one advantage.

2:40 [Comment From rowdy] what time will this all wrap up? im glued to the coverage…..

2:40 [Comment From Hopes Dad] Come on Vitor!!!

2:40 J Sho: must be difficult, all these guys know each others games well

2:41 Caleb: At 3m39 seconds, Romulo taps Vitor with a collar choke!

2:42 Caleb: Almost simultaneously, Sergio Moraes taps Finfou by choke as well! The time was 8m08s!

2:42 [Comment From Stevenmark] unlucky victor

2:42 [Comment From F4LL3N W4RR10R] that’s bad….oh well well done victor! hasnlt he moved up a weight class?

2:42 J Sho: moraes vs garcia – i’ll put money on alliance ot take the gold

2:42 J Sho: @F4LL3N W4RR10R – yes, he and otavio both took bronze at medio last year

2:43 Caleb: In a match that just started – Braulio Estima is now up and playing guard against an unknown opponent 0n mat 2.

2:44 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys and Otavio Souza have started. Souza pulls guard quickly.

2:44 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys taps Otavio Souza in 54 seconds!!!!!!!!

2:44 J Sho: braulio must be fighting ceconi

2:44 J Sho: damn 54 seconds, what with?

2:45 Caleb: The Alliance crowd is on their feet! They are doing very well this tourney. I couldn’t see the tap as it happend right behind the barrier that is in front of me, sorry!

2:45 Caleb: Alexandre de Souza is now up against Rafael Lovato Jr on mat 1.

2:46 Caleb: On mat 2, Braulio is up 4-0 over Ceconi.

2:46 [Comment From Guest] ok. i’m heading up. see you in a bit. GB after party 9pm @OC Tavern in san clemente

2:46 Caleb: Okay Tarsis just walked by and said he tapped Otavio Souza with a foot lock.

2:47 Caleb: Braulio Estima just won at 4m25s and does a victory cartwheel-spinning motion on the mat in celebration!

2:47 [Comment From Sete] Foot lock 4 the win

2:47 Caleb: Lovato and deSouza are tied 0-0 at 1m55s.

2:48 Caleb: Roger Gracie is now up against Bernardo Faria (Alliance) on mat 2.

2:48 [Comment From esp10] Things are moving fast… Thanks Caleb!

2:48 Caleb: Yes they are moving very fast!

2:48 Caleb: Uh oh Roger is just about mounted already on Faria!

2:49 [Comment From Tantrum] Come on lovato

2:49 [Comment From Luciano RGA] come on Roger!!

2:49 [Comment From bugs] Bernardo, please end Roger’s reign of terror!

2:49 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] Guess what comes next…

2:49 J Sho: it is inevitable…

2:50 Caleb: One of Roger Gracie’s feet is still trapped between Faria’s legs. It’s very close to a mount…

2:50 Caleb: Doesn’t matter!!!!!

2:50 J Sho: fred astaire? king of taps?

2:50 Caleb: At 2m13s Roger Gracie gets the collar choke!!!!

2:50 [Comment From Mchapman] fighting Roger is a death sentance

2:51 [Comment From esp10] Resistance Is futile!

2:51 [Comment From Luciano RGA] NICEEEE|

2:51 Caleb: Rodrigo Cavaca (Check Mat) is now up against Marcio Corletta on mat2.

2:52 Caleb: Lovato Jr. versus deSouza is still tied 0-0. Lovato Jr. has one advantage at 6m30s.

2:52 [Comment From Jason] roger gracie is the man

2:52 [Comment From BruceLee] LOL. unstopppable

2:52 [Comment From bugs] Xande, where are you? We neeeeeed you

2:52 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] Incredible! What’s that now, 7 fights, 7 wins by submission?

2:53 Caleb: Cavaca is playing upside down guard against Corletta, and is now alternating triangle / omoplata set ups!

2:53 Caleb: So nice to see in a larger competitor!

2:53 [Comment From Slick] Roger is going to finish everyone with mount cross choke.. the 1st in history

2:54 J Sho: would be fitting if he could, the pyramid was where he subbed 8/8 competitors in adcc 2005

2:54 Caleb: *self neck crack*

2:55 Caleb: Same story here in the Lovato Jr match against deSouza. 0-0 and Lovato Jr has one advantage. Wait! What’s that!?

2:55 Caleb: deSouza raises up and takes Lovato down! He’s up 2-0 on the scoreboard now with 50 seconds left!

2:56 [Comment From Triggs BJJ School] the undoubted ineverabilty of Rogers cross choke is scary

2:56 [Comment From bobby] how does he get that choke!?

2:56 J Sho: he’s just lucky

2:56 J Sho: the more he practises, the luckier he gets

2:56 J Sho: :o)

2:56 Caleb: Cavaca is still working the guard from underneath the titan Marcio Corletta! It remains 0-0.

2:57 Caleb: Time is ticking away in Lovato vs deSouza… Lovato Jr. goes for a last minute straight footlock but deSouza resists and he advances over Lovato Jr.

2:57 [Comment From Hrvoje] Caleb, neck cranks are illegal.. πŸ™‚

2:59 J Sho: thics will be the 3rd time braulio and xande souza have fought in a final this year, with braulio taking 2 close wins at the euros

2:59 Caleb: Ricardo Gonzales wins by gentlemans some agreement.

2:59 Caleb: Cavaca leads Corletta by one advantage at 7m36s.

2:59 J Sho: ricardo gonzales?

2:59 Caleb: The ladies are warming up in the bullpen behind me.

