Kinda True Jiu-Jitsu News: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu No Use Against Somali Pirates

A dangerous cargo ship hijacking in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates was a complete success today despite a crew member’s attempt to use Brazilian jiu-jitsu to thwart the attack. Gerd Rudolf, a second mate on the captured German vessel and a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, learned that jiu-jitsu is not effective in preventing maritime seizures by African pirates with nothing to lose. Speaking from a rusty iron floor in a locked, dimly lit room inside the bowels of the ship, a badly bruised Rudolf offered, “I can tell you from personal experience that you should not attempt to use X-guard against nervous men holding automatic weapons. And the flying triangle? Forget it.” For their part, the pirates have now found Rudolf’s copy of Saulo Ribeiro‘s Jiu-Jitsu University in his cabin and are excited to begin training should they survive negotiations with German authorities.


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  1. or maybe he shouldn’t have been reading Saulo’s book…….

    ok, im totally joking. i own the book as well. (please dont hurt me S. and X.)

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