New Gi Patch Photo Contest

jiu-jitsu gi patch
Yes, that is my leg. (pre-injury)

As announced in episode #149 of our humble Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show, we are trying to gather photos of FightWorks Podcast gi patches in the wild out there, on your gis! Cohost Dan came up with the idea to have a contest where the person who sends in the photo we like the best will receive a copy of the movie Renzo Gracie Legacy, which was released in late 2008 and has been very well received among the jiu-jitsu community. (To hear more about the movie, check out our interview with the producer and cameraman Gethin Aldous.)

Admittedly, the criteria for what we like best is not very well defined. And we should also say that there is a good chance we end up using whatever photo you send us down the line somewhere. But heck, it’s a fun little contest and I think others would like to see the photos too. There are no guidelines that say the photos must come from competition action, or whatever. Whatever you think is best.


  • The deadline for your entries is February 25th.
  • You can email them to me at the email address caleb AT (this website) DOT com!
  • Please include your name, belt color, and where you train!
  • Multiple entries are okay.
  • If you train jiu-jitsu at the original FightWorks school in Northern Virginia or where I train here in San Diego, you can’t participate. Sorry, it’d be too easy for folks to say we just gave you the prize because we train with you. (That doesn’t mean we don’t want to see your photos 🙂 )

Can’t wait to see your shots!

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