3:00 J Sho: oh ricardo abreu gonzales – demete

3:00 J Sho: gaia is also nova uniao

3:01 Caleb: Not much time left on mat 2… Corletta and Cavaca are exchanging footlocks!

3:01 [Comment From muon] i hate those gentlemens agreement. man up and fight.

3:02 Caleb: Cavaca wins! The Check Mat guys cheer their giant in the blue gi.

3:03 Caleb: Wallid Ismail is giving an animated interview on the sidelines to someone.

3:03 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] Are Marcelo Garcia and Sergio Moraes going to fight? I just saw them sitting together in the stand, laughing

3:04 Caleb: Gabriel Vella (Alliance) is up against Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie) momentarily.

3:04 [Comment From dokomoy] @ross – almost certantly. They haven’t trained together much afaik. Also Sergio fought cooper(also alliance) last year and Marcello fought another alliance dude at abu dhabi

3:07 Caleb: Vella and deFreitas have begun. The two are forehead to forehead, and grip fighting.

3:07 Caleb: Vella gets the takedown at 1m18s and is up 2-0.

3:08 [Comment From JF] Is Chris “CabecΓ£o” Moriarty competing?

3:08 Caleb: @JF – he was eliminated yesterday.

3:09 [Comment From vinn] Can I get an update on finals been away all day. thx

3:09 J Sho: scroll up!

3:10 [Comment From Hrvoje] Caleb, greetings from Croatia!

3:10 Caleb: @Hrvoje – welcome Croatia!

3:11 Caleb: Vella remains up 2-0 over deFreitas at 5m31s.

3:12 [Comment From homoplata] mighty 600,000 and counting!!

3:13 Caleb: Leticia Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) is up against Michelle Nicolini (Robert Drysdale) on mat 2 in a moment!

3:13 [Comment From Guest] u da man caleb

3:13 [Comment From muon] is there anywhere to sit in the pyramid at this time?

3:13 Caleb: @muon – yes, there’s definitely room left!

3:14 Caleb: Vella finally passed! He is now up 5-0 over deFreitas.

3:14 [Comment From Ben] Has Roger submitted everyone so far with cross collar choke from mount?

3:15 [Comment From abdullah] boooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaah

3:15 [Comment From SirTaps] Awesome stuff PbP Caleb!! Roger FTW!!

3:16 [Comment From Pippa Banana] Come on Ladies!!!

3:16 Caleb: Gabriel Vella wins 8-0 over Andre deFreitas as time expires.

3:16 [Comment From renoze_jjb] vella is from alliance right

3:16 Caleb: Yes Vella is from Alliance.

3:17 [Comment From bugs] Alliance is cleaning up.

3:18 [Comment From Luciano RGA] just look at the open finals

3:18 [Comment From Steve Bowers] Great play by play

3:18 Caleb: Just one mat will be used for the rest of the day!

3:18 [Comment From HODNEY] Alliance has a crazy amount of talent


3:19 Caleb: I’m taking 5, Family…

3:20 Caleb: I take it back – the ladies are starting now! Leticia Ribeiro vs Michelle Nicolini!

3:20 [Comment From dokomoy] @caleb does that mean that from here on out every match is a final?

3:21 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School] Nice work Caleb!!

3:21 [Comment From Pippa Banana] Thanks for the pbp Caleb, so much better than Graciemag twitter they haven’t posted anything for 1/2hr now!

3:21 Caleb: Leticia gets in her low approach…

3:22 Caleb: The Humaita section is much larger than the Drysdale cheering section…

3:23 Caleb: After an extended scramble, Leticia is standing trying to pass Michelle’s open guard and leads by one advantage.

3:23 Caleb: Now Michelle’s landed a sweep and is up by 2 points at 2m08s.

3:23 [Comment From SirTaps] Caleb, I think you’ve got half the UK on here at the moment!!

3:24 Caleb: Leticia sweeps! Humaita’s crowd screams! It’s 2-2 now!

3:24 [Comment From dokomoy] How close are the atos/checkmat/brasa/drysdale dudes anyway? If they hadn’t split it would still be a formidiable team(and if Brasa hadn’t split from what is now Alliance they’d win everythign and it wouldnt be close)

3:24 Caleb: Leticia and Michelle are now restarted in the center at 2m48s.

3:25 Caleb: Leticia is standing in Michelle’s cloased guard….

3:26 Caleb: Wow! At 3m55s Michelle had Leticia in a triangle that got a gasp from the crowd but Leticia pops out…

3:27 Caleb: Leticia is scrapping hard for the pass… She doesn’t get it but does get an advantage. She’s now winning by two advantages.

3:28 Caleb: The two ladies start standing in the center at 5m18s.

3:29 Caleb: Nicolini is going hard for a kneebar! Leticia escapes, stands, and dives back in.

3:29 Caleb: It’s now 2-2 each and Leticia is winning 3 advantages to Michelle’s one.

3:30 [Comment From pedrosauer] btw, i read everything you post with a howard cosell accent

3:30 Caleb: Michelle Nicolini’s guard is very cool to watch.

3:30 Caleb: Very dynamic.Leticia has done a good job of staying out of trouble so far though.

3:30 [Comment From Phil] Go Leticia!!

3:32 Caleb: Leticia now leads 4 advantages to 1 for another near pass.

3:33 Caleb: As time runs out, the two are standing and Nicolini goes for a desperate takedown. She comes close but can’t get it. The final score is 2-2. and Leticia wins 4 advantages to 2.

3:34 Caleb: 2009 female featherweight black belt champion: Leticia Ribeiro!

