Still Receiving Emails About Weight Loss in BJJ

Just wanted to share a couple of emails we’ve received here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters in San Diego since we posted Weight Loss in BJJ (Episode 126 of the show). There were several comments posted on that page relating some very impressive weight loss experiences. I’m glad people liked the show but more than that it feels good to hear reminders of Brazilian jiu-jitsu’s tendency to change people for the better.

From the female perspective:

I have just listened to your episode about weight loss in BJJ and I just want to say that as a girl who does BJJ it is the best thing I have ever done to keep in shape. I don’t know why more women don’t do it. I know loads of girls who spend their time moaning about their weight, forcing themselves to go to the gym and starving themselves when really they should be training BJJ as it is way more fun! – Rosie

And another email, this time from Alaska regarding an 80 pound loss of weight:

I started BJJ very heavy, at almost 295lbs. I had always been a fan of MMA and especially the BJJ fighters in the sport. I wanted to understand what was going on and decided one day to look for a school. I saw the Gracie name and immediately went after it. With the encouragement of my instructor and the other students, I set a goal to make the 2008 Pan Ams, and make a certain weight class. Two and a half months out I set the goal, trained hard and weighed in on the mat at 211lbs. with the Gi, without having to sweat out an ounce! I have been fortunate to have my hand raised at the Pan Ams 2008, and have come away from a major tournament with knowledge, satisfaction, and a great sense of accomplishment. BJJ has definitely changed my life, and it will continue to influence my life. – Jayson

Keep it up gang. And please keep sharing your stories with us by emailing me at caleb (at) thefightworkspodcast (dot) com, or by calling us at toll-free at (877) 247-4662!

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