2009 Pan-Ams – Day Two Live Blogging

check mat nivaldo lima
Rodrigo Cavaca (left) coaches fellow Check Mat teammate Nivaldo Lima prior to Lima’s match against Otavio Souza at the 2009 BJJ Pan-Ams.

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Okay Family! We are live!

Black Belt Men

Cadu (Gracie Humaita) is attempting an omoplata on Fabio Leopoldo. It does not work but he gets the sweep! Now Leopoldo reverses!

Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros is now up against Ricardo Barros, who was nice enough to let me sit in his chair

Cadu, cheered on by Xande Ribeiro and other Gracie Humaita supporters, defeats Gracie Barra’s Fabio Leopoldo.

Andrew Smith is now up against Regis Lebre.

Eric Burdo is down 2-0 against an unidentified opponent.

Ricardo Barros is up 2-0 against Comprido, who is on the bottom in guard.

Regis Lebre is up 5-0 over Andrew Smith.

Eric Burdo loses 2-0 as time expires.

Comprido sets up a triangle against Ricardo Barros, and gets the tap!

Baret Yoshida is up against an unidentified opponent and is down 0-2.

Andrew Smith loses 8-0 against Regis Lebre.

Anselmo Baldin versus Leo Dalla is starting now.

Baret Yoshida defeats his opponent. The opponent is contesting the stoppage vigorously and seems to be suggesting that Yoshida had inserted fingers into his opponents nose or something. It’s across the mats so I cant understand the details but that’s what the body language suggests. Yoshida was working a deep collar choke from the back at the time of the stoppage.

At the 3 minute mark, Leo Dalla sinks a deep armbar on Anselmo Baldin.

Dave Jacobs is up against Alex Ferreira (Gracie Humaita).

Alliance‘s Babs is up against an unidentified opponent.

Dave Jacobs is up 2-0 and is in Ferreira’s guard.

Dave Jacobs and Alex Ferreira are tied 2-2 and Ferreira is on top in half guard.

The match between Babs and his opponent has stopped. The referees have raced down to the head judge’s table and are seeking head referee Alvaro Mansur’s advice.

Ferreira is now up 4-2 over Dave Jacobs.

The match between Babs and his opponent has restared and Babs scores 2 points for the takedown and is up 2-0.

Dave Jacobs loses to Alex Ferreira 8-2 as time expires.

Babs wins 6-0 at the 4 minute mark. I didn’t see the reason the match ended.

Baret Yoshida is now up against an unknown opponent. As always, he is crawling around to his opponent’s back and threatening a collar choke. One of his opponent’s arms is tied up between Baret’s legs.

Yoshida finishes his opponent with the collar choke he was working!

Leo Dalla is now up against Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros!

Jared Weiner (Lloyd Irvin) is now up against a Gracie Barra opponent.

Dalla and Comprido are still locked up and standing.

Frederico Sabbatini is on top in half guard against an unknown opponent.

Jared Weiner and his GB opponent are still tied 0-0, as are Dalla and Comprido.

Weiner is now on top in half guard against his opponent. The score remains 0-0.

Thirty seconds remain in the Dalla vs. Comprido matchup. The score is 0-0 with no advantages.

Time expires in the Comprido vs. Dalla match. The ref deems Comprido to be the more successful competitor in an otherwise dead even match.

I missed the ending of Jared Weiner’s match, but by his body language it looks like he was not victorious.

Jared Vanderzyl (Fabio Santos) is up against an unknown opponent on mat 4. He’s on bottom in half guard.

Alliance’s Babs is now up against an unknown opponent. He gets an advantage for his choke attempt from the guard, and now gets two points for the sweep. Now his opponent is doubled over in pain! The medics are attending to him. It appears he may have popped his knee badly during the sweep. I really feel bad for him.

Jared Vanderzyl loses a close match. The score was tied 0-0 and he was down by one advantage.

Babs’ opponent is carried off the mat and Babs is declared the winner.

Alex Ferreira is now up against an Cristiano Oliveira (Gracie Barra).

Just three of the eight mats are in use at the moment. Each mat has a great big TVs (42 inches?) displaying the score of the matches underway.

