BJJ Poll: How Do You Care for Your Jiu-Jitsu Gi?

Some people are very particular about the way they care for their Brazilian jiu-jitsu gis. After all they are our uniform when doing jiu-jitsu, and most are not inexpensive, so you can’t blame someone for being careful about how they take care of their gi.

I have heard two schools of thought about drying a gi after it has been washed. Some people do not put their gi in the dryer, saying that the heat and wear and tear that a gi is exposed to will shorten the lifespan of the gi. Others prefer the convenience of having a gi dried quickly so that they can use it sooner.

What about you? Do you prefer to air dry your gi or put it in the dryer? Leave comments below!

11 Replies to “BJJ Poll: How Do You Care for Your Jiu-Jitsu Gi?”

  1. depends. lately if i go to the laundrymat, i throw my Gis in low heat dry.

    if i wash them on my own with my portable washer, i hang dry. =/
    im not opposed to either.

  2. I only put it in the dryer if I REALLY REALLY need it… i.e. I’ve been too busy all week to wash my gis and I absolutely have to go to the Saturday class.
    Or if I’m visiting Boston and I only have room to pack one gi, but I REALLY REALLY have to train two days in a row.

    Ah the trials of being a BJJ addict.

  3. I live on the coast in the Pacific NW. I can’t air dry a towel in 24 hours. I can not imagine trying to air dry my gi. It would never be dry. Not to mention I am the sweater in the class. My gi jacket is soaked at the end of class. I can not go two classes without washing.

  4. One thing though, some guys don’t wash their gi after each training that sucks and stinks… I wash mine and put it in the dryer if i have to train two days in a row.
    Hang dry makes it too hard and itchy , in that case I air-fluff it , at lowest temperature in the dryer. i have a double weave Mizuno gi ( judo style ) . best case scenario two gis.

  5. i wash mine on cold with arm and hammer laundry soap and then air dry them. i have 3 so i just rotate through them as i train like 4 times a week normally so i am washing them constantly.

  6. What works really good is to wash the gi, hang, and then have a 12″ portable fan on high setting blow on it. Dry gi overnight!

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