Olympic Judo Begins

olympic judo

Just a quick note, family: you can begin following Olympic Judo here on NBCOlympics.com very soon! Though the first day of competition is scheduled for tomorrow in Beijing, that means it’s actually broadcast this evening for me here in California.

On Episode 127 of the FightWorks Podcast we spoke with Dave Williams, who will be the online commentator for NBC during their Olympic coverage. Two live video streams will be available (men and women’s) and Williams will be commentating on one of the two, and you should be able to ask questions via the website to Williams as well!

This is a great chance to watch the best gi-wearing takedown artists on the planet! Do not miss it!

3 Replies to “Olympic Judo Begins”

  1. Well i watched judo online for the last 2 evenings, one thing for sure is that the rules really sucks , and judo is very frustrating to watch : a lot of aborted attack , ground works interrupted , the stand up dont look like judo anymore , a lot of bent over stand up which is completely the opposite of what judo suppose to be. it feels much more like wrestling without the wrestlers skill. at least wrestlers have enough time to perform their ground game. i have seen some crappy take downs too . either those athlets have to do judo or wrestling but not something in beetween. But their was some good athletes too , especially one Austrian :Ludwig Paischer who systematically went to the ground. Tomoenage/ arm bar / and sweeps .
    japan , koreans and other eastern judoka had some good postures and technique.
    this issue of disformed judo has been addressed earlier this in France by some major french instructor. i don’t like the way judo is going.
    Then the idea of bringing the BJJ to the olympics as a sport of its own is a dead dream. the only thing i think would be for the judo federation to change its rules and to allow to NE WAZA ( ground work ) to happen. and then we might be abble to see some bjj guys making their way through. that would push judo guys to explore their ground game , and bjj guys to work on their stand up. that would be the only way. And you could hear the crowd sheering when some ground work occured. JUDO has such a tremendous Arsenal that goes to waste because of the rules. If you Check online KOSEN JUDO you will understand the reason why Kodokan judo restricted the use of ground work in tournaments. KOSEN judo is what is the closest to BJJ. and it is originally from kyoto some KOSEN tournaments take place, with different rules more open to newasa.
    and don’t forget jujutsu and Judo are pretty much the same , but you have to explore and do your home work.

  2. HI
    in recent times the talk of jujutsu and kosen has enlarged greatly,..i would like to advise that The kodokan judo Association in Australia has now an official Kosen format for 2009, with guidlines of IJF.

    As we know Kosen judo is what was first described as the strongest fighting art in the world from 1914 through to 1950`s it has made a strong come back due to the UFC/MMA styles.

    We must point out Kosen Judo is “not judo one sided” so that BJJ and other Jujutsu codes are able to compete without the restriction of knowledge or fear of been thrown for ippon (win),Ne-waza is used by all the codes, of course safety is first, this is a fast method of grappling that I hope you embrace and try.

    We have changed some rules to make it fair for ALL code to take part.

    In 2009 the Australian Martial Arts Championships, have taken Kosen as their official grappling sport which will be added to their official calendar which will also host 9 other mat areas competing at the same time.
    The dates are place in the combat calender for 09 (www.mickcutajar.com) anyone wanting to enter its pre-entry rules are attach under the Wollongong judo link then kosen. Kosen is huge and will make any grappler re-think about the ground game.

    We would like to unite this new fast grappling program and build the World body, myself and Mr Terry Riches have started a great new fast contest by reintroducing moderm kosen events. wollongongjudo@hotmail.com thank you for the interest in the forgotten art

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