#129 Tarsis Humphreys

tarsis bjj humprheys xande ribeiro
Tarsis Humphreys in a match against Xande Ribeiro at the 2008 BJJ Mundials.

Alliance Brazilian jiu-jitsu is known for producing champions, ranging from Marcelo Garcia, to Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles, to Lucas Lepri and Chris Moriarty. This week on the show we will sit down with another stud from the Alliance team, Tarsis Humphreys.

Tarsis was in town from Sao Paulo, Brazil to prepare for this weekend’s 2008 No-Gi World BJJ Championships and he stopped by the academy where I train for an interview and a little training. (If you’d like to see footage of him in action at the academy, check out our BJJ Video page).

After some no gi rolling – which consisted of me getting beat up the way you’d expect when a medalist from the World Championships is your opponent – we sat down and recorded a conversation which includes the difference between training under Alliance‘s Fabio Gurgel and Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti, a question that you provided via What Are You Working On?, and much more!

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The FightWorks Podcast: Alliance has had a very good year this year. Alliance won the 2008 Pan-Ams, they won the 2008 BJJ World Championships. What do you think changed to put Alliance back in first place?

Tarsis Humphries: We are working hard for it. We have good guys that came from Terere’s team, like TT. That team is not around any more. And Terere talked to those guys to train with us, with Fabio in Alliance. So we have a lot of different kinds of jiu-jitsu and different games. So we can improve in the jiu-jitsu a lot. And we are working hard with Fabio in the Estadual tournaments (like the Paulista, the Brazilian…). We have a great union now, like a family, and everybody helps each other. This is good. This is amazing. And now we have these results of this year.

The FightWorks Podcast: What is the difference between training with Fabio Gurgel and Romero “Jacare” Cavalcanti? What’s the difference in style?

Tarsis Humphries: Fabio Gurgel, in my opinion, is a specialist in passing guard. He’s heavy, he is so tight. And Jacare, when he is fighting, I think he is 67 kilos, so he plays more on bottom. He’s a little bit more soft but so technical. I think this is the difference.

The FightWorks Podcast: So now that you are in San Diego preparing for the 2008 No-gi Worlds, tell us about your visit here in San Diego? What has it been like for you?

Tarsis Humphries: San Diego is amazing. It is a beautiful place. And I have a lot of friends here, like Caleb, Fabio Santos, Rodrigo Medeiros, Morango from Alliance Martial Arts, Brandon Vera. And I come here and everybody takes care of me here, giving me good trainings, hard trainings, so I am happy that I am training good. Thank you to everybody who helped me to prepare for this tournament.