Oliveira sweeps Ferreira for a quick 2-0 lead. He’s now on top in Ferreira’s open guard.

Now Ferreira gets a 2 point takedown, bu Oliveira lands the same sweep as before and now he’s back on top in Ferreira’s open guard. The score is 4-2.

Sean Bansfield (Saulo Ribeiro) is up against an unidentified competitor.

Oliveira is up 9-4 over Ferreira.

Renato Tavares appears to have his match under control.

Cristiano Oliveira defeats Alex Ferreira 9-4.

Renato Tavares wins his match. It turns out his opponent only had the use of one arm. The audience applauds both fighters’ efforts.

Sean Bansfield is working from full guard on his opponent and now begins an omoplata attack sequence.

Time expires and Sean Bansfield wins his match.

An announcement is made that the walkways need to be cleared or the fire marshall will shut the event down. This is the same thing we heard at Grapplers Quest last weekend.

Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller is now on the mats against New Breed opponent Chris Wolford.

Franjinha is now up 5-0 against Wolford. Time expires as he was working an armlock.

Cleber Luciano is now up against an unknown Gracie Barra opponent.

Regis Lebre is in action again and is working on taking his opponent’s back. Although down on points 2-0, he gets the choke at 1m49s.

Cleber Luciano wins a tight match. The score was 0-0 and he was up by one advantage.

The fire marshall is going to shut down the event until everyone takes a seat.

The event has now begun again. Babs (Alliance) is now up in his match against a Gracie Barra opponent by the score of 2-0.

Babs is now up 4-0 agter a takedown. He’s now all over his opponent’s back and is working to get his second hook in. Now his opponent pulls him around into full guard.

Baret Yoshida is now up against Cristiano Oliveira.

Franjinha is now up against an unknown opponent and is underneath in half guard.

Renato Tavares wins another match.

Babs wins by the score of 4-0.

Side note – Luis Rocha wins purple belt absolute.

Baret Yoshida finds himself across the shoulders of his opponent’s back again and is setting up a choke.

Franjinha loses to Tom Oberhue on points 3-0 as time runs out.

Cristiano Oliveira fends off Baret Yoshida’s near choke until time runs out and wins 2-0.

Sean Bansfield (SRJJA) is up against D. Davis (Primal Jiu-Jitsu). Bansfield pulls guard immediately.

Bansfield has passed and is now in side mount on D. Davis.

Cleber Luciano continues to be up 2-0 against his opponent.

Chewy Ibarra is up 5-0 against his opponent.

Cleber Luciano wins 2-0.

Chewy Ibarra wins 5-0.

Sean Bansfield defeats D. Davis.


The tournament is being stopped again to clear the lanes, as per the fire marshall’s orders. for a moment of silence in memory of Helio Gracie. After the one minute of silence ends, the venue erupts in unanimous applause, and Rickson Gracie enters the center of the mats to say some words about his father.

The action now resumes on the mats.

Alex Brandao (Fabio Santos) is in action on mat 4 and is on top in half guard. The score is 0-0.

Alex Brandao wins his match.

Lucas Lepri (Alliance) defeats Joao Gabriel Sobral (Gracie Barra) with a choke from half guard.

Tom Oberhue is now up against Cleber Luciano.

Luciano pulls his patented throw and his opponent is now on his back. The score is 2-0 in Luciano’s favor.

Asa Fuller is now up against another very large guy in a match for the gold in their division.

Lucas Leite is now on the mats against Rafael Barbosa. Things are heating up in here again…

Leite is on top against his opponent in half guard.

Asa Fuller is on bottom in full guard. The score is tied 0-0.

Cleber Luciano beats Tom Oberhue 2-0. Luciano played pretty conservatively for the most part after his throw.

Lucas Leite wins his match by a submission I missed.

Cameron Diffley is up against Raul Castillo. Diffley pulls guard and is being coached by Robert Drysdale to keep active and aggressive.

Asa Fuller’s hand is raised before time runs out. I missed the submission.

Castillo opens Diffley’s guard. Diffley gets the sweep and is now up 2-0.

Chewy Ibarra loses his match 2-0.

Alex Brandao is now up against an unknown opponent.

