BJJ Poll: Have You Encountered MRSA / Staph infections?

Since the very early days of The FightWorks Podcast when we brought on a representative from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta to discuss MRSA infections in Brazilian jiu-jitsu folks, we have tried to help make folks aware of MRSA, a deadly staph infection that appears on the skin. When a staph infection like this develops, it may feel like a large, painful zit or spider bite, but is in fact a bacteria that is resistant to traditional antibiotics and has claimed the lives of multiple wrestlers and grapplers like us.

When treated promptly, MRSA is entirely curable. So if you have such symptoms, get to a doctor fast and mention the possibility that you could have MRSA. And always, always wash your gi every time after you train!

Our question for you this week is whether or not you or anyone you know from training Brazilan jiu-jitsu / submission grappling has contracted MRSA. Let us know in the poll above, and if you have any stories you would like to share, put them in the comments below!

4 Replies to “BJJ Poll: Have You Encountered MRSA / Staph infections?”

  1. As an ER doc I see a fair amount of MRSA at work. Besides MRSA, you also need to be on the lookout for ringworm and herpes skin infections (herpes gladiatorum). These infections can be passed between students so they need to be caught early. If you get a weird rash, stop training until a physician takes a look at it. Tell your instructor so the other students can wash all their equipment and examine themselves for any symptoms. As mentioned above, the best way to prevent this from entering a school is for everyone to wash their gi’s/training gear/etc after each class.

  2. I am a massage therapist at a martial arts school, so you can imagine what sort of ickiness I combat when I’m on the job. I know several people who have successfully fought MRSA, but it’s more preferable to prevent infection than it is to treat it!

    I listed MRSA tips and personal experiences with it last year on a martial arts website and realized afterwards that I am apparently a germophobe. 🙂 (there’s also a list of other nasty stuff you can avoid by staying clean!)

    PS If you’re not much of a reader, search Google for images on MRSA or VRSA but not immediately after eating!!

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