BJJ Poll: How Long is Your Commute to Jiu-Jitsu Class

Some of us in, oh I don’t know, the San Diego Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene, do not have to travel very far to feed our BJJ addiction. There’s a quality school in just about any direction you look. I do not bring this up to brag, but to point out that in some places people travel little for good jiu-jitsu, and I know in others people have to travel far for their jiu-jitsu classes. I have heard of folks commuting more than an hour to and from class several times a week for their jiu-jitsu classes!

What about you? How far do you travel for your BJJ classes? Leave comments below!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Long is Your Commute to Jiu-Jitsu Class”

  1. 15 minutes thank god..and i get to train with very quality instructor.
    hour commutes are rough on the pockets especially in the times that
    were living in.

  2. I travel 36 Miles from door to door and back I do not go as I often as like I can only go when my schedule permits (I work 2 jobs have a wife and 4 kids). I try at least once a week but sometimes I don’t make it. But my Instructor Ricardo Guimares is simply outstanding as person and a even better teacher. Alway willing to show us the little details in the moves more importantly asking us how we are doing. There are three BJJ school in my town and I pass many more on the way but chose to go there becuase of the way he is and how are school is run. Ther upper belts never make you feel as if they are better on tougher they actually go out of there way to help by teaching us to learn the moves properly or what might work better for us.

  3. My first summer training I would ride my bicycle 5 miles to work, then 5 miles from my job in Cambridge to jitsu in Watertown, MA and then 5 miles back home in a giant triangle over the Boston metro area… 15 miles a day, every day… up hill two out of the three directions. Luckily never in the snow!

    Now, I travel about 35 minutes by car to get to my current jitsu school… it’s very much worth it though. I listen to the Fightworks Podcast to pass the time :D.

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