Kurt Osiander is now on the mat against Sean Bansfield.

Felipe Costa is up against Shoji Masada.

Alex Brandao wins with a choke from the mount after being up 9-0.

Diffley is swept and now it’s tied 2-2.

Diffley sweeps and is now up 4-2 with two minutes left.

Kurt Osiander defeats Sean Bansfield.

Diffley defeats Castillo.

Gregor Gracie is now up against Jason Ebarb.

Johnny Ramirez is up against Leandro Escobar.

Felipe Costa is in control against his Japanese opponent and is close to taking the back.

Gracie Barra supporters have surrounded Gregor Gracie’s mat.

Felipe Costa appears close to finishing his opponent

Gregor Gracie is up 2-0 against Ebarb.

Ebarb almost gets a takedown but the two were out of bounds.

Felipe Costa wins his match.

Rey Diogo is on the mats and his supporters are very vocal.

An Alliance competitor wins on mat 1.

Makoto Sawada is up against Joao Carlos Kurao.

Gregor Gracie is still up 2-0.

Rey Diogo lands mount and is up 9-0. His supporters are so loud it sounds like half the place is cheering for him.

Johnny Ramirez is tied 2-2 in his match.

Rey Diogo is up 15-0 when he wins, drawing more loud cheers.

Tony Passos is up against Felipe Fogolin.

Johnny Ramirez wins 4-2.

Fogolin lands a lightning fast throw on Passos and Passos’ head hits the mats hard. The medics are called over as he cannot continue.

Now the medics appear to be checking Passos for concussion symptoms. Fogolin is declared the winner.

Cameron Diffley is now up against Romulo Barral!

Kron Gracie and Nakapan are now starting on mat 1! Kron pulls guard immediately.

Barral is on top in half guard.

Kurao beats Sawada on points.

A shaved-headed Kron is working his typical heavy-hand-in-the-collar game against Nakapan.

Romulo Barral taps Cameron Diffley with a deep choke from half guard at the 2m23s mark.

Kron Gracie taps Nakapan with an armbar from the guard.

Vitor, Braulio Estima‘s younger brother is now up against Diego Gamonal.

Rodrigo Ranieri is in leg-spaghetti with his opponent. Ranieri is now losing 12-6.

Ranierig loses 14-6 to his Ramon Lemos opponent.

Alex Brandao is on top in half guard against his opponent. He’s up 3-0.

Megaton is now in action against Kazumasa Sekiguchi.

Vitor Estima and Diego Gamonal are still tied 0-0.

Alex Brandao wins by submission (sorry I missed it) at 4m31s. The score was 7-0.

Megaton’s on top in half guard.

Vitor Estima and Diego Gamonal are still tied 0-0.

At the 8m29s mark, Vitor Estima’s hand is raised. Not sure what happened. Score was 0-0 and Estima had one advantage.

Now Bill Cooper is up against Carlos Diego Ferreira.

For some reason Megaton’s opponent had to go change his gi.

Now Felipe Fogolin is up against Otavio Souza. Souza pulls guard quickly.

Cooper is now down 2-0 against Ferreira.

Cooper’s match is now tied 4-4 and he’s standing in guard.

Otavio Souza is holding on to an omoplata attempt. Fogolin is basing out.

Souza is now beating Fogolin 4-2.

Cooper is now down 6-4 in his match against Ferreira. 3m22 have passed.

Cooper gets a big throw and it’s now tied 6-6!

Souza is up 4-0 on Fogolin.

Michael Langui is up against an opponent from Gracie Barra.

Megaton is up by two advantages. The score is still 0-0.

Langui has an omoplata attempt, but his GB opponent escapes.

Bill Cooper is now down 10-6 at the 6m18s mark.

Megaton’s hand is raised after a slow match.

Cobrinha is now on the mats against Renan Borges. The score is tied 2-2.

Souza taps Fogolin at the 7m26s mark by armbar.

At the 9m25s mark, Cooper and Ferreira are restarted in the center.

Cobrinha is up 6-2.

Carlos Diego Ferreira defeats Bill 12-8.

Lucas Leite is up against Rafael Barbosa.

