Abu Dhabi Trials for North America Postponed Until May

Abu Dhabi Combat Club female absolute division winners from 2007.

Many in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and submission grappling community have been eagerly anticipating 2009, as it brings another installment of the ADCC Submission Grappling Championship. The ADCCs have been the birthplace of many legendary grappling encounters.

Competitors and fans alike have been awaiting the details of the North American Trials that were previously announced to be scheduled for January. However, Kid Peligro writes today on adcombat.com that:

Due to a series of venue booking conflicts, the local organizers of the 2009 ADCC North American Trials announced that the trials are officially postponed until May 2009. The trials were originally scheduled for the month of January 2009. Organizers regret the inconvenience this may have caused competitors and fans alike.

The article continues and states that there will still be an east coast trials and a west coast trials. Female competitors must attend the west coast event.

It will be a busy time of the year in 2009! From June 4-7, the BJJ World Championships will take place in Los Angeles!

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  1. First, I appreciate the late notice considering plane tickets are incredibly more expensive. Second, I appreciate cancelling once this was booked. My life is jiu jitsu and the little money I have goes to it. Now, I have no way to cancel and will waste 240 dollars on a trip I won’t take, the money more than likely costing me the opportunity to compete in the actual trials. thank you, thank you, thank you.

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