3:34 [Comment From Mark N] Jesus Caleb, just joined to see Kron’s Progress, heart still beating million miles an hour reading your live blog

3:34 [Comment From Daniel BJJ School] sounds like a great fight caleb

3:35 Caleb: Bianca Barreto (Gracie Barra) now faces Sayaka Shioda (AACC).

3:35 [Comment From Phil] Humaita!!!!!!

3:35 [Comment From dokomoy] Is Leticia related to Saulo and Xande?

3:35 Caleb: @dokomoy – no they’re not related.

3:36 J Sho: but they are all world champ royler students :o)

3:36 Caleb: Bianca Barreto armbars Sayaka Shioda in 30 seconds!

3:37 Caleb: Lightweight division finals: Luanna Alzuguir versus Kyra Gracie (Renzo Gracie).

3:38 [Comment From Phil] @dokomoy not related but the same team BJJ family,Gracie Humaita

3:38 Caleb: Alliance will be very happy if they can rack up another title here…

3:39 Caleb: Alzuguir pulls guard on Kyra…

3:40 Caleb: It’s still 0-0 at 2m03 between Kyra and Luanna.

3:40 [Comment From Phil] First Leticia and now Bianca. The older ladies are taking out the youngsters!!! We only need Leka Vieira, the first female BJJ destroyer.

3:40 Caleb: Luanna now gets the sweep and is up 2-0.

3:42 [Comment From pedrosauer] i Kyra

3:43 Caleb: Kyra Gracie is on bottom, attempting something similar to x-guard on Luanna Alzuguir. It remains 2-0 at 4m45s in Alzuguir’s favor.

3:43 [Comment From Bri] kyra and luanna is a rematch of 2008 right?

3:44 Caleb: Gracie Barra and Alliance are trading chants! “Kyra-Kyra!”

3:45 Caleb: It’s tied up at 6m40 seconds! 2-2 each!

3:45 J Sho: when are the mens finals on, just wanna know how late i need to stay up!

3:46 Caleb: Luanna Alzuguir is now up 4-2 at 7m49s over Kyra Gracie.

3:47 Caleb: Kyra is working hard for the sweep, but Luana is fighting hard to get past Kyra’s 1/2 guard.

3:47 [Comment From renoze_jjb] luana luana

3:47 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] C’mon Kyra

3:47 [Comment From Ricky Lundell] How did she get up 4-2?

3:47 Caleb: It’s been all sweeps so far.

3:48 Caleb: Less than 30 seconds remain….!

3:48 Caleb: Alliance counts down the final seconds…. 5….4…3…2..1…

3:49 Caleb: ….before erupting into cheers when they reach zero!

3:49 Caleb: 2009 Lighteweight female black belt champion is Luanna Alzuguir!

3:49 [Comment From ROBERT] KYRA KYRA

3:49 [Comment From ROBERT] luana luana

3:52 Caleb: Hanette Staack is now against Monica Vanessa . In the meantime, the stands have erupted into a shouting match between Alliance and Gracie Barra, who are all seated right next to each other.

3:52 J Sho: tarsis vs romulo will be loud!

3:52 [Comment From Bri] wow … luana avenged her loss from last year


4:00 Caleb: Hanette Staack is up 2-0 over Monica Vanessa with one minute remaining.

4:02 Caleb: Hanette Staack wins 2-0 over Monica Vanessa. The crowd is enveloped in an erstwhile full fledged chanting match between Gracie Barra, Alliance, and Humaita.

4:03 Caleb: Ladies medium heavyweight finals! Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaita) versus Valerie Worthington (Carlson Gracie)!

4:05 [Comment From dokomoy] If Valerie wins will she be the first american girl to get gold at brown/black?

4:05 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] WAR Penny – Reppin South Africa!!!

4:05 Caleb: Penny pulls open guard. Val is defending, keeping her arms in tightly.

4:05 [Comment From Rick Mac] LETS GO VAL!!

4:05 [Comment From Guest] Gracie Humaita has some tough women competitors?

4:06 J Sho: so does carlsons with hanette and val

4:06 Caleb: Penny is beginning to work a triangle but Val seems safe for now…

4:07 Caleb: 0-0 and no advantages yet for Penny Thomas or Val Worthington.

4:07 J Sho: @caleb, so is it the mens finals after these ones?

4:07 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Sink it!!

4:08 Caleb: @J-Sho, yes I believe so.

4:08 Caleb: Val is trying to stuff one of Penny’s legs under hers for a 1/2 guard pass but Penny is stubbornly defending the pass… still 0-0.

4:09 Caleb: It’s 5m29s into the match and still 0-0.

4:10 [Comment From Eric Burdo] Horray for Hannette! Let’s go Val!

4:11 Caleb: Val is tring hard to flatten Penny out for the pass…

4:11 Caleb: Now Penny is on top and threatening to take Val’s back!

4:11 Caleb: Each woman now has one advantage point but the score is 0-0.

4:12 Caleb: At 7m42s Penny Thomas takes Val Worthington’s back! She’s up 4-0. Now 8-0 for the mount!

4:13 Caleb: At 8m16s Penny Thomas gets the choke! She defeats Val Worthington to become the champion!!!!

4:13 [Comment From Alaina] YAY VAL! Man, I like both of these girls, but this is so big for val. so proud of her!

4:13 [Comment From Feef] Go Penny!!!!

4:13 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Yes, C’mon Penny!!

4:14 Caleb: Trinity BJJ’s Lana Stefanac is now up against Luciana Dias (Gracie Humaita)!

4:14 J Sho: luka sures gets to fight some monsters, gabi last year, lana this year

4:14 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Excellent, well done Penny!