Cobrinha is up 9-2 and gets an armbar at 6m52s.

Rogel Monsalve is up against Mateus Vinhus (Gracie Barra).

Amal Easton is defeated by Eduardo Rocha.

Megaton is now up against Mario Reis (Gracie Barra).

Lucas Leite and Rafael Barbosa are still tied 0-0 although Leite has four more advantage points.

Monsalve and Vinhus are still tied 0-0 after five minutes. Monsalve has full guard.

After an exchange of sweeps, Leite and Barbosa are at 2-2 with one minute remaining.

Lucas Leite wins a very grueling match against Rafael Barbosa. They were tied and he was up 5-2 on advantages.

Mario Reis and Megaton are tied 0-0 after 3m33s.

Reis is now going after Megaton’s feet.

Mateus Vinha and Rogel Monsalve comes to an end. The entire match was spent with Vinhus in Monsalve’s full guard. Vinhus wins.

Megaton is fighting off a deep triangle from Mario Reis! Reis sinks it and wins!

Nivaldo Lima (Check Mat), loudly coached cheered on by Robert Drysdale, is now facing Otavio Souza.

Abmar Barbosa is on deck against Kron Gracie.

Nivaldo Lima is in half guard underneath Souza and the score is tied 0-0. This was how he beat Rafael Lovato Jr. last weekend at Grapplers Quest.

Nivaldo Lima sweeps Otavio Souza and is up 2-0! Souza returns the favor and it’s now 2-2 and he’s back on top in Lima’s open guard.

Cobrinha is back in action and is fending off a leglock.

Michael Langui (Alliance) now faces Leo Leite (not Lucas) from Gracie Barra.

WOW. Nivaldo Lima clearly swept Otavio Souza at the end. The time was 9m57s and he would’ve been up 4-2. But the ref did not grant any points. Leo Vieira and the Check Mat crowd are furious. Nivaldo Lima would’ve beaten the competitor going into the black belt absolute finals.

Abmar Barbosa and Kron Gracie are tied 0-0 after 3m39s.

Cobrinha has his hands full with his opponent. It’s tied 2-2.

Out of nowhere Kron Gracie sticks a deep kneebar on Abmar Barbosa at the 4m01s mark. The crowd cheers the efforts of Rickson Gracie’s son.

Vitor Estima is now up against an unknown opponent.

At the 8m40s mark Cobrinha’s opponent is disqualified. From where I sit it looks like the ref deemed his leg attacks to be an illegal twisting knee attack.

Michael Langui (Alliance) defeats Leo Leite (GB).

Word is that they stopped letting people into the venue. That is a first.

Carlos Diego Ferreira is giving Vitor Estima a run for his money. Wait! He just took Estima’s back, goes up 4-0, and then chokes Vitor!

Mario Reis is up 4-2 over his opponent.

Lucas Leite and Augusto Vieira are still tied 0-0 at the 3m25s mark.

Mario Reis wins 4-2 as time expires.

At 5m40s, Lucas Leite is now up 2-0 over Augusto Vieira. Leite is on top in Vieira’s open guard.

The Gracie Barra cheering section is getting heated in the contest between Leite and Vieira. As time runs out, Leite remains up 2-0, sealing another long-fought victory. A very tough match.

Kron Gracie is now up against Carlos Diego Ferreira. Ferreira pulls guard and Kron is basing out, beginning to pass.

Ferreira gets 2 points for a sweep but now Kron reverses! It’s tied 2-2 and Kron’s almost in side mount.

At 2m15s Kron Gracie gets a straight footlock on Carlos Diego Ferreira!!!

Rodrigo Cavaca (Check Mat) is now up 2-0 over James Foster (Lotus Club).

Cavaca is now up 5-0 over James Foster.

Cavaca is now up 14-0 over Foster. Time expires and Cavaca advances.

Roberto Tozi is beating Marcus Neuenschwager (Gracie Barra) 5-0. Tozi goes on to win.

Rodrigo Cavaca vs Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie) has begun, as has Rafael Lovato Jr. versus Alexandre Santos (Gracie Barra). Cavaca and de Freitas fought last week at Grapplers Quest. Last week Cavaca won by choke.

