Grapplers Quest Gi Pro Division Fights

Today Grapplers Quest’s tournament wrapped up just north of San Diego. Here are the results from the pro-divisions today!

Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie) vs Steve Bowers (Lloyd Irvin)

Bowers is much smaller than de Freitas in this match up, and de Freitas gets a quick two points for the takedown, and then gets three more for the pass to get an early 5-0 lead. From north south de Freitas appears to be setting up an armbar on Bowers. Bowers rolls onto his knees and now finds himself in de Freitas’s full guard. From full guard de Freitas begins working a triangle. de Freitas is able to roll over into a mounted triangle and gets the tap with 7m29s remaining.

rafael lovato jiu-jitsu
Rafael Lovato Jr. on top of Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima, in the position that lasted most of the match.

Rafael Lovato Jr. vs Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima

de Oliveira jumps into half guard and now Lovato begins basing to prevent de Oliveira’s sweep attempts. Saulo Ribeiro is coaching Lovato, warning him to not expose his leg to a surprise attack. Lovato continues basing out, widening his stance while de Oliveira attempts to work him self under Lovato’s legs into x-guard. The two remain in this position for almost two minutes. Referee Rafael Elwanger encourages the two to get to work. Lovato continues to base out widely and avoid de Oliveira’s set up for the sweep. Lovato appears to be setting up a collar choke while de Oliveira begins to come up to his knees. Lovato pressures de Oliveira back down. The arena is tensely silent with the exception of coaching from Saulo & Xande Ribeiro for Lovato, and Joao Assis and Lucas Leite for de Oliveira. Three minutes of the original ten remain and their position has not changed. de Oliveira stubbornly continues to threaten the sweep from underneath. Now with just two minutes, the coaching is becoming more pressured. As time begins to run out, each side’s coaches begin urging their competitors to explode into an advantageous position. With just 3 seconds remaining, the two burst into a standing position and move out of bounds. Time runs out and they are standing again. Referee Rafael Elwanger gives the advantage point to de Oliveira and his arm is raised.

cyborg abreu jiu-jitsu fuller
Cyborg mounts Asa Fuller.

Asa Fuller vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

After a quick lockup, Cyborg earns two points for the takedown. Now in side mount, he earns two points for knee in belly and the score is 4-0 for Cyborg. The two make it out of bounds and are started in the center again. Cyborg is now on Fuller’s opposite side and earns another 2 points for knee in belly. Fuller successfully defends any mount attempt in the meantime. Cyborg begins undoing Fuller’s gi on the far side from the belt to presumably set up a sneaky choke. A scramble ensues and the two stand. Fuller pulls guard with 5 minutes remaining. Fuller opens his guard and as he does, Cyborg backs out and stands. The two are now standing but Cyborg grabbed Fuller’s leg hoping for a single leg takedown. Fuller regains his leg and then pulls guard. Cyborg escapes the guard and earns another 3 points for passing. Cyborg goes for full mount, succeeds and gets four more points. Now Fuller rolls over and Cyborg takes his back. The score is now 19-0 for Cyborg. Fuller makes his way out of the back mount but after a scramble Cyborg finds the mount again and gets another 4 points. Ninety seconds remain. Cyborg is in complete control. As time winds down Cyborg gets knee in belly again, and the final score is 27-0 in Cyborg’s favor.

bill cooper bjj rodrigo ranieri
The moment when Bill Cooper choked Rodrigo Ranieri unconscious.

Rodrigo Ranieri vs Bill “The Grill” Cooper (Paragon Jiu-Jitsu)

Cooper enters and pulls half guard quickly. Ranieri is very speedy and avoids Cooper’s attempt. Cooper gets two points after a takedown. Jeff Glover, out with a knee injury, is coaching Cooper from the sidelines. Cooper is now in Ranieri’s half guard, and is sneakily pulling the end of Ranieri’s lapel around the far side with his mouth. Cooper continues in half guard and bases wide to avoid a sweep. The two now find themselves standing again after Cooper attempted an attack on the far side arm that didn’t work out. Cooper’s size advantage over Ranieri is evident as the two lock up. But Ranieri’s speed makes things difficult. Ranieri tries to pull guard, and Cooper is now in half guard on top. Cooper almost lands a collar choke but Ranieri is able to roll out, sweeping Cooper. The two scramble out of bounds. Now the score is two a piece, and each has 3 advantages. Cooper gets swept as he puts a choke on. As the ref is counting Ranieri’s points for the sweep, Ranieri goes limp! He is choked out!! A very quiet arena bursts into applause as the crowd figures out that Cooper’s opponent was unconscious. There was 2m12s remaining.

Rodrigo Cavaca (CheckMat) vs Andre de Freitas (Cesar Gracie)

Cavaca pulls guard and de Freitas is now defending Cavaca’s butterfly hooks. They maintain this position for minutes, until Cavaca pulls full guard. Cavaca’s guard opens long enough to attempt a triangle but de Freitas escapes, exiting the entangling legs. Now de Freitas is working to pass Cavaca’s solid guard. Cavaca maintains his grips on de Freitas’ arms, but suddenly Cavaca goes to standing in front of de Freitas. de Freitas lands a single leg takedown and earns 2 points. Three minutes and thirty seconds now remain. Cavaca manages to land a clock choke at the 3m06s mark, and advances to the next round.