4:14 [Comment From Alaina] Congrats Penny!

4:14 [Comment From Barca] luka! luka!

4:15 Caleb: It’s tied 0-0 between Lana and Luka after 1m20s.

4:16 Caleb: Lana is up 3-0 over Luka at 1m39s.

4:16 [Comment From Dorian] Dias is a beast

4:17 Caleb: Gracie Humaita’s cheering section is on the edge of their seats for Luka, who is now sidemounted by Lana.

4:18 [Comment From scsubfighter] Yay for Penny!!!!

4:18 Caleb: Not an easy task getting away from Lana. Luka now finds herself down 6-0 against Lana.

4:21 [Comment From merrick] GO LUKA GO!!!

4:22 Caleb: At 7m14s Lana Stefanac defeats Luka Dias by choke (?). Tough to see from this angle.

4:23 J Sho: get them to hurry up with the absolute final so i can go to bed!

4:23 Caleb: Tony, the voice of the Mundials, has asked for a moment of silence to mark the passing of Grandmaster Helio Gracie.

4:24 J Sho: nice touch

4:26 Caleb: As the homage ends, the Pyramid fills with emotional applause.

4:27 Caleb: In Relson and Rickson Gracie, who happen to find themselves in the same corner of the Pyramid, embrace and exchange smiles.

4:28 Caleb: Tarsis Humphreys is now up against Romulo Barral!!!!!

4:28 [Comment From Alderney assassin] He will be missed

4:28 [Comment From dokomoy] I hope that makes the dvd

4:28 J Sho: really? i would haev thought they do the absolute then the light finals then the heavier weights?

4:28 Caleb: @ J Sho – I believe they have changed up the order.

4:29 Caleb: Two minutes in, Tarsis and Romulo are tied 0-0.

4:30 [Comment From dokomoy] @ jsho probably so Romulo and Roger can get some rest before the main event

4:30 [Comment From Sete] Typically they run the absolute finalist weights, then the rest, then the absolute.

4:30 [Comment From Dan] There doing that so Romulo can have a good rest befor the absolute probably

4:30 [Comment From Phil] What team is Lana Stefanac on?

4:30 Caleb: @Phil – Lana is on Trinity BJJ.

4:32 Caleb: Four minutes in and we’re still deadlocked 0-0 between Tarsis Humphreys and Romulo Barral. Tarsis is attempting a standing pass.

4:33 [Comment From edwin] wow suspense is killing me, romulo is my instructor

4:33 [Comment From sam] Caleb it has been a pleasure following your broadcast since noon,,,tell them to hurry up i’m hungry πŸ™‚

4:34 Caleb: Still deadlocked! Romulo remains working a spider guard and Tarsis is keeping safe while trying to pass. 6m35s.

4:35 J Sho: man if this goes to refs decision, the pyramid will blow up

4:36 Caleb: At 8m12s it is still deadlocked 0-0! The two are now retying their belts.

4:36 [Comment From bugs] Tarsis has never won a Mundial title at brown or black, correct?


4:37 Caleb: Just under two minutes remaining!

4:37 [Comment From Dan] he won the absolute at brown

4:38 Caleb: Tarsis just can’t seem to unlock the secret of Romulo’s guard. But Romulo can’t get anything going either!

4:38 J Sho: not at@dan no he didnt

4:39 Caleb: Tarsis has dived for a last minute straight foot lock!

4:39 Caleb: Time expires!

4:39 Caleb: Is it enough?

4:39 Caleb: The refs are conferring about this one for sure!

4:39 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Wow, close fight!

4:39 J Sho: he took bronze at brown weight cat and absolute in 2004, bronze at weight cat in 2005 then bronze at black belt weight cat 2007 and 2008

4:39 Caleb: Romulo Barral is given the nod!

4:40 J Sho: yessssssssssssssssssss

4:40 J Sho: *tumbleweed in the alliance bleacher*

4:40 Caleb: The Gracie Barra section goes wild!

4:40 Caleb: Roger Gracie is now up against Ricardo Gonzales (Nova Uniao)!

4:40 Caleb: Gonzales gets two for an early takedown…

4:41 J Sho: *bites finger nails*

4:41 Caleb: “Jacare” Cavalcanti gives Romulo Barral a congratulatory handshake as he walks by.

4:43 Caleb: Roger Gracie is now turtled with Gonzales attached closely to one side of his back.

4:44 Caleb: Roger Gracie sweeps and is now up 2-0!

4:44 Caleb: And guess what?!?!?!?

4:44 Caleb: He mounts immediately!

4:44 J Sho: guard pass mount choke goodnight sweetheart

4:44 J Sho: hopefully πŸ™‚

4:44 Caleb: At 3m50s Roger is up 7-2. At 4m06s he gets the tap!!!!!!!

4:44 J Sho: yesssss

4:45 J Sho: parabens roger

4:45 [Comment From Andy] Yeah! Pass, mount, choke !!

4:45 [Comment From Alderney assassin] i knew it

4:45 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] BOOOOAAA!!

4:45 J Sho: that means he has won 6 black belt gold medals in the weight categories at the mundials – surpassing saulo and robson moura on 5 each

4:45 Caleb: Sorry I neglected some comments, I knew I had to pay close attention for that ending!

4:46 Caleb: Roosterweight division finals: Bruno Malfacine vs Caio Terra!

4:47 J Sho: phew, i’m off to bed, gotta be up in 5 hours for work, keep up the great work caleb

4:47 Caleb: After watching Roger against Ricardo out there and now seeing Malfacine vs Terra out there, it’s like to infants are on the mats!