Lovato Jr. is working from open guard against Santos. At 2m25s the match is tied 0-0.

Cavaca is winning against de Freitas 2-0.

Lovato Jr. is working from the guard still. The score is still 0-0 but Lovato Jr. has one advantage.

Cavaca is standing in de Freitas’ guard and the score remains 2-0 in Cavaca’s favor.

Time expires in two matches: Cavaca wins 2-0 over de Freitas and Lovato Jr. defeats Santos by the narrowest of margins: one advantage point from a score of 0-0.

Roberto “Tussa” Alencar is on the mat against fellow Gracie Barra fighter Marlon Xavier.

Tussa has taken his opponent’s back and is now up 4-0. He sinks the choke and wins at 4m01s.

Flavio Almeida is now on top in half guard against an unidentified competitor.

Almeida is now up 6-0 at the 2m55s mark.

Almeida taps his opponent. I missed the submission but it ended way early.

Tussa is now up against Roberto Tozi. Tozi gets two points for a takedown early.

Tozi is now in Tussa’s full guard. A dangerous place to be and Tozi shows he knows it by playing very conservative in there. Now Tozi passes and the score is 5-0!

Tozi’s back in Tussa’s guard, and attemptig to pass with double underhooks. Tussa just got 2 points because Tozi was stalling. It’s 5-2. When they restart, they mix legs and Tussa rolls over into a kneebar at 6m42s!

Uh oh! Rafael Lovato Jr. is now up against Flavio Almeida! Lovato pulls full guard and Almeida remains standing.

Lovato Jr. had a triangle attempt for a quick moment but not long enough for an advantage point. He appeared to sweep Almeida but Almeida recovered. Lovato Jr. now leads by one advantage point.

The time is now 5m09s in Lovato Jr. versus Almeida. Almeida is threatening the pass but is not there yet. Lovato now leads 2 advantages to 1 although the score is still 0-0.

Action is stopped at 8m47s as the two tired competitors retie their gis. The Gracie Barra and Gracie Humaita are following this heavyweight match very closely!

Time is running out and I have to apologize!!!! I had the advantages wrong! THe score is still 0-0 but it was Almeida who was in the lead on advantages!! He wins it 4 advantages to Lovato Jr.s’ two. The two men are exhausted.

Fabio Leopoldo wins a match against another black belt from Street Sports Jiu-Jitsu.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is now up against Antonio Braga Neto for the super heavyweight title!

Braga Neto pulls half guard. Cyborg is on top basing out and trying to avoid sweeps.

Braga Neto gets a sweep and is up 2-0 over Cyborg.

At 8m06s Braga Neto sinks a deep collar choke on Cyborg!

Now Felipe Costa (Brasa) is in his rooster weight match for the gold medal against Joao Carlos Kurao.

Felipe Costa and Joao Carlos Kurao is still tied at 0-0 after 6m27s.

The damage I have done to my bladder by not getting up once all day compels me to suggest that if you’ve enjoyed today’s coverage, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you picked up one of our sweet gi patches! 🙂

Kurao gets side mount on Costa and is up 3-0!

Time runs out and Joao Carlos Kurao wins 3-0 over Felipe Souza to win the gold.

Rafael Freitas (Gracie Barra) now takes on Yoshihiko Matsumo for the gold in the featherweight division.

D. Davis is in action against Jack McVicker.

Yoshihiko Matsumo defeats Rafael Freitas. Sorry, I didn’t see what happened but whatever it was was at 5m59s.

Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) now faces Cobrinha for the title. Reis attempts to pull guard quickly. Cobrinha winds up in half guard on top.

Jack McVicker defeats D. Davis.

Mario Reis has earned one penalty. Cobrinha has two advantages. Otherwise the score is still 0-0 between these two phenoms.

Cobrinha takes Reis’ back, gets 4 points, and chokes Reis with a bow and arrow choke at 7m22s!!!

Now we see Lucas Leite versus Kron Gracie!

Kron is angling to take Leite’s back! The pair roll out of bounds! At the moment Kron is up by one advantage but the score is 0-0! Three refs pull the pair back into the middle. Kron quickly sinks both hooks in and is up 4-0!

