9 Year Old BJJ Student Rear Naked Chokes a Pit Bull to Save Attack Victim

by Caleb on January 6, 2009

For those who have not already heard, a nine year-old boy in Bakersfield named Drew Heredia saved a young girl who was being attacked by a pit bull when he applied a rear naked choke to the dog, allowing the girl to escape. Heredia then subdued the dog until animal control arrived.

Drew Heredia trains at Bakersfield BJJ under Matt Baker, who said that Drew is “a smart kid” and has been training a few months. Baker, a Jean Jacques Machado black belt, was encouraged that one of the first things Heredia learned was put in practical use and saved someone from a dangerous situation.

Drew and his mother are to be on a television show today again, and I expect to catch up with them later this week so we can hear from them in this coming Sunday’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast, which will include an interview with Rickson Gracie.

Here are a couple of links about the story that are already out there:

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Matt January 7, 2009 at 6:40 am

Rear-naked choking a dog… sounds comical but if it saved a girl from getting injured then more power to you, boy!

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