Live Blogging BJJ World Championship Final Day 2008

Okay everyone, we’re gearing up for the final day of action here in the Pyramid at Cal State Long Beach!

The breakfast this morning was great, so thanks for those who came out! The general consensus from the those over coffee and eggs was that Roger Gracie will likely defeat Xande Ribeiro in the black belt absolute division.

To find someone you want to follow in competition, use CTRL+F (Windows) or Command+F (Mac) to search for their name!

Many thanks again to for help with electricity!

As yesterday, please feel free to leave your comments below!

– Caleb

Black Belt Mens

Pablo Texieira (Brazilian Fight) vs Yusuke Honma Paraestra has started.
Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra) vs. Fabio Passos (Alliance) has started.
Samuel Braga has defeated Fabio Passos. Samuel Braga advances in the pluma division.
Yusuke Honma has defeated Pablo Texeira.
Felipe Costa (Brasa) is about to take the mat against Joao Carlos Kuraoka (Axis Japan). Costa is coached by Demian Maia.
On mat number two, we have Daniel Beleza (Nova Uniao) against Makoto Sawada (Paraestra).
Daniel Beleza is working for a triangle on Sawada.
The score is still 0-0 between Costa and Kuraoka.
Beleza still cannot finish the triangle attempt on Sawada.
Felipe Costa is now up 2-0 over Kuraoka.
Sawada still fighting off the triangle attempt.
Kuraoka just swept Felipe for two points to make the score 2-2 and is now on top.
Sawada still fighting off the triangle.
At the 9 minute mark, Sawada has escaped the triangle. His opponent is up by one advantage.
Time runs out and the score is 0-0 between Sawada and Beleza. Beleza wins for his 8 minute triangle attempt!
Yoshioka Dai (Tokyo Yellowmans) versus Leandro Escobar (Soul Fighter) is starting on mat two.
Felipe Costa and Kuraoka has ended tied 2-2 but Costa had one advantage point and advances.
Wilson Reis, Bruno Frazatto, Megaton, and others have been called to the warm up area.
On mat number one, Wilson Reis (Godoi JJ) is going to face Teodoro Canal.
Ikuta Makoto is stepping on the mat against Phelipe Freitas.
Wilson Reis is up 2-0 over Teodoro Canal.
Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles (Alliance) is warming next to mat 1.
Ikuta Makoto and Phelipe Freitas are tied 0-0.
Wilson Ries is swept, the score is now 2-2 with Canal.
Teodoro Canal has defeated Wilson Reis by one advantage point. The score was tied 0-0.
Now on mat number one is Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles (Alliance) against Jose Augusto.
Ikuta Makoto lost to Phelipe Freitas.
Marcos “Yemaso” Torregossa will take on Lucas Lepri (Alliance) now.
For some reason AC/DC’s Thunderstruck is playing over the loudspeakers.
Kron Gracie has entered, now with a shaved head and no goatee.
The AC/DC was revealed to be a technical difficulty. Coaches were having a hard time communicating with their athletes.
Lucas Lepri appears to have beaten Yemaso by gi choke from the back.
Paulo Guillobel (Gracie Humaita) now takes on Jonatas Gurgel on mat two.
Cobrinha is up 2-0 over Jose Augusto.
I missed something and now Jose Augusto has been disqualified in his match against Cobrinha.
Bruno Frazatto is now up against Augusto Lopez Mendes.
Gurgel is up 2-0 over Guillobel.
Mario Reis will face Megaton in a moment on mat 1.
Gurgel is up 4-0 over Guillobel.
(In response to the question below about Jared Weiner, I believe he was eliminated yesterday in both the absolute and his weight division. Don’t quote me on that though, it’s all a blur right now).
Bruno Frazatto has defeated Augusto Lopez Mendes.
Gurgel defeated Guillobel and now advances.
Megaton is now on the mat, and his opponent Mario Reis (Gracie Barra) has joined him.
Celsinho Vinicious is now up against Daiske (Alive) on mat two.
Looks like we have Felipe Costa versus Yusuke Honma in a moment.
Mario Reis is up 2-0 over Megaton.
Megaton nails a huge sweep, taking Reis completely off the ground, legs straight up, and comes up on top. The score is now 2-2.
Celso Vinicius is now up 2-0 over his Japanese opponent.
I blinked and now Celso Vinicius is winning 11-0.
Megaton continues in Mario Reis’ open guard.
Celso Vinicius (Ryan Gracie) wins 14-0.
Mario Reis at the last moment gets an advantage to win over Megaton.
Michel Longhi against Felipe Delamonica (Gracie Barra) has started.
Honma Yusuke versus Felipe Costa (Brasa) is now beginning.
Felipe Costa is up 2-0 over Honma Yusuke.
Michel Longhi and Felipe Delamonica are tied 2-2.
At 3:41 Yusuke Honma has tapped Felipe Costa by triangle!
Mat number one now gets Bruno Malfacine (UGF) versus Caio Terra (Cesar Gracie).
Michel Longhi defeats Felipe DelaMonica.
Daniel Beleza (Nova Uniao) is now going against Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra).
Caio Terra is now beating Bruno Malfacine 10-0.
Samuel Braga is up 2-0 over Daniel Beleza.
Malfacine just scored a quick six points. It’s now Malfacine 6, Terra 12.
Caio Terra just caught Bruno Malfacine with a gi choke from the back to win at 9m26s. The final score at the time was also 16-6.
Braga continues his 2-0 lead over Daniel Beleza.
Teodoro Canal versus Cobrinha has now started on mat one.
Samuel Braga has tapped Beleza.
