Note to BJJ Bloggers

You remember that we hold an annual Best Brazilian jiu-jitsu Blog of the Year, right? At The FightWorks Podcast we firmly believe that we all benefit from the cultural contribution that BJJ bloggers offer, and every December, a Best BJJ Blog of the Year is announced.

“But Caleb, it’s only July! Why are you going on about something that doesn’t happen until December?”

Relax, family. It’s important because I see the quality of BJJ blogs out there dramatically better than in the past already despite only being 7 months into the year. There are men and women all over the world who’ve been sharing and contributing their BJJ stories, experiences, thoughts, and interviews and I want them to do what they can to best position themselves for later this year.

Also, if you have a BJJ blog and want to be on our radar here for consideration for December honors, please post a comment below so we know you’re out there! We have a pretty good list of BJJ blogs in our RSS reader here at FightWorks Podcast headquarters, but I don’t want any good ones to go unnoticed!

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  1. You know about mine I think, but for purely selfish reasons, I’ll poke my nose in here again!
    Posting frequency has slowed lately due to a broken foot and a sweltering, energy-sapping summer, but I still have plenty of time before December!

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