BJJ Poll: What is a BJJ Competitor's Priority: Their Success or Their Team's Success?

What do you think is more important to a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor? Do they care more about how well they do or how well their team does? Yes, it is a tough question, and some people may say that neither the team nor competitor has priority because they are equally important. But if you had to choose (like in today’s poll!) which is more important when a jiu-jitsu competitor steps out there on the mats, are they doing it for themselves or for their teams?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below as well!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: What is a BJJ Competitor's Priority: Their Success or Their Team's Success?”

  1. My team and their support are very important to me at tournaments. I am also always excited to see how my teammates do. Of course I want our team to look good and do well as a whole. In the end though I am there to advance my jiu-jitsu by way of experience.

  2. This seems like a loaded question since the way you typically do your best for your team is to do your best for yourself.

    The only time there’s a real choice is if you somehow meet a teammate before the finals and one of you has to decide to bow out. On our team that usually just defers to the coach, and since I wouldn’t get all up in my coach’s face and tell him he’s wrong, I feel I have to take answer #2.

  3. It seems a bit strange to me to make your priority of your team’s success more important than your own. You train to win. That is a result that you have some control over. Your team’s success is a factor that is uncontrollable.

    When you walk onto the mat to compete, and the chips are down, and the adrenaline is up, you don’t think “wow, I wonder how Joe Bagadonuts did in his match”. Everyone focuses on their own fight at that moment.

    Your success contributes to your team’s success. So individual results are more important. It is the sum of the individual results that equal the team results.

  4. While this is my opinion, I also believe in fully supporting your team to the best of your ability. But one’s own BjJ game should be his top priority.

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