Happy 95th Birthday to Helio Gracie

For those who didn’t hear the news, one of the creators of Gracie / Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Helio Gracie turned 95 years old on October 1st.

In the video above, courtesy of TatameTV, Rickson Gracie, standing alongside his brothers Royler and Rolker, gives a speech to over fifty black belts from many academies.

Our good friend Breno Sivak, who received his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Helio, was present that evening and wrote us this morning saying, “I make the big surprise of the night because nobody knew it but I made a new red belt with 10 stripes in gold and put in a silver case for Helio, then Rickson and Royler put the belt on Helio. It was a unique and very emotional moment.”

The FightWorks Podcast is eternally thankful for Helio Gracie’s contributions to what is such a happy, healthy part of our lives, and we are glad to see him doing so well himself. Happy birthday Helio!

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  1. Caleb,

    Great website, I love the Podcasts. I think it would be great if you interviewed Ralek Gracie. He was recently (last 6 months) promoted to Black Belt by Helio and Royce. Additionally, he has fought in and won two MMA fights in Japan as well. He is also an instructor at the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

    Another interesting topic might be the creation and growth of the Modern Army Combatives program as well as the results of the tournament held at Fort Benning 3-5 OCT.

    While I am on a role of great ideas for you, how about an interview where you talk to a martial arts instructor that has integrated BJJ into their program of instruction in addition to the other striking martial arts and 1. how the transition has affected their students; 2. How their peers treat/reacted to the change. I know of two 1. Bill Odom from the Norfolk Martial Arts Academy and Eddie Camden from the Tiger Martial Arts Academy in Atlanta.

    A good name for your conversations with Doc might be the “Mat Burn” section.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Will Daniel

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