4:47 Caleb: *two

4:48 [Comment From cash] War Caio!!!

4:48 [Comment From Eric] So… does Roger get the choke from mount on Romulo? lets see…

4:48 [Comment From TD [RGA London]] Isn’t it 7 J Sho… every year since ’03?

4:48 [Comment From dokomoy] If Caio win’s he’ll be the first rooster to go back to back

4:48 [Comment From Apex] Go Terra!

4:49 J Sho: @td, no, he didnt fight his weight cat in 03, only the absolute, which he took silver in

4:49 Caleb: After 3 minutes, Malfacine is up 3 advantages to Terra’s zero. The score is otherwise tied.

4:50 [Comment From D.J.] I am so sad for Tarsis

4:50 Caleb: Malfacine is trying to take Terra’s back, has one hook in…

4:50 J Sho: @dokomoy no he won;t omar salum won in 1999 and 2000

4:50 [Comment From bugs] Caleb, please let us know if you think the Tarsis-Romulo decision was justified.

4:50 Caleb: @bugs – it was a defendible decision.

4:51 [Comment From D.J.] Congrats to Romulo

4:51 Caleb: At 5m07s Malfacine remains attached to Terra’s back but hasn’t been able to get enough for points…

4:53 [Comment From rj] cmon caio!

4:53 [Comment From Guest] Let’s go Caio!

4:53 [Comment From Jason] Tarsis is still the biggest winner ($$) in Jiu Jitsu this year. haha

4:53 [Comment From bugs] Fair enough. And, of course, any GB player will get a close decision ;P

4:53 Caleb: Terra’s mouth is bleeding apparently. Medics are attending him briefly.

4:54 Caleb: Action is restarted standing. The time is 6m07s. Malfacine gets the takedown and is now up 2-0 over Terra.

4:54 [Comment From Matt] Caleb … Thanks from Atlanta Georgia from everyone here who couldn’t make it to Cali this year. You rock!

4:55 Caleb: Malfacine is now working to pass Terra’s open guard.

4:55 Caleb: Two and a half minutes remaining.

4:58 Caleb: Despite a last minute triangle attempt that was pretty close, Terra cannot convert and Alliance wins another gold medal!

4:59 [Comment From DavidG] Second that shout out to Caleb from Atl!

4:59 Caleb: Bruno Malfacine is the roosterweight champ fo 2009!

5:00 Caleb: Atos Jiu-Jitsu’s Gui Mendes is now up against Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra)!

5:00 [Comment From Mchapman] congrats to Bruno

5:00 [Comment From dan] this should be good

5:02 Caleb: At the 1m17s mark it’s stil 0-0 but Mendes has one advantage.

5:04 Caleb: Mendes is on top trying to pass but Braga is quick and flexible.

5:04 [Comment From T-money] Damn

5:05 Caleb: Mendes remains in a standing pass attempt, now bases out. Braga is now in upside down guard.

5:05 Caleb: That wasn’t a stable position and the two are now fighting from Braga’s open guard again.

5:07 Caleb: This match is pretty slow for two small guys.

5:07 [Comment From Reckless (RGA)] Good night from London – thanks for being our eyes and ears Caleb, great job!

5:07 [Comment From Dan] Cobrinha is next!

5:07 [Comment From Guest] comon mendes!!! u can do it

5:07 Caleb: Yes it appears next up is Bruno Frazatto versus Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles.

5:09 Caleb: Action is stopped at the 7 minute mark to pull Braga’s pants back to a place where he’s not “giving away too much”.

5:09 [Comment From ROBERT] COBRINHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:09 [Comment From dan] is braga still down by advantage

5:09 Caleb: @Dan – yes he is. There are now 2 minutes left.

5:09 [Comment From Ray] Cobrinha is my favorite fighter but I really like Frazatto as well. Don’t know who to cheer for!?!?

5:09 [Comment From Guest] I rushed home from work just to read these play by plays from Caleb. Thanks

5:09 [Comment From Alderney assassin] was that a wise crack

5:09 [Comment From pedrosauer] Atos!!!

5:10 Caleb: The crowd is beginning to boo a bit due to the slow pace of this fight.

5:12 Caleb: With 30 seconds left. the two are in the same position they’ve been in for the last 5 minutes or so, where they remain until time expires. Mild booing begins. Mendes gets up and does the sword slicing motion towards the crowd where Alliance and Gracie Barra are. Braga comes behind him and gives him a big shove.

5:13 Caleb: Things calm, and Mendes’ hand is raised. Braga does not accept the hug offered by Mendes on the way out.

5:14 Caleb: Bruno Frazatto (Atos) is now up against Cobrinha (Alliance)!

5:14 [Comment From pedrosauer] nice setup for the next match

5:14 [Comment From Alderney assassin] Cobrinha O o O o Cobrinha O o O o!!!!

5:14 [Comment From] awesome updates. Thanks for doing this!

5:14 [Comment From Jason] Cobrinha!

5:14 [Comment From Guest] dude braga is a loser if he gave mendes a shove

5:14 [Comment From Feef] Bad sportsmanship…how are we going to get BJJ in the Olympics with bad behavior like that as our role models, eh?

5:15 Caleb: Frazatto pulls guard faster than Cobrinha, so Cobrinha is now passing from standing.

5:15 [Comment From pedrosauer] Bruno!! Bruno!!!

5:15 [Comment From Guest] Dying for as much detail as possible on this match! Thanks Caleb!

5:16 Caleb: Ninety seconds into the match, and things are deadlocked 0-0 with no advantages.

