Kron Gracie at the Gracie US Nationals in 2008

Back in February 2008 Rose Gracie (daughter of UFC founder Rorion Gracie) and her husband Javi Vazquez held their annual Gracie US Nationals at the LA Convention Center. The event had saw approximately 400 competitors mostly from Southern California, including a healthy children’s division. BJJ practitioners-turned-MMA-fighters Renato “Babalu” Sobral and Fabio Leopoldo stopped in to check out the action too. Although tons of elite-level BJJ practitioners were present, including Saulo Ribeiro, Xande Ribeiro and Jeff Glover, the competitor in the event with the highest profile had to have been Kron Gracie. Kron, the son of Rickson Gracie and a brown belt in BJJ at the time, had four matches that day all of which were won by submission. Above is video footage of the endings of three of them, presented in order. Here are the details of his performance that day:

  1. Middleweight division: Kron Gracie defeats Daniel Santana (Franco de Camargo) by armbar.
  2. Middleweight division: Kron Gracie taps Alfredo Barun with a choke from the mount.
  3. Absolute division: Kron Gracie armbars Felipe Fogolin.
  4. Absolute division: Kron Gracie armbars Bruiser Neal (not in video)

Kron threw the Kikskin gi he won for his performance into the crowd after the medal ceremony.

While Kron did lose his debut match as a black belt later in 2008 at the 2008 BJJ Mundials to Alliance‘s Sergio Moraes, he has since bounced back, winning all of his matches at the 2009 European BJJ Championships.

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