Breaking News: Absolute Champion Xande Ribeiro Not Competing at Worlds

Xande Ribeiro training against Big Leo Santos in preparation for the 2009 Mundials two weeks ago.

GracieMag broke the news this morning that Xande Ribeiro, the gold medalist in the 2008 black belt heavyweight and absolute divisions, will not be competing at the 2009 Mundials in Los Angeles this coming weekend.

According to the article, Xande has sustained a knee injury preventing him from participating. We will follow up on this story and bring you whatever details we can as soon as possible.

2 Replies to “Breaking News: Absolute Champion Xande Ribeiro Not Competing at Worlds”

  1. I bet all the guys in his division are crapping rainbows and doing cartwheels in the streets right about now.

  2. Bummer, I was hoping for another Xande/Roger final in the absolute. Can anyone keep Roger from winning it now?

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