#149 Ryan Hall, OnTheMat's 2008 Awards

Ryan Hall Brazilian Jiu-jitsuJ
Ryan Hall delivers another triangle to an opponent.

This week our feature interviewee is Ryan Hall, the East coast Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt who is known for having over 200 triangle victories in BJJ competition. Ryan won the purple belt adult male division at the 2008 BJJ World Championships and recently opened up his new school called 50 / 50 BJJ in Arlington, Virginia. (Many thanks to FightWorks Podcast contributor Dan “Micro” Faggella for conducting our interview with Ryan! Micro blogs here.)

Our second interviewee today is Gumby from OnTheMat.com. OTM is one of the oldest Brazilian jiu-jitsu sites on the internet, and Gumby and co. have been posting their annual awards for years now. We thought it would be of interest to the Mighty 600,000 (700,000?) to learn who won, and how the decisions for the recently-announced awards were reached.

Here’s a quick rundown of the winners for 2008 according to OTM that will be discussed in the audio of our episode this week:

In this episode we also announce a new contest for those who have put our FightWorks Podcast gi patch on their gis! More details on that later this week!

Don’t forget that you can contact us to get your questions answered here on The FightWorks Podcast: BJJ Radio too! Just call (877) 247-4662!

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