#131 The Naked Episode

Contrary to what your dirty mind is conjuring up with this title, this episode of our Brazilian jiu-jitsu internet radio show does not involve nudity. Just the thought of recording audio while naked with cohost Dan on the other end of the phone weirds me out. This episode is, however, unlike any you’ve ever heard.

Follow me for a moment here: a few weeks ago you’ll remember I posted here on the site saying, “Wow! Tarsis Humphries showed up last night at class here in San Diego! He’ll be here in town, so send me all your questions!”

I was pretty excited and cohost of The FightWorks Podcast Dan and I went ahead and recorded our intro and outro to the show that was going to have Tarsis on it. Well, Tarsis didn’t make it back in to train again at Fabio Santos’ academy that week, and I had no interview (he did appear later, providing content for episode 129). So there we were, stuck with a bunch of content but no feature for the show.

Luckily The FightWorks Podcast’s resident BJJ medical correspondent Doc was available and he helped us put together a show on BJJ chokes, so there was some content for that Sunday.

Now fast forward back to the present. For the first time in a real long while I just took a vacation last week. No internet, no computer, nothing.

So as I was not around to put a normal episode of our BJJ radio show together last week, I humbly offer the unedited recording that Dan and I made that was going to be used in that original episode with Tarsis. In that sense, it’s a very naked episode.

As there’s no feature interview in there it’s not what you’ve come to expect in an episode of the show here, but you will get to hear a little about what it is like when we put together a show behind the scenes.

Do not worry though, there is plenty of BJJ in this episode: Dan and I will talk more weight loss in BJJ, what training with BJJ folks from different parts of the world is like, and other grappling items of course as well.

One warning to those in our Mighty 600,000 who have been around with us for a while and have come to expect a certain degree of professionalism from us: this episode contains just a touch of cursing. Not a big deal but I do not want to catch anyone off guard.

It’s also full of goof-ups, and mistakes that would otherwise never make it to your ears. So, family, enjoy the Naked Episode of The FightWorks Podcast!

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4 Replies to “#131 The Naked Episode”

  1. De La Riva? Hope you have him on the show he has one of the best DVD instructionals ever. I have a few questions about De La Riva guard and how its changed over the years with Foot locks becoming more prevalent in BJJ competitions and also if he is going to get involved in Monterio’s (One of his Black Belts) Online learning program as well.

    Also as far as what to eat before training. I see a ton of new people do energy drinks before training. I personally think this is a horrible idea, its water for me and fruit about an hour before training.

  2. Hey Dan,
    If you ever end up on the west coast (mostly Idaho) I own/operate a rafting company on the Payette river, give me a call we can hook up and go paddle.

  3. Loved the show, like a behind the scenes thing on a DVD.
    Like the food idea too, I will email you about that.
    And you don’t know De la Riva? It must be a Japan thing because everybody over here knows and uses the DLR guard. He hosts a tournament here every year that is pretty big and goes on all over Japan.
    I might put some video of his up on my blog.

  4. I think it was this episode where you guys talked about weight loss a bit and Dan mentioned problems with wheat and especially with gluten. Although Caleb dismissed the thought of allergy and glutein, I think that the correct word would be gluten sensitivity. I too have left bread and pasta away from my diet and it seems to help my stomach problems. It might not be full blown gluten allergy ( called celiac disease) but more of a sensitivity to gluten which most of us suffer, altough not knowing about it.

    More stuff can be found on this subject in here:

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