Now two Check Mat competitors, Rodrigo Cavaca and Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima, remain, as do Bill Cooper and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu.

Rodrigo Cavaca vs Bill “The Grill” Cooper

Cavaca, larger than Cooper, pulls his guard, as he did against de Freitas. Cooper goes for a footlock but can’t stick it. In doing so, he gives up a sweep and Cavaca comes up on top and gets 2 points. Cooper is now turtled and Cavaca is on his left side, dropping his weight. Cooper ducks under and attempts to pull guard. In a scramble now Cavaca returns with a foot lock of his own but Cooper avoids it. Leo Vieira is coaching Cavaca, who just gave up two points as Cooper came up on top. Cavaca continues concentrating on the foot while Cooper works into taking Cavaca’s back. The two are tied in advantages at 1-1. Cavaca earns two points, but Cooper comes back and earns another two. The score is tied 4-4 with one advantage each and the two are restarted in the center after rolling off the mat. Cooper almost gets side control but Cavaca rolls over and almost takes Cooper’s back. Now Cavaca is turtled and Cooper threatens to take the back but is unsuccessful. Now Cooper finds himself on bottom and Cavaca is attempting a double underhook pass. Cooper rolls out and and as he regains full guard, slaps on a triangle and taps Cavaca with 1m42s remaining!

Nivaldo de Oliveira Lima vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

de Oliveira opens by pulling half guard as he did against Lovato. Cyborg is defending now and bases wide. de Oliveira eventually gets a sweep and is up 2-0. Restarted standing in the center, de Oliveira pulls half guard again. de Oliveira is again working to get underneath Cyborg. As in his match against Lovato, de Oliveira is stuck tight underneath, but Cyborg undoes the far side arm. As de Oliveira defends the attach on the far side arm, he ends up giving away side control, and the crowd applauds Cyborg’s pass. The score is now 3-2. Cyborg is working to keep de Oliveira stable and bit by bit is setting up knee in belly but the wily de Oliveira brings his legs back in. Cyborg is now up 5-2. The two are restarted in the center and Cyborg is on top in half guard, attempting to extract his leg. One minute remains… now twenty seconds and Cyborg is attempting to not lose position. de Oliveira makes a last ditch effort in the closing moments to make some headway but is unsuccessful.

Nivaldo de Oliveira vs Rodrigo Cavaca (for third place)

In an intra-Check Mat match, Cavaca pulls guard and now de Oliveira finds himself on top in half guard, the opposite of how he has spent most of his day. Cavaca gains full guard but opens to begin working a sweep. Nivaldo de Oliveira passes and sets up a nearside armbar. Cavaca escapes rather suspiciously and the audience appears to surmise that the match between these two teammates is a spirited exhibition. However with 6m10s remaining Cavaca sinks his hands deep into de Oliveira’s collar and lands a choke, earning 3rd place.

FINAL MATCH: Bill “The Grill” Cooper vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

The crowd welcomes the two competitors as the match starts. Cyborg pulls half guard and gets two points for a sweep. Now Cooper returns the favor and it’s 2-2. Now Cooper’s on top in half guard. Cyborg attempts a triangle and when Cooper escapes, the two scramble into a takedown and Cyborg lands on top, getting 2 points. Cooper sticks a deep footlock, even evincing a shout from Cyborg as he defends but Cyborg manages to escape. Seven minutes remain. Cooper is now on bottom and manages to almost wrap a triangle but the larger and more powerful Cyborg pulls out. The arena is once again silent with the exception of the coaching squads. Cyborg is being coached by Carlson Gracie Junior and the gang from Rodrigo Medeiros’ school in Pacific Beach, and Jeff Glover is again coaching Bill Cooper. Now Cooper is underneath and Cyborg is attempting to pass Cooper’s guard. He succeeds as they roll out of bounds and referee Rafael Elwanger allows him to establish position and his points. As they are restarted Cyborg stabilizes on the side mount. Cooper sweeps and gains two points. He’s now on top and attempts to pass Cyborg with double underhooks. Ninety seconds remain and Cooper is working on a guard pass. Time is winding down and Cooper goes for the far side armbar out of nowhere!! Cyborg is struggling violently to escape! He manages to squirm free! With five seconds remaining Cyborg comes up out of the armbar and gets another 2 points. The final score is 11-4 in Cyborg’s favor and he wins first place!

Other notes: After a successful no-gi day yesterday and pocketing $1750 for winning first place, Lucas Leite decided not to compete so he would be healthy and rested for the Pan-Ams this coming weekend. Neither Gracie Barra dynamos, Romulo Barral or Roberto “Tussa” Camargo competed this weekend.

Many, many thanks to John Acosta for taking pictures today!

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  1. Great write up Caleb, i can really picture what your talking about. Even though it was a stalemate between Lovato and Oliviera it sounded like a tense atmosphere.

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