Resource for Eliminating Jiu-Jitsu Competition Stress

I was asked earlier this week if I could pass along details of the book that Chris Moriarty mentioned in his recent appearance about Competition Nerves in BJJ (Episode #136).

The book is called The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World’s Premier Sports Psychologists. Moriarty mentioned it more than once when we spoke in Episode 136, so it may be worth a look for you if you would like to get a tighter grip on one’s nerves when at BJJ tournaments (or a looser grip, if need be!).

The second half of our conversation with Chris Moriarty will be available this coming Sunday in Episode 138. Other topics in the show will be how jiu-jitsu helps you in life away from the mat, and a very special installment of The Black Belt Corner.

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