Kron and Leite scramble apart and now are restarted in the center. Only 2m57 have expired.

Leite sweeps and is now on top. The score is 4-2 in Kron’s favor.

Leite is not allowing Kron to establish his closed guard game. Now 6m27s have passed and the score is still 4-2 for Kron. THey each have 2 advantages as well.

Leite now gets an advantage for a near pass. They take a moment to re-tie their gis after moving out of bounds. The momentum seems to have shifted back to Leite.

Now Leite scores a takedown and is now on top. The score is 4-4 and there is 90 seconds remaining. Leite is up on advantages by one.

At 9m16s Leite secures side mount and is up 7-4. The crowd is chanting “Lucas! Lucas! Lucas!”

Time expires and Leite wins. Kron respectfluly applauds Leite.

Kron heads to his father and coach, Rickson Gracie, who appears to reassure him of his performance and gives him a hug.

Lucas Lepri and Michael Langui are now stepping on to mat 7. Instead of competing, the two Alliance competitors agree to let Lucas Lepri take home the gold.

Rodrigo Cavaca (Check Mat) is now on the mats against Marcio Corleta (Winner). This is for the ultra heavyweight title.

Corleta has Cavaca on his back with what looks like a ton of pressure. He secures side mount on Cavaca and is up 3-0.

Corleta then secures knee on the belly after being north south on Cavaca. I have not seen Cavaca compete before last weekend, but in the good number of matches I have seen him in since then I have not seen someone handle him this way. Corleta secures the armbar and Cavaca is forced to tap!

Antonio Braga Neto (Gordo Jiu-Jitsu) is now being called to mat 4 to compete against Otavio Souza for the black belt absolute division. Braga Neto enjoys a large size advantage over Souza. Souza pulls guard, and Braga Neto stands, opening Souza’s guard. He’s now trying to work past Souza’s open guard.

After 4m30s the score is still 0-0 with no advantages between Souza and Braga Neto.

8 minutes have passed and the score is still 0-0 with no advantages between Souza and Braga Neto. No advantages for either side.

At just about the 9 minute mark, Braga Neto secures side mount and gets 3 points. Souza deserves a ton of credit for keeping the giant Braga Neto at bay this long. Time expires and Antonio Braga Neto is the 2009 Pan Absolute Champion!

Brown Belt Men

Jonathan Torres (Lloyd Irvin) defeats his first opponent in 1m33s by bow and arrow choke.

Zack Maxwell versus Justin Rader is now underway on mat 5. Maxwell began with a triangle attempt that Rader pulled out of.

Zack Maxwell defeats Justin Rader on points in a very close intra-Humaita match. These two will be anchors of future black belt divisions for Gracie Humaita.

Michael Westbrook gets armbarred by an unknown opponent.

Robert Harper (Rafael Lovato Jr.) versus Ryan Beauregard has just begun.

Beauregard armbars Harper at 4m19s.

Jonathan Torres now on the mat against Jimmy Jarquin.

Ian McPherson defeats an unknown opponent.

Jonathan Torres has his opponent’s back with his legs in a body lock around him. The score is 6-0 in Torres’ favor.

Jonathan Torres wins on points 6-0 as time expires.

Alliance’s Daren Roberts is looking good in his match. Had a very near armbar.

Daren Roberts beats his opponent.

Rafael Dall Inha (Carlson Gracie) is up against Jason Hayes (BJJ United) opponent.

Hayes beats Dall Inha by one advantage point.

Ryan Beauregard will face Jonathan Torres in a moment or two.

Torres is all over Beauregard. He’s taken his back and Torres has established the body lock with his legs on another opponent.

Jonathan Torres gets the gi choke at 5m40s against Ryan Beauregard.

Joao Assis appears to have been disqualified in a match against an Alliance opponent.

Jonathan Torres is now on the mats against Jake McKenzie.

Torres and his foe have spend the match in a pretty unusual stalemate. The score is still 0-0 with no advantages. As time expires both stand and declare victory. The referee raises the hand of Jake McKenzie.

Steve Rosenberg defeats Jay Hayes by two advantage points. The score was 6-6.