Cobrinha has choked Teodoro Canal.
Bruno Frazatto now faces Mario Reis (Gracie Barra)
Felipe Freitas is up against a Japanese opponent.
Not sure why but Mario Reis is changing pants in the middle of the match.
Frazatto is up 2-0 over Mario Reis at 3m46s.
Bill Cooper is being called to the warm up area.
Frazatto and Reis are now tied 2-2 at 6m12s.
(Answering another question from below – no, I am not sure what happened to Tony Passos. I think I remember him winning a match but I don’t know his statues for today, if any).
Felipe Freitas is now tied 2-2 with Yoshioka Dai. Time runs out and it looks like the Japanese competitor now wins by an advantage.
Jonatas Gurgel is now up against Lucas Lepri (Alliance).
Frazatto now leads Reis 4-2. The time is 9m07s.
Bruno Frazatto defeats Mario Reis 4-2. Reis is not happy.
Lucas Lepri has one hook in from the back of Jonatas Gurgel.
Reis is now confronting the ref on the mat after the match arguing a point.
Celso Vinicius (Ryan Gracie) now faces Michel Longhi (Alliance).
Reis is still arguing, now with Alvaro Mansur, who is calmly addressing Reis’ (loud) concerns.
Braulio Estima has been called, as has Andre Galvao, Rafael Correia to the warm up area.
Celso Vinicius is up 2-0 over Michel Longi.
On mat 1 we have Arnaldo Nascimiento against Bill Cooper.
Cooper has one advantage, the score remains 0-0 at 1m04s.
Bill Cooper sinks a choke from the back of Nascimiento! The time is 2m47s.
Gustavo Campos (Rickson Gracie) now faces Otavio Souza (GB)!
(Answering question in the comments: Yes! I will watch out for Souza, and the Estima brothers!)
Celsinho Vinicius wins 2-0 as time runs out.
At 4m06s, Gustavo Campos is up over Otavio Souza by a score of 2-0.
At 5m39s, Otavio Souza defeats Campos by leg lock.
Cassio Werneck is now up against Sergio Moraes (Alliance), the competitor who eliminated Kron Gracie yesterday.
Vitor Estima is now awaiting his first match on mat 1.
Sergio Moraes and Cassio Werneck are tied 2-2 at 5m05s.
Murilo Santana (Yamasaki) now takes on Eduardo Santoro on mat 2.
Sergio Moraes has defeated Cassio Werneck by one advantage after a tie score of 2-2.
Brasa’s Lucas Leite now is up against Vitor Estima.
(Answering a question in the comments: Yes, Bill Cooper has been announced as being under Alliance).
Lucas Leite just got 2 points for a take down on Vitor Souza. It’s now 2-0 at the 2m52s mark.
Murilo Santana (Yamasaki) has now defeated Eduardo Santoro. The match was slow and Santana was penalized for stalling.
Leite is now up 4-0 over Estima. The time is 6m05s.
Rogel Monsalve (Alliance) is now up against Braullio Estima (Gracie Barra) on mat 2.
Andre Galvao is now in the warm up area.
Vitor Estima has a mounted triangle on Lucas Leite!
Vitor Estima has now turned the triangle into an armbar and defeats Lucas Leite at 8:26! After a clumsy celebratory backlfip from Vitor, his brother Braulio Estima completes a triangle on Monsalve at the same time!!! The two brothers hug in the middle of the arena to loud applause!
Leo Dalla against Marcel Louzado has begun on mat 2.
Marcel Louzado opens with a throw on Leo Dalla to begin 2-0.
Xande Ribeiro has moved to mat 1, where he will face Hugo Carioni from Gracie Florianopolis.
Marcel Louzado is now beating Leo Dalla 5-0 at 6m26s.
At 2m29s, Xande Ribeiro is up 3-0 over Carioni.
Louzado (Brasa) has defeated Dalla by a score or 5-0 as time runs out.
Tarsis Humphries is now warming up on mat one.
Raphael Correia (Renzo Gracie) is now up against Andre Galvao!
Galvao lands a big loud sweep and is up 2-0 over Gordinho at the 33s mark.
Xande Ribeiro is now up 6-0 over Carioni at the 7m10s mark.
The arena is quiet in the way a golf crowd is quiet during a golf swing, save for the occasional shout.
Now Xande Ribeiro has triangled Carioni at the 8m11s mark and the crowd applauds. Xande advances.
Tarsis Humphries is now up on mat 1 against Andre de Freitas (Gracie Barra).
Galvao is still up 2-0 over Gordinho.
de Freitas pulls guard on Humphries.
Galvao is on top in half guard over Gordinho, still 2-0 at 6m16s.
Galvao is now winning 7-0 over Gordinho at the 7m50s mark.
Tarsis is playing in de Freitas’ open guard. It’s still 0-0.
Galvao has mounted Gordinho. The score is 14-0.
Galvao lands a gi choke from the mount at 9m09s over Raphael “Gordinho” Correia.
(To answer the latest question, I don’t know how many matches they have left, sorry! No time to look :))
Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros is now against Marcel Fortuna on mat 2.
At the 8m25s mark Tarsis Humphries and de Freitas are still tied 0-0.
At 9m06s Tarsis now leads 2-0.
Tarsis Humphries defeats Andre de Freitas 2-0 on points.
Comprido and Fortuna are still standing almost five minutes into the match.
Alexandre de Souza (Gracie Florianopolis) now faces Alexandre Ferreira on mat 1.
Marcel Fortuna has now pulled guard on Comprido. Three minutes remain in their BJJ match.
Marcel Fortuna is attempting an armbar on Comprido. Comprido is on his back.
Marcel Fortuna has defeated Comprido 5-0 at the end of time.
Artur Cesar (UGF) is now up against Rafael Lovato Jr. (Gracie Humaita) on mat 2. The crowd reacts with loud anticipatory applause as Lovato’s name is called.
