BJJ Mundials Photos Posted

roger gracie alexandre ribeiro
Xande Ribeiro defends a dangerous armbar attempt from Roger Gracie in the closing
moments of the 2008 BJJ Mundials absolute division match for the gold medal.

Hey Mighty 600,000!

A very quick note to tell you to head over to, where Alicia has posted her photos from the 2008 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships! Photos from the mens & womens divisions for all weight classes are posted.

I have to admit, when you see BJJ photos like the one above, it makes you wish BJJ were in the Olympics.

Alicia is a real asset to the BJJ community. She is a great photographer and has been very generous in supporting The FightWorks Podcast over the years. If you see a photo over there you think would look great mounted in your academy, office, or wherever, you can buy a copy right there on her site.

Thank you Alicia for your hard work!

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  1. Alicia has really made a name for herself in the BJJ community. My BJJ instructor knows her and I have seen many of her pictures.

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