Steve Rosenberg defeats Jake McKenzie. McKenzie is holding his foot in pain.


Womens Black / Brown Belts

Luka Dias is now up against a familiar foe, Gabrielle Garcia (Alliance).

Michelle Nicolini armbars Jen Petrina in short order.

Penny Thomas is now in action against Jacqueline Andrade.

Garcia is up 4-0 over Luka Dias.

At 3m01 Luka DIas taps Garcia with a gi choke! Dias is in her 40’s and has once again delivered an unbelievable performance against the odds.

Penny Thomas is busy fighting out of a deep triangle!

Penny Thomas, coached by Limao has escaped and now taken her opponent’s back, and now gets the mount! The score is 10-0 for Thomas!

Thomas is now on Andrade’s back once again, and is up 14-0. At the 8m24s mark Penny Thomas sinks the choke and Andrade taps.

Fabiana Borges (Gracie Barra) is now up against Robert Drysdale’s wife Michelle Nicolini for the gold on mat 1.

Just 15 seconds into the match Borges jumps into a deep triangle on Nicolini. Nicolini escapes and but along the way sinks a very deep footlock that causes Nicolini to tap immediately! The match ended in about 90 seconds! Watch out for Borges!

Kyra Gracie is now in action. After a few moments she pulls guard.

Now Kyra has a solid side mount on her opponent.

Christie Thomas (Relson Gracie) is now up against Katie Weilbacher (Paragon).

Weilbacher is now up 3-0 against Thomas.

Kyra is sinking a deep choke against her opponent.

Now we are in for a match! It’s Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaita) against Ana Laura Cordeiro (Gracie Barra)! This is for the gold and has all eyes from both teams! Cordeiro pulls guard immediately.

Weilbacher is beating Christy Thomas 6-0 now.

Kyra Gracie defeats her opponent. Not sure if she got the tap or not.

Penny Thomas is now losing 0-2 to Ana Laura Cordeiro.

Ana Carolina Vidal (Gracie Humaita) is now up against Sophia McDermott.

Katie Weilbacher defeats Christy Thomas 15-0.

Penny Thomas continues fighting from Ana Laura Cordeiro’s guard. Cordeiro remains in the lead by 2-0.

Time expires and Ana Laura Cordeiro defeats Penny Thomas 4-0.

Ana Carolina Vidal defeats Sophia McDermott.

Katie Weilbacher is on deck to fight against Luka Dias.

Luka Dias gets two points for the takedown against Katie Weilbacher.

Weilbacher gets the hooks on Dias and is up 4-2.

Now Weilbacher, another Paragon product, is mounted on Dias and is up 8-2.

At 8m13s Luka Dias taps Katie Weilbacher! Luka was down 13-10!

Kyra Gracie (Barra) is now on the mat against Ana Carolina Vidal (Humaita) for the gold medal.

Vidal is now in Kyra’s full guard.

Vidal passes and is up 3-0 against Kyra!

She now gets knee in the belly and is up 5-0 against Kyra!

Time runs out! If I have kept score correctly, Carolina VIdal defeats Kyra Gracie by 7-0!

Epilogue 11:30 PM Sunday evening

I ended up leaving while the women’s black / brown absolute division was just beginning, around 7:30 pm Pacific. I apologize to those ladies for not being able to post their matches but our server appeared to begin having serious issues due to the incredible traffic we were getting, and my internet connection in the gym itself wasn’t the most solid to begin with. Plus I hadn’t really eaten or gone to the bathroom in about 8 hours. So I decided that the server not responding to anything I tried to post plus this reporter’s physiological requirements were enough reason for me to call it a day!

Thanks to everyone for staying tuned to the 2009 Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championships here on The FightWorks Podcast! Hope you enjoyed it!

– Caleb

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  2. Anyone know if there is an entrace fee to watch the Pan Ams? I am thinking of heading down to watch the rest of todays matches.

  3. Good job Caleb! Keep going. I’m supposed to be working but cant stop checking the computer.

  4. What happend with Bill The Grill Cooper? Did he end up losing? Normaly I would assume he lost with such little time left but after Grapple Quest last weekend (15 second standing guillotine) I think anything is possible concerning “The Grill”.

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