Poll: ADCCs or IBJJF Mundials?

The Abu Dhabi Combat Club‘s submission grappling competitions are held every two years and are widely regarded as being the premier event to find the best no-gi competitors on the planet. The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation‘s annual World Championships, also referred to as the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Mundials, are considered the highest platform for BJJ competitors wearing the gi.

Which do you find to be more exciting? I know it is a tough choice, but for this poll you have to pick just one!

And just so you can start planning now, here are some important dates for you:

  • 2009 IBJJF Mundials: June 4 – 7, Los Angeles
  • 2009 ADCC Finals: still to be announced! However at the moment we know that the US Trials will be held January 10 & 11 for the west coast at Cal State’s Long Beach Pyramid and on January 17 & 18 in New York at a location to be announced shortly.

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