5:17 Caleb: At 2m28s things are paused so the refs can drag the two back into the center.

5:18 Caleb: Cobrinha remains standing trying to pass Frazatto’s open guard. Frazatto is leaned to his right, and nearly pulls full guard but Cobrinha exits quickly and jumps back in to try to pass. Frazatto recovers his open guard.

5:18 Caleb: Braulio Estima is warming up in the bullpen.

5:19 [Comment From Sucuri] Thx 4 the updates!! Valeu mesmo!

5:19 [Comment From kaijin] GO Cobrinha

5:19 [Comment From Alderney assassin] Cobrinha By Footlock

5:19 [Comment From alexgbbrum] awesome.. GO BRAULIO..

5:20 Caleb: We’re not 5m23s in and things have not changed. Still 0-0 across the board.

5:20 Caleb: *now

5:21 [Comment From Guest] vai frazzato!!

5:21 [Comment From CheckMat] and the advantages???

5:21 Caleb: No advantages for anyone.

5:21 [Comment From kaijin] Mataleao his foot

5:21 [Comment From Faisca] Nice work Caleb

5:22 [Comment From Guest] Just read on graciemag that Sam Braga was DQ and won’t be getting the silver medal

5:22 Caleb: At 6m57s the action is paused for the two to tie their belts. They are restarted in the center with Cobrinha working the pass.

5:22 [Comment From Guest] the tension is killing me!

5:24 Caleb: Wow Cobrinha’s balance is amazing. As time is getting more scarce, Frazatto is opening up a little with the offense and Cobrinha remains unshakable.

5:24 [Comment From Kyle] Whoa. Bummer for Braga. Shouldn’t have lost his cool.

5:24 [Comment From Andy] Will Cobrinha steal it at the last second again???

5:25 Caleb: No points, no advantages in this match between Cobrinha and Frazatto. Thirty seconds remain!

5:25 [Comment From Guest] *Bites his nails while he waits for Calebs next comments*

5:25 [Comment From Guest] frazzato will beat him

5:25 Caleb: Time is up! What will happen?

5:26 Caleb: The refs are conferring…

5:26 [Comment From Alderney assassin] sounds like a frazzato win


5:26 Caleb: Cobrinha’s hand is raised!!!!!!!!!

5:27 Caleb: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles is the 2009 Featherweight Champion.

5:27 Caleb: Tony the announcer confirms over the PA that Samuel Braga was disqualified and there will be no silver medal winner for his division.

5:28 Caleb: Atos’ Gilbert Burns is now up against Michael Langhi (Alliance).

5:28 [Comment From JF] COBRINHAAAAA!!!!

5:28 [Comment From Guest] Wow

5:28 [Comment From Guest] 4 in a row baby!

5:28 [Comment From ROBERT] YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:28 [Comment From DavidG] Way to go Cobrinha!

5:28 [Comment From germany] what happend to samuel Braga? was it a hard punch?

5:29 Caleb: Both Langhi and Burns try to pull guard. Burns is nearly taking Langhi’s back…

5:30 [Comment From dan] OMG Samuel! can we have more details

5:30 [Comment From Guest] Caleb, does this seem like more ref’s decisions than normal to you?

5:30 Caleb: Yes it does seem like a lot of ref’s decisions this year…

5:31 Caleb: Langhi is setting up an armbar that nearly sinks on Burns. The two are tied at one advantage each.

5:31 [Comment From Andy] Since Marcelo isn’t going to be fighting for the Gold, I’m off to bed. Thanks again Caleb, you are the man to sit here each year and do this for us!

5:31 [Comment From Ivan] Hey Caleb Borneo is with you again!!!

5:32 Caleb: Michael Langhi is now up 2-0 over Gilbert Burns. The time is 3m24s. Action is stopped while medics attend Burns.

5:32 [Comment From Dan] marcelo might fight sergio

5:33 Caleb: Looks like they’re checking his right eye. (?)

5:34 [Comment From drigo] this is gettin good

5:34 [Comment From H] Do we know for a fact that sergio & marcelo will not fight?

5:35 Caleb: @H – no but neither appeared to have warmed up and Sergio is standing with the Alliance flag in his hand.

5:35 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] BTW Caleb it’s Michael Langhi – not Langhi. (Incidentally, his 17-yo brother Michel is the kid phenom who tapped everyone (including me) in purple pena on Friday)

5:35 [Comment From Sim Go] where is Gilbert Burns from?

5:35 Caleb: @Sim – Burns is under Atos, if that helps.

5:35 [Comment From Guest] Sergio and Marcelo will not be fighting.

5:35 [Comment From TIM] said they will not fight and both Sergio and Marcelo agreed on Marcelo taking the gold

5:36 Caleb: Action is finally restarted between Burns and Langhi.

5:36 Caleb: Langhi is now up 7-2 after 4m05s.

5:36 [Comment From Guest] This gentlemen’s agreement stuff is retarded. They need to figure out a way to stop this.

5:38 [Comment From Phil] They should fight. Do it for the fans. But I would not want to fight my teammate!!

5:38 Caleb: Langhi is still up 7-2 over Burns. Remember Burns eliminated Lucas Lepri (Alliance) yesterday!


5:41 Caleb: @Robert – Barely!

5:42 Caleb: Less than 2 minutes remain and Langhi is stil up 7-2 over Burns.

5:42 [Comment From Joe] Bro! Thanks so much for giving us updates. I could not find anywhere to follow the fights live

5:44 Caleb: Michael Langhi (Alliance) wins 9-2 over Gilbert Burns (Atos) to earn the gold medal. Another one for Alliance!