Lovato Jr. is in Cesar’s guard at the 3m33s mark. Still 0-0.
Alexandre de Souza (Gracie Florianopolis) has defeated Alexandre Ferreira, 2-0.
Roberto “Tussa” Alencar faces Fernando dePiero (Alliance).
Lovato Jr. is now down by two points., 0-2.
Tussa begins with an unsuccessful flying triangle attempt on DiPiero.
Four minutes left in the Lovato Jr. and Cesar match. It’s now 2-2!
Tussa and DiPiero are also tied 2-2!
At 2m4s Tussa armbars DiPiero!
Lovato is still tied with Cesar 2-2 but he leads on advantages!
Lovato gets three more points to make it 5-2 and then nails a kimura! Cesar taps at 8m35s!!!
Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu is now facing Flavio “Cachorrinho” Almeida on mat 2! The strong Gracie Barra presence gets loud for Cachorrinho!
Rodrigo Cavaca (Brasa) now faces Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) on mat 1!!!!
The crowd is getting rowdier in here!
Roger stuffs a takedown, reverses it, and lands almost in mount!
Almeida is still tied 0-0 against Abreu.
Roger begins attacking. Cavaca
Almeida and Abreu are tied 2-2 at 3m40s.
Roger taps Cavaca by gi choke at 2m42s!!!
Eduardo Telles now faces Paulo Ribeiro (Gracie Barra).
Telles is up 2-0 over Paulo Ribeiro.
Almeida and Cyborg are still tied with two minutes left.
Telles is up 7-0 over Paulo Ribeiro.
Telles taps Paulo Ribeiro at the 4 minute mark.
Cachorrinho is in the fight of his life.
Time expired in the Abreu / Almeida match. Almeida has lost by one advantage under the relentless presure of Cyborg Abreu.
On mat one, Leonardo Leite (Brasa).
Bruno Paulista (Gracie Barra) now faces Gabriel Vella (Alliance).
Bill Cooper (Alliance) now faces Otavio Souza (GB)!!!
Paulista is playing open guard against Vella. Score 0-0.
Cooper is defending in Souza’s active open guard as well. Score 0-0.
Jeff Glover and Franjinha are coaching Bill Cooper from the sidelines. The match is stopped to re-tie their gis.
Vella and Paulista remain tied 0-0 at 5m05s. Lot of weight on that mat right now.
Cooper is defending an omoplata from Souza but appears to have it under control until he is swept and the score is now 2-0 in Souza’s favor. Time 4m41s.
It looks like we have Tarsis Humprhies against Xande Ribeiro next on mat one.
At 7m26 Cooper lands a sweep and it’s now tied 2-2 against Souza!
Vella is up 3-0 over Paulista.
At 6m23s Souza sweeps Cooper and is now up 4-2. Suddenly Cooper nails a footlock on Souza at 8m40s for the win!!!!
Sergio Moraes (Alliance) is now up against Vitor Estima (Gracie Barra) on mat two!
Time has expired and Vella has defeated Paulista 3-0.
The score is 0-0 between Vitor and Moraes, and also between Xande and Tarsis.
Estima is attacking Moraes’ foot. Time 4m06s. Time has been called for the competitors to re tie their gis.
Xande and Tariss are still tied at 0-0 at 3m51s.
Sergio Moraes is up 2-0 over Vitor Estima at 5m24s.
Xande Ribeiro finally gets a sweep on Tarsis and now leads 2-0 at 5m19s.
Sergio Moraes lands a gi choke at 6m06s against Vitor Estima for the win. Alliance rolls on!
Xande is still up 2-0 over Tarsis at 6m51s
Braulio Estima is now up against Murilo Santana (Yamasaki).
Time expires and Xande defeats Tarsis 2-0. The Gracie Humaita fans rumble the stands their feet in satisfaction!
Braulio Estima is up 2-0 over Murilo Santana.
Roger Gracie now faces Eduardo Telles on mat number 1!
Braulio Estima and Murilo Santana are now tied 2-2.
Telles shoots a single leg on Roger, which is stuffed.
Santana is losing by two points to Estima now, and 3 minutes remain.
Roger Gracie and Telles are still tied at 3m26s, in a relatively static match. Advantages are tied 1-1.
I believe we may see Roberto Abreu against Rafael Lovato Jr. in a moment…
Estima is declared the winner on mat number two and will now be in the middle heavyweight finals!
Roger almost has Telles’ back with 2 and a half minutes remaining.
Roger did not get the back. It’s 0-0 as the time runs down, and Roger has advantages.
Roger wins with a score of 0-0 but advantages of 3-1 over Telles. Roger is now in the semifinals according to the announcer.
Lovato Jr is up 2-0 over Abreu at 2m24s.
Tussa Alencar is now on the mat against Alexandre de Souza (Gloria Florianopolis).
Lovato Jr remains up 2-0 over Abreu at 5m32s.
Lovato Jr is now up 4-2 over Abreu. Abreu is in turtle position. Time 7m47s.
Lovato Jr takes Cyborg’s back! It’s now 8-2!!!!
Abreu gets a takedown, it’s now 8-4 in Lovato’s favor. Just under a minute left as they retie their belts!
Lovato is now on top in half guard, as time winds down. Lovato wins!!!
Marcel Fortuna now steps on mat number two against Antonio Braga Neto.
Alexandre de Souza defeats Tussa 2-0.
Now mat one gets Leonardo Leite against Gabriel Vella (Alliance).
Gabriel Vella remains tied with Leite at 6m21s at 0-0.
Antonio Braga Neto wins 12-0 over Marcel Fortuna.
I believe the ladies will be fighting soon. Gabrielle Garcia, Laurence Cousin, Ana Laura Cordeiro and others can be seen warming up.
Various black belts from around the country are being called to the officiating table.
Leonardo Leite wins a toughly contested match against Gabriel Vella that was 0-0 at the end. Leite won on advantages.
A “short break” has been called in preparation for a preparation of unknown nature.

