BJJ Poll: Do You Deserve the Jiu-Jitsu Belt You Currently Wear?

Sometimes people in Brazilian jiu-jitsu may feel like they are not ready to wear the belt that their instructor gave them. Other times someone who trains BJJ may think that their instructor is too slow in promoting them. And of course some people think that their belt suits them perfectly. What about you?

Feel free to speak your mind (anonymously if you want) in the comments below. And many thanks to FightWorks Podcast listener Ross for the suggestion of this week’s BJJ Poll!

12 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Do You Deserve the Jiu-Jitsu Belt You Currently Wear?”

  1. I wonder how many good people leave the BJJ community due to non-acknowledgement of their progression. I understand the rhetoric that belts shouldn’t matter. But they do.

    Besides, there is a difference in treatment for each belt level, even if it is slight.

  2. I think im fine where i am. i trust my instructors judgement in how im promoted.

    Worry about the journey not the color around the waste!
    plus its always cool beating people a rank above yours =D

  3. I am satisfied with my belt (blue), but know that my next belt is not too far around the corner (time, my level compared with other belts my level and the upper belts). While I’m happy with the belt I have, there is excitement about the prospect of a promotion within the foreseeable future. Jiu-jitsu is not about the belt, but I think very very few people don’t care about it at all. I feel comfortable at my level and continue to try and improve daily. Any recognition of my progress is appreciated but not required.

  4. I think my belt fits me perfectly, frayed ends and all! 🙂

    I don’t think I should be a lower belt or a higher belt yet. And I disagree with jiujitsu365 that people are treated differently because of the color around their waist. At least, that’s not the case at my school.

    We have a white belt who’s tapped blues, purples, and browns in competition, he gets respect. We have a wrestler who comes in to train with us and will roll some (even though he doesn’t really know BJJ) and he gets mad respect for his skill set. Mostly I think it depends more on what you offer as a training partner then the color around your waist.

    The way I look at it, you have no business complaining about not being promoted faster unless you’ve won the world championships at your belt level…twice.

  5. bjjcallin,

    When I stated that people are treated differently as a result of their belt rank I don’t mean in a negative sense. I have always seen people treated with respect, regardless of rank in every place I have been lucky enough to train.

    What I am talking about is the responsibility and the expectations that are levied on certain ranks, etc. For instance, when I received my blue belt, the next class I attended people immediately begin asking me for help with the techniques taught in drill (with expressions that said I know you know this).

    The second time I attended class as a blue belt I was asked to lead stretches for the first time. Plus, in my academy and in many other schools I have attended, If you happen to be the senior person in a class next to the instructor then he will demonstrate techniques on you. Additionally, Purple and Browns (and sometimes very experience Blues) lead classes.

    Some people like the added responsibility while others may not be quite ready, but responsibility, expectations and sometimes demands are placed on people when they advance in rank. Further, I was told that I would be treated differently because of my rank. White belts also made casual threats after my promotion and my instructor told me he would go harder on me.

    As in other areas of life, promotions and ranks allows people to do different things. I agree it’s about the journey. I grappled no-gi for 3 years and had to spend my time as a white belt when I finally started to train with the gi. But I definitely saw the difference from day one.

  6. I’ve been training for over six years and I was just recently promoted to blue belt. I know I deserved it. I like it when I get to lead the warm up. I like it when white belts ask me for help. I decided after I got promoted that I would no longer allow myself to get discouraged. Win or lose, I’m just going to focus on getting better.

  7. First, your belt is not so much a single accomplishment as it is a series of different events (ability, participation, motivation, competition). Second, your belt depends on WHO you are (age, physical ability, etc). so your belt rank is part of a continuum
    This makes it very difficult for an individual to evaluate where he/she is in relation to others with the same belt rank.
    My own feeling is that if you have a good instructor and feel confident of his teaching style you will be fine.
    I really felt that I deserved my Blue belt (probably didn’t)
    Really wanted my Purple belt and was scared that I didn’t deserve it. (probably did deserve it).
    Brown, I felt, was either/or. I wouldn’t have minded more time as a purple but I could see the reasons for getting there. Afterwards it was intimidating but I feel tht I grew into it. But I also changed and adapted to become more like my expectations for continued growth.

  8. Who am I to second guess my instructor. Personally I was a little overwhelmed with receiving my Brown Belt, and I never imagined I would be at that level. At my age, I think it is relative. Can I hang with most other brown belts in their 20’s (less than half my age), probably not, but I’ll give them a run. And then go sit in the jacuzzi. LOL At this point I am trying to get myself into the gym. That is the biggest battle.

  9. I keep beating all the blue belts I get techqnic faster then most people I’m still a white belt what the hell does my coach want from me if he doesn’t give me what I want I moving to a different gym I getting sick of it

  10. @Fabio: Chill, man, if your instructor is a brown/black belt they deserve a modicum of respect from you, a white belt – people can spend a couple of years at white belt. If for you it’s just about the ego boost of the colour of your belt you’re probably doing it for the wrong reasons. If you don’t trust your instructor then move, but don’t determine your trust of them based on how quickly you’re progressing; quicker isn’t always better. It’s all experience.

  11. Have been purple for almost a year now and have reached a plateau and find myself wondering if I deserve the rank .. I find that I have actually regressed since most of the guys I roll with have the “don’t want to get beat” mindset .. Everything is balls to the walls full out so flowing through my techniques is difficult .. I have decided to roll mainly with guys who are willing to slow roll so I can recapture my basics and develop the smooth flowing style I see in black belts .. This should help me get through my plateau and develop the smooth anaconda style of jiu jitsu I seek ..

  12. At my school no one gets a there blue untill they are serious f’ng killers no joke and purples they could wear black belts and you would look and say yeh there legit, end result is total comp domination no joke we have charity rolls with lots of other gyms coming for rolling sessions and our whites be berimbolo’n there purples, if you get a belt from my gym you have more than earned it

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