5:44 [Comment From Don] Worlds podcast, NBA finals, WEC in 15 minutes, I’m in heaven. Thanks Caleb

5:44 [Comment From Mchapman] Atos can put their swords away today!

5:45 Caleb: So Marcelo Garcia and Sergio Moraes enter the mat…

5:46 Caleb: Moraes enters with the flag, hands one end to Garcia, and the two walk around displaying it to all spectators.

5:46 Caleb: (The Alliance flag that is)

5:46 Caleb: It’s announced: by gentleman’s decision, Marcelo Garcia takes the gold.

5:47 Caleb: It’s now Braulio Estima (GB) vs Alexandre deSouza (Gracie Florianopolis) for the heavyweight finals.

5:48 Caleb: Braulio has set up a straight foot lock on deSouza at 1m09s.

5:49 [Comment From Faisca] Go Braulio…..

5:49 [Comment From Guest] Can’t believe they closed out bracket, should be ashamed

5:49 [Comment From Sucuri – GB Braulio] Go Braulio.

5:49 Caleb: deSouza stands and appears to be safe for now.

5:50 Caleb: Brauilio Estima is now on bottom and beginning to work his guard game….

5:51 Caleb: At the 3 minute mark, Estima has rolled to his side and is going for the straight foot lock again..

5:51 Caleb: It doesn’t work but he does get a sweep out of it and is up 2-0.

5:52 [Comment From dokomoy] @caleb is gracie florionapolis part of barra?

5:52 Caleb: @dokomoy I believe Gracie Florianopolis is linked more to Gracie Humaita, but don’t quote me on that.

5:53 Caleb: Braulio remains up 2-0 over deSouza after 5m35s.

5:53 [Comment From Copacabana] @dokomoy Gracie Floripa is GB

5:54 [Comment From Red] How he get 2?

5:54 Caleb: @Red – via sweep.

5:55 Caleb: Braulio Estima remains on top attempting to pass Alexandre deSouza’s guard. It’s 2-0 at 7m30s.

5:55 [Comment From alexgbbrum] Come oooonnnn Braulio..

5:56 [Comment From Slick] Caleb you think Cobrinha was the rightful winner?

5:57 Caleb: @Slick – yes it was so close I can definitely see it justifiably going either way.

5:57 Caleb: Just one minute left and Braulio’s still on top of deSouza, now in full guard.

5:58 [Comment From ptm2020] just wondering, how is the crowd is it a full house there?

5:58 Caleb: @ptm2020 – I would say 85% full again. Just eyeballing though.

5:58 Caleb: The fight is over – Braulio Estima is the 2009 heavyweight champion!

5:59 Caleb: Now it’s the ultra-heavyweights! We now have Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) versus Gabriel Vella (Alliance). Anyone want to predict how this will go?

6:00 Caleb: Just kidding – no need. πŸ™‚

6:01 Caleb: Cavaca predictably pulls guard on Vella and Vella predictably drops his weight quickly on Cavaca, shutting down any sub attempts!

6:03 [Comment From alexgbbrum] BRAUULIOOO!!! Excellant!!

6:03 [Comment From Ross Finlayson] If Vella wins, I hope he doesn’t jump into the crowd like the othe Alliance guys; someone might get hurt πŸ™‚

6:03 Caleb: I believe this is the last fight before the absolute finals. Someone let me know if I am wrong…

6:04 Caleb: Romulo Barral and Roger Gracie are both warming up!

6:04 Caleb: They appear to want to compete this out!

6:05 Caleb: It’s still tied 0-0 between Cavaca and Vella. Vella is up by two advantage points though…

6:06 [Comment From Guest] your right caleb rox

6:06 [Comment From Phil] I am glad they are fighting. We will see if Romulo has closed the distance from 2 years ago.

6:06 [Comment From Mchapman] dont forget about the womens absolute

6:07 Caleb: @Mchapman – yes, male and female absolute finals are still on the way.

6:07 Caleb: Three minutes left between Vella and Cavaca and the score and positions are the same.

6:09 Caleb: Cavaca got up, and Vella took Cavaca down but they landed out of bounds. The ref did not award 2 points, and Alliance’s side is protesting mildly. 90 seconds remain.

6:10 [Comment From aa] will this be vellas 1st world title , caleb

6:10 [Comment From Phil] Yes I forgot. Kyra v lana. Talk about a weight difference!!!

6:10 [Comment From Guest] CAVACA!!!!!!!!!

6:11 Caleb: Looks like Alliance can count another gold here….

6:11 Caleb: Yes! Time expires Gabriel Vella’s two advantages mean another gold medal for Alliance!

6:12 Caleb: It’s time for the womens absolute finals! Kyra Gracie vs Lana Stefanac!

6:13 [Comment From Phil] Alliance is a monster this year!!!

6:13 [Comment From Mchapman] I wonder what the team points are going to look like at the end of the day

6:13 Caleb: Kyra has a tough job ahead of her with Lana who despite a brown belt is one formidable opponent.

6:14 [Comment From ptm2020] or is she that Big Girl?

6:14 [Comment From ptm2020] was Lana the girl who beat Kyra in the Pan Ams?

6:15 Caleb: @ptm2020 – I don’t think these two ahve ever met before. Ana Carolina Vidal beat Kyra Gracie at the Pan-Ams. And the “big girl” you’re referring to may be Alliance’s Gabi Garcia. Lana Stefanac has beaten both of those girls this weekend.

6:16 Caleb: After 3 minutes, Kyra and Lana are still standing and are forehead to forehead.

