BJJ Blog of the Year 2008 Contest

Well I mentioned that we would have news on our annual BJJ Blog of the Year Contest this week and I meant it! I am particularly excited about the big leaps we are making in this year’s contest over those from previous years.

As last year, the Mighty 600,000 (that is YOU!) will vote in a poll that we will post here on the site to determine the winner. However, because the number of Brazilian jiu-jitsu blogs out there has grown so much in the last year, I expect we will receive a lot of nominations and I don’t want to put a list of a gazillion options up there. I think we can narrow the candidates down to a handful of really good blogs that you can vote on. How will we determine our final candidates? Judges.


  • BJJ purple belt & Southern California’s busiest Brazilian jiu-jitsu, submission grappling and MMA photographer,‘s Alicia Anthony!
  • BJJ black belt & Editor in Chief of Gracie Mag Luca Atalla!
  • BJJ black belt & Senior Editor of and author of over one dozen books on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Kid Peligro!

BJJ bloggers, I hope you have been working hard this year because the prizes this time around are unbelievable. I don’t know if we could ever do any better than this!


First Place:

  • A highly sought-after Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi from Padilla & Sons, to be shipped when they receive their new inventory in January
  • An autographed copy of The Gracie Way from Kid Peligro
  • A one year subscription to Gracie Magazine
  • Any photo you want of the amazing BJJ and Grappling photos at printed at 8 inches by 10 inches
  • A copy of the newly released DVD, Renzo Gracie Legacy

Second Place:


Simply post a comment on this page with the link to the blog(s) that you think should be considered for Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blog of 2008 before December 11. After that, the judges will look things over and return a list of the final candidates. Shortly thereafter we will post the poll for everyone to vote on the winner. Final voting will end December 29!

If you are a BJJ blogger, feel free to ask your readers to nominate your blog here!


49 Replies to “BJJ Blog of the Year 2008 Contest”

  1. Martial Farts:

    I read and enjoy so many blogs, but Martial Farts has a good mix of humor and real BJJ content. I always enjoy his posts.

    John Will’s log:

    I’ve learned a ton and been given much food for thought from this blog.

    And finally BJJGRRL:

    I really get a kick out of her posts. It’s interesting to hear many of the same challenges from a female perspective, as well as the things that she has to deal with that I never did. It’s another take on the situation.

    lIke many of you, I subscribe to dozens of BJJ blogs and enjoy them all. These are just a few that jump to mind this morning.


  2. Love this blog. He always has so much to say that is so philosophic that makes you think afterwords. From talking about his many travels, to talking about goals he trying to accomplish. You can tell he really working hard to follow his dreams. This on just stands out to me.


  3. I enjoy reading pesadelotriangulo’s blogs, for the most part, because it’s current and always up-to-date. He keeps his reader’s informed on not just the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu, tournament dates, photos, various techniques to use (very helpful tool and very informative), and the high’s and lows of the art, future goals, etc…

  4. Steve’s blog posts seem relevant for the Martial Artist who is not only training for jiu jitsu mastery, but one who is continually allowing himself to be transformed so that his character fits hits level of mastery. Through his blog, he shows a great respect for the Art and his mentors. I like the fact that he remains humble, even after great victories, but also shows tremendous strength of will, tenacity and focus.

  5. Definitely a great blog. Very informative, and you’ve just got to love that even though he has a great many victories, stays as humble as ever.

  6. I read Steve Austin’s blog (Pasedelo Triangulo) and it is the bomb. He gives not only a glimps into bjj, but also a view of the tournament scene and more importantly a real life look at the strugles on continuing training and life in general. It is good to get a clear look at that side of someone’s life in order to help you through your own struggles, especially while training.

  7. Ones I’ve enjoyed over the past year, starting with the obvious big contenders: (who I would expect to win again this year, though Val came close) (the addition of video is very promising)

    Then there are some lesser known ones which deserve a mention, as they’ve been consistently interesting: (I especially liked the thing Al did on Rickson a while ago) (the quadruple female specific gi review was especially cool)

    Some old favourites: (those interviews talking about the history of some Asian BJJ academies were great)

    And one for the future, if it keeps getting regular updates: (already some thoughtful stuff in there)

    Also, tried posting that up before, but the Fightworks site doesn’t seem to like my a hreffing. Hopefully that’s not going to result in a huge load of double posts from me. Ahem.

  8. I vote for Pesadelo’s site – because – drumroll – I read it. Not to mention, I see him at every tournament I go to, etc. and he’s always friendly – even though he trains with the enemy. We are both older and have messed up backs and neck’s too, so we have something in common.

  9. I enjoy a couple of new blogs as of late:
    Ground Boxer

    Some of the veteran sites:
    Steve’s BJJ Log
    Slidey’s Training Log
    Conceptual BJJ
    Jujitsu Blog


    Single handedly gives visibility to an entire region’s worth of BJJ (SE Asia + China + Hong Kong + Guam + Japan + Indonesia).

    Plus the interviews and general perspective on BJJ make it of interest to those not in the region.

    For how to do it, remains superb, although it hasn’t been as relentlessly updated the last year as it was in the past.

    For endless whining and complaining that never ceases to be inspiring (yes, whining and complaining and making it all so human can be inspiring), Valerie’s Vision Quest 2006 blog. It was probably more interesting when it was about her endlessly roaming to visit new academies, but we all gotta grow up and settle down someday.

    For the most impish, impetuous, full of newbie enthusiasm blog, with endlessly boring laundry lists of that days techniques (that grrll doesn’t forget a thing!), plus seemingly unrelated articles on death penalty cases, Georgette Oden’s blog.

  11. The usual favourites of course, but I like the blogs which are a bit different from the rest so blogs like:
    John Will’s blog.

  12. I’d vote ConceptualBJJ, Aesopien and John Will too, plus Jiujitsu356 and Steve BJJ.

    Good Luck guys.

  13. Thanks for those who have put me forward, it’s massively appreciated 🙂

    I’ve got to put forward:

    Jiujitsu 365
    Zhoozhitzu do Graugardo
    Martial Farts
    Wanna Roll?
    John Will

    And loads more!!

    All the best guys and girls!
    Adam Adshead –

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