BJJ Poll: Will Roger and Xande Fight in the Mens Absolute Black Belt Finals in 2009?

At the 2008 BJJ World Championships, Xande Ribeiro defeated Roger Gracie in the finals of the mens black belt absolute division, viewed by many as the sport’s highest achievement. The anticipation to find out the winner was amplified as the match embodied the historical rivalry between Gracie Humaita and Gracie Barra. After ten minutes of cheering from the bleachers – packed with warring sections of fans who made the stadium rumble and tremble – the victor that day was Humaita’s Xande Ribeiro, who fended off a last minute armbar from Roger Gracie’s feared guard and won 4-2 on points.

Will we see the two titans in the Finals of the absolute division again this year? Vote in our poll, and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts in the comments section for this post. Feel free to also leave us a quick voicemail about your experience by calling 877-247-4662 and we may include it in an upcoming episode of The FightWorks Podcast.

Oh – and by the way – in Episode 166 of our BJJ radio show, you’ll hear Xande’s opinion on this question!

5 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Will Roger and Xande Fight in the Mens Absolute Black Belt Finals in 2009?”

  1. I think Braga Neto and Roger will meet in the mundial absolute finals! after his dominating performances at the Nogi mundials and Pan Ams
    But boy would it have been great to see ROger and Xande do it again

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