Resources to Fight MRSA and Staph Infections Among Grapplers

As The Mighty 600,000 knows, one of my pet projects is to help get the word out about MRSA, a potentially deadly form of staph infection that is common among Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling competitors. In a recent poll on our site, 25% of respondents said they personally have had either MRSA or another staph infection on their skin. That is very alarming!

The good news is that stopping MRSA is pretty straightforward if we all do a few simple things:

  • Shower thoroughly immediately after training
  • Wash your gi, rashguard, shorts, etc immediately after training
  • Clean the mats, grappling dummies, etc immediately after training

I recently shared the results of our MRSA poll with Jeff Hageman of the United States Centers for Disease Control. (If you’re a long time listener to The FightWorks Podcast, you know that Jeff was one of the very first guests we ever had!) When he saw the poll, he wrote back with some resources that can help Brazilian jiu-jitsu school and academy owners to spread the word about preventing staph among their students.

This site has a ton of great posters in varying styles that you can hang around the gym (especially the locker room!). I strongly encourage you to print some of these posters out to hang at your school.

Secondly, a recent video aimed at high school wrestlers was produced in conjunction with the National Wrestlers Coaches Association that does a great job explaining ways to prevent MRSA and other skin infections, as well as how to identify them. Hey even Dan Gable speaks in the video! Of course you want to watch it!

Go forth! Tap your opponents! And STAY CLEAN!

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