Tournament Review Tuesdays

Time for a new feature here on The FightWorks! Let me introduce it this way:

Fox News has uReport.
CNN has iReport.
The FightWorks Podcast has Tournament Review Tuesdays.

As you know, we feel that some of the best content that we offer in our Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show comes from you, The Mighty 600,000.

The idea behind this one is simple: I am not able to get out there and cover all the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling events out there but you guys & girls are out there most weekends at a tournament somewhere. Why not get visibility into all that great jiu-jitsu content? So we are accepting written reports of tournaments that you attend.

A few of guidelines about what we are looking for:

  • Please keep your reports between 300 and 1,000 words. We want some detail but do not need an encyclopedia.
  • No bashing. You are a reporter.
  • No promoting. You are a reporter. Due to the conflict of interest present, we don’t accept TRT pieces from those who are associated with the event they’re writing about.
  • If you want to mention your own performance at the BJJ or grappling tourney, that is okay but remember the report is not about you, it is about the tournament.
  • If I think your report needs a little polishing or tweaking before being published, I will take care of that. But I won’t change the meaning of your content.
  • If you have your own blog out there, please do not reproduce your piece over on your own site. We are looking for original, unique content.
  • If you send along a few photos, we will try to get one posted with your report. If the photo is of a grappling or jiu-jitsu match in progress, please try to tell us who it is in the photo.
  • You must have your report emailed to me at caleb AT (this website) DOT com by mid-day on Monday. That way if there’s any last minute questions about your report, we can hammer them out.

I think that covers it for now. I may edit the guidelines above if I have forgotten anything. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Oh, and if you did not know already where to find out about upcoming BJJ tournaments near you, is a great resource.

5 Replies to “Tournament Review Tuesdays”

  1. I heard your recent podcast about in BJJ in ASia. I have been living in Thailand for 8 years and training BJJ for 6. I compete at most of the competitions in East and Southeast Asia and have trained in most of the larger cities throughout the region on many occasions. I can offer a lot more insight into BJJ in Asia if you want to revisit the subject.

    Also, visit my friend Luke Chaya’s blogsite. It has all things BJJ Asia on it and he updates daily.

    Also check out our recent competition here in Bangkok.


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