Grapplers Quest No-Gi Pro Division Fights

bill cooper john toth jiu-jitsuBill Cooper chokes John Toth unconscious after jumping into a guillotine just 15 seconds into their pro division match. Cooper went on to take second place in the event.

Asa Fuller vs John Toth

Toth gets the takedown, but gets cut and the paramedics have to attend to him. When the action is restarted, Fuller goes for a knee bar from the guard but in doing so gives his back. John ends up getting the hooks in and works for the rear naked choke, but Fuller defends and moemntarily escapes. John then lands the mount and the score is 10-0 with two minutes remaining. As Fuller attempts to escape, John goes for an armbar but Fuller slips out of that as well. Now Fuller is on top and goes for a footlock hard, but John does not seem concerned. The action is paused as the two were on the edge of the mats. With 48 seconds left, they are restarted in the center. Fuller continues his foot attack but John escapes. Time expires and John wins 10-0.

Rodrigo Ranieri vs Jimmy Sanchez

Ranieiri is the much smaller opponent here, and after a failed arm drag by Sanchez, the two wind up on the ground in half guard with Ranieri on top. After a scramble Ranieri almost takes Sanchez’ back but there is a scramble and the two restart standing. Ranieri gets the takedown and the score is now 2-0 in his favor. Sanchez is turtled and Ranieri begins attacking Sanchez’ farside arm. The two scramble again and are now standing. With under two minutes left, the two now find themselves on the ground and Ranieri is up 4-0. He then takes Sanchez’ back, bringing his lead to 8-0. His legs barely wrap around Sanchez’ midsection. Still, he clings like a tick and stays tight. In another flurry of activity, Sanchez escapes and when all is said and done, Ranieri wins 12-0.

Kevin Lutz (Balance Studios) vs Marcel Louzado

At the four minute mark there’s a scramble and the two both find themselves on the ground, but no points are awarded. Lutz is on top in half guard, but with at 2m34s the two break and they’re now standing again. Louzado gets two points for the takedown and is on top in half guard. Louzado passes and the score is now 5-0 Louzado. The two get restarted in the center and Louzado takes the back, earning another four points, and sinks a rear naked choke with seconds left.

Bill Cooper (Paragon Jiu-Jitsu) vs John Toth

Cooper pulls a jumping guillotine and chokes Toth unconscious just 15 seconds into the match!!!!

Leo Santos vs. Rodrigo Cavaca

After a failed shot, Santos scoots around to the side of Cavaca while Cavaca is turtled. Cavaca ends up attempting to pull guard and now Santos is on top in half guard. The two spend multiple minutes in this relatively static half guard arrangement. Cavaca pulls full guard, and with 90 seconds remaining Santos is being careful to not leave anything exposed. The score is still 0-0 with 30 seconds left! With less than five seconds in the match, Leo Santos passes but there’s not enough time to earn the points. The two now start standing in overtime. Cavaca attempts to pull guard and they find themselves in the familiar position of Santos on top, now defending butterfly hooks. Cavaca begins working for a triangle but Santos is keeping tight, preventing any progress. Cavaca switches his tactics and goes for a heel hook! Santos taps, wincing as he gets up.

Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu vs Marcel Louzado

Louzado defends a takedown attempt or two from the larger Cyborg. After a failed shot, the two find themselves on the ground and Cyborg is working butterfly guard. The two separate and take the opportunity to start standing again. Again they find themselves with Cyborg playing butterfly guard. There are only two minutes left now, and no points have been scored. The two tangle up and suddenly Louzado almost has his back taken. They roll out of bounds and the action is stopped. The ref brings the two back in the center with just 11 seconds remaining in this precarious position. No points are scored and now the ref begins arranging the two for overtime. Cyborg shoots again and misses, and finds himself caught in a one-arm-in guillotine! Just thirty seconds into the overtime, Cyborg taps as Louzado cranks back on Cyborg’s neck!

Lucas Leite vs Rodrigo Ranieri

Leite starts with a quick takedown and earns a 2-0 lead. Ranieri doesn’t stay down long, sweeping to tie the match. Just a moment later in this high-paced match, Leite takes Ranieri’s back and is now winning 6-0! Again, the two smaller fighters squirm free and are now standing. The two spin around in a match reminiscent of Rani Yahya versus Leo Vieira in the ADCCs, and suddenly the score is 8-4. I didn’t even catch what happened! Now Leite is on top in half guard and just a minute remains. Time runs out and Leite is declared the winner.

Bill Cooper vs Marcel Louzado

WOW. Louzado shoots in for the takedown and winds up giving Cooper a one armed guillotine. Just as before, Cooper squeezes perfectly and Louzado taps. The match did not last one minute!

Cavaca & Louzado tied for third place, and they split the $250 prize.

FINAL MATCH: Bill Cooper vs Lucas Leite

Cooper escapes Leite’s takedown attempts three times, heading out of bounds. There’s 4m23s left. Cooper pulls guard from standing and Leite begins work on passing. Now in half guard, Leite is sticking close but can’t seem to escape Cooper’s wily legs. Cooper tried to shuck Leite over to take his back, arm drag style but Leite didn’t fall for it. The score is now 0-0 and 2 minutes remain. Cooper then goes on the offensive standing and trying for a sneaky takedown but is unsuccessful. The two are now standing with 1m17 left. Still stalking each other on the feet, the time expires and Leite is awarded the win by the very narrow margin of an advantage point. For his efforts he wins $1750 and Cooper takes home $500.

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