6:17 [Comment From aa] caleb u r a luckey man u get to go to all the big events and i am a luckry man because i get to saty here and have you blog for us

6:17 [Comment From Bri] Caleb, what happened to Ana Laura Cordeiro from GB?

6:17 Caleb: @Bri – she is out with a back injury.

6:17 [Comment From Phil] @Mchapman: 1 Alliance 2. Gracie Barra 3. Gracie Humaita

6:19 Caleb: At 4m28s Lana gets a takedown on Kyra that results in Lana being in Kyra’s guard. Stefanac is awarded 2 points.

6:20 Caleb: Kyra is working hard to threaten Lana’s left arm. Lana is keeping low and tight to maintiain its safety.

6:20 [Comment From Faisca (RGA)] Kyra needs to take it to the ground

6:22 Caleb: Lana is penalized, presumably for stalling.

6:22 Caleb: Kyra is awarded 2 points for Lana’s stalling! It’s now tied at 6m41s!

6:23 Caleb: Kyra pulls guard and locks her legs in a tight closed guard.

6:23 [Comment From Guest] Lana can really put the pressure

6:23 [Comment From Luciano RGA] kyraaa

6:23 [Comment From Phil] It is on now. We have controversy.

6:24 Caleb: At 7:45 Lana gets sidemount and she’s now up 5-2. This is where she beat Luka Dias earlier today!

6:24 Caleb: Lana has now gone north south on Kyra…

6:25 Caleb: …and made it all the way around to side mountg on the other side.

6:25 [Comment From RDJ] Caleb you are the man! Just for the record, Vella has won the worlds once before with GB.

6:25 [Comment From Phil] Lana on side mount, it is over now.

6:26 Caleb: Thirty seconds remain! Lana is attacking the far side arm hard!

6:27 Caleb: Time runs out and despite a near sweep from Kyra, Lana retains her 5-2 lead. Lana Stefanac is the 2009 female absolute division world champion!

6:27 Caleb: Okay here we go – mens absolute final! He takes on fellow Gracie Barra opponent Romulo Barral!

6:27 [Comment From Faisca (RGA)] Come on Roger…

6:28 Caleb: Romulo pulls closed guard immediately. Roger sits back and is setting up the standing pass. He stands, and Romulo opens his legs.

6:29 Caleb: Roger is now in Romulo’s spider guard.

6:29 [Comment From edwin] lets gooo romulo

6:29 [Comment From Luciano RGA] Roger

6:29 [Comment From Guest] GB won’t close out bracket.. good for them! Alliance should have done the same.

6:30 Caleb: Things are the same at the 2 minute mark…

6:30 Caleb: The stadium is pretty quiet as they watch the two vie for the title…

6:30 [Comment From Dan] you can not close out a Worlds absolute bracket lol.. the fans would go crazy

6:30 [Comment From Guest] roger

6:31 Caleb: At the 3m15s mark it’s still 0-0 with no advantages…

6:31 [Comment From jason rgt] roger will soon tap him out

6:32 [Comment From Guest] vai romhino barral

6:32 [Comment From Bri] 2 of my favorite BJJ’ers going at it. Love it!

6:32 Caleb: Pretty static encounter so far. Roger so far cannot pass Romulo’s wily legs.

6:32 [Comment From Phil] Can Romulo do the impossible and beat Roger from the bottom?!?!?!

6:33 Caleb: Is it just a matter of time though?

6:34 Caleb: It looks like Romulo would like to set up the triangle, but Roger is making himself so heavy!

6:35 [Comment From Chad] Anything can happen

6:35 [Comment From mark e] thanks caleb! im rooting for barral tho i love roger too!

6:35 [Comment From Copacabana] so far he didnt mount πŸ™‚

6:35 Caleb: Just under 3 minutes remain…

6:35 [Comment From Jason] I feel like I am listening to old time radio. How my grandfather told me that they used to listen to boxing matches. Strange feeling but neat!

6:35 Caleb: Here we go!

6:36 Caleb: Roger just passed and got 3 points!

6:36 Caleb: There are 2 minutes remaining and he is of course setting up the mount!

6:36 [Comment From Faisca (RGA)] Nice…

6:36 [Comment From Phil] Roger, Roger, Roger!!!

6:36 [Comment From Slick] It’s over

6:37 Caleb: Mount accomplished at 8:50!

6:37 Caleb: Roger is up 7-0. Can he finish Romulo in under one minute?

6:37 [Comment From Guest] lets start a countdown

6:37 [Comment From jason rgt] tap him out roger

6:37 [Comment From Mchapman] drum roll…

6:37 Caleb: Roger lays it down!

6:38 Caleb: He gets the tap at 9:30!!!!!!!!!!!

6:38 Caleb: Gracie Barra begins cheering its champ!

6:38 [Comment From Dan] NOOOOO

6:38 [Comment From Luciano RGA] yesssssss

6:38 [Comment From jason rgt] whoaaaaaaaaa

6:38 [Comment From Guest] hurray!!!

6:38 [Comment From Guest] That man is sick! Way to go Roger!

6:38 [Comment From Luciano RGA] all fights by submissons

6:38 [Comment From Chris Simamora] just wow

6:39 [Comment From Phil] Roger is unstoppable!!! Unless your name is Xande and Rolando.

6:39 [Comment From Mike] Thanks again for what you did

6:39 [Comment From TreyWhit] Thanks for the coverage Caleb…I enjoyed reading along…

6:40 Caleb: It’s all over family. Thank you, Mighty 600,000 for tuning in to the 2009 BJJ World Championships with The FightWorks Podcast!

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