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  1. the only time I think this has ever happened to me is they had a newer guy rolling with me in his first two weeks. Long story short he was a large guy and all he did was throw me around HARD for 7 or 8 minutes. I didn’t completely lose my temper but when I finally caught him in a choke I held on to it probably a little longer than I should have and he almost passed out.

  2. Last february I lost my temper while doing a positional training….here’s what I said in my blog about it:

    “….was a good class, we worked rolling out of the turtle when someone has their arms under/over and is moving to take the back. Basic stuff, but we added doing a half roll to the shoulder to the cross side, instead of a full roll to the guard.


    After drilling the technique for about twenty minutes, we did a partial training. The usual partial training format: four on the mat in turtle position and everyone else lined against the wall. The first four in line take top position; losers go to the end of the line; winners stay in turtle position.

    While my academy has a number of pan am champs, one of the peculiar things about it is that the young daughter (maybe 10 or 11 years old) of one of my training partners comes to class and trains. She’s a yellow (kids) belt and reasonably good for her age and weight. She competes in her age division and usually does well. As I said, this is one of the peculiarities of my school, and I’ve never understood why they don’t just make her go to Junior Warrior program.

    Anyway, toward the end of this drill, this girl starts to take top position on a blue belt who just started training with us and, before she can even get her under / over grips, he roughly throws her off. I was next in line, so I got to roll with this guy immediately after being shocked at how roughly he had treated her. From where I was standing, it looked like he slammed her.

    I had already been in the turtle with him on top once, and, even though he’s got 50 pounds on me and started his under/over as a choke, I had won. I knew I could be competitive against this guy, despite our weight difference.

    Well, I came in angry and thought, “he may be bigger than me, but I’m going to fight with every ounce I’ve got from the top position”. Before I could get my grips in, he starts to roll forward. The minute I feel his body move, I pretty calmly told him that it’s a false start, reminding him it’s a positional drill that includes allowing me to get my grips BEFORE we start. I get my grips and clamp on tight. While I could never get both my hooks in on him for the “win”, I fought hard and rode his back for about a minute until the drill ended.

    As soon as the drill ended, I put my arm on his shoulder and said, “Dude, do me a favor. When you roll with a ten year old girl, don’t smash her.” He immediately apologizes and says that he didn’t know he slammed her. I stood my ground and explained that he threw her off in seconds and didn’t give her a chance to work her game.

    Of course, he asks her if it was a slam and, embarassed, she says “no”. When he tells me this, I said, “Look, dude, even if you didn’t slam her, you won the positional training with her in like two seconds. What honor is there in beating a ten year old? You aren’t getting anything out of working the position by just shrugging her off, and she doesn’t get the chance to work her game and get better. Yeah, it might be a nuisance to have to roll with a kid, but it’s only for a couple minutes and then you can train with the next person”.

    He then says, “you know, I didn’t know she was so small and young when she got on top of me”. I wanted to call b.s. but instead just asked him to be nice to kids…….

  3. What gets me going are the guys that grab a fistful of skin along with the gi or start going at you before you are ready. I definitely hold chokes a tad bit longer for those friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. i have gone into the locker room and been very mad and not shown it. i have also come home and smacked the counter and yelled a bit. but i have never “lost it” on the mat.

  5. Big guys need to leave us alone 😛 Mine was the same situation. He kept getting side control, then laying on my face for long periods of time. Then, like Brendan, when I finally got a choke in, I took advantage of the situation. I put the choke in really tight and held on to it a little longer than I should have.

  6. ok, i was rolling with someone on saturday who is better than me, but i know their game. so he was trying his game and i was doing all i could to thwart it, i said to hime while we were rolling “i know your game, no way are you gonna get it” and then i tried a few wrist locks to piss him off. i didnt put them on, but i tried them.

    he then said, “im gonna F@#$ you up” and was not happy about my teasing/trash talking and silly wrist lock attempts.

    and then truth be told, when i was a white belt i was injured by another white belt. from then one when ever we rolled i choked him everychance i could get and held it longer than i should.

    i dont know if i would call those loosing my temper, but i have seen people slap the mat, curse, walk off the mat, slam doors in the locker room and so on.

  7. The last time I lost my temper while training was because I got picked up and slammed. It’s real easy for larger opponents to pick me up when I’m sinking in an armbar from the guard (part of the reason why I hardly attempt submissions now).

    In Hawaii, I caught a guy in an armbar and he lifted me off the ground and smashed me into the mat. Sure the mat was padded but it still sucked. I choked him out with a triangle afterwards. A brown belt had to tell me out loud to let go before I did.

    But that was years ago. I’m not the same person, not even the same practitioner, I was then. Now if I get picked off the ground I let go, stand up and try for a takedown or a throw.

  8. Once when I started train back in judo after many years, I ” roll ” with another black belt , and the guy on the first minute manage to split my lower lip open, I kept on rolling , but the guy was actually fighting , and tap me out 2 or 3 times in a row. we were not on the same page. I was really pissed off keeping it for myself.
    Then many months later we meet again … but this time in jiujitsu training … he is a big guy over 200 pounds … we “roll” again … but this time … I was more aware of his game . I manage to choke him out … with bad intention, and no difficulties.

    Sometimes you get a bit pissed off , at someone who smash you , or go a bit crazy , but it is also a good exercise when you roll with those guys , to maintain control, of your self , the technique and then your crazy training “partner”.
    But it is also important to have a good supervision from the instructor to avoid those things to happen.
    keep on rolling guys !!!!

  9. yeah!!! i’m a purple belt and i teach from time to time & people really seem to like to test me? lol! one time a guy came in during a no-gi class and just dropped in to check out our school. as is the rule of thumb, like at most schools, if we are going to go for the legs…we at least let (or ask) our rolling partner know first! so, this guy comes in and wants to roll with me really bad, i didn’t know why? i asked him how long he had been training and he said about a year or so…so, i told him “let’s just start out slow and kinda feel eachother out before we pick it up”, and he agrees. so i pull guard and the first thing he does is go for a heel hook, violently!!! now, i’ve had 5 knee surgeries already and anyone who gives a damn about their training partners DO NOT try to tear their knees apart, just out of respect? as soon as i realized that it’s a heel hook i shoved my heel half way up his butt and proceeded to take top position, passed his guard really hard and went to mount. from there i just cupped the back of his neck with my arm and put a C-collar choke (the DV choke) on him really hard. he didn’t tap & i didn’t let go! he went out, and when he woke up he asked what happened? i told him that he almost blew out my knee & then he forgot to tap? whoops??? then he seemed to remember that when i mounted him that i mounted him over both of his arms and squeezed my knees really tight? whoops??? after that i told him to NEVER try to heel hook anyone who isn’t expecting it and NEVER try that on anyone under purple belt…”you’ve got about 4 more years of learning control before you try that crap!”. we’ve been cool ever since! but, i rarely loose my temper…but, once in a while the div-1 wrestler types seem to forget we are TRAINING and that tends to lead to longer chokes and pretty hard leg spins back to guard, when they try to slam or throw the legs to the mats as hard as they can…which tend to end up back on their faces before i retain guard? but, not purposly…seriously, it just feels like a tournament? lol!

    mostly, if i get pissed, it’s because i let it be well know that i’ve had alot of surgeries, have to go to the Dr. & physical therapist ALOT, etc…and that i will roll with anyone, as long as they respect that i’m already jacked & only 31. if they can’t respect that, well…sometimes they turn me back into the pissed off 19 year old that i was when i started BJJ! sometimes pissed of is merely a survival tactic.

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