bjj professors jiu-jitsu usjjf

The pause in action was to recognize the first black belt professors officially recognized by the USJJF, who received certificates and official wallet ID cards.

Accredited black belt professors as approved by the United States Jiu Jitsu Federation:

Jeff Glover
Rolles Gracie
Rickson Gracie
Kid Peligro
Lloyd Irvin
Luis Heredia
Renato Magno
Rafael Lovato Jr.
Marcio Feitosa
Wellington “Megaton” Dias
Gustavo Dantas
Amal Easton
Rey Diogo
Johnny Ramirez
Jacare Cavalcante
Leo Dalla
Joao Silva
Rodrigo Medeiros
Royler Gracie
Renzo Gracie
There may be other names I missed!

Black Belt Womens

Abe Takako is now going against Miriam Cerqueira (UGF) on mat two.
Miriam Cerqueira is now the superfeatherweight champion after a judges decision over Abe Takako.
Bianca Barreto is now going against Laurence Cousin.
Barreto and Cousin are tied 0-0 as time winds down. Barreto is up by two advantages and wins the featherweight division for Gracie Barra.
Luana Alzuguir (Barbosa JJ) is now up against Kyra Gracie for the lightweight world championships.
I have decided I am going to reward myself with a FAT dinner on the way home to San Diego.
Kyra is up 2-0 after the takedown. She has successfully avoided an armbar attempt from Alzuguir, who is playing from the guard. Only this match is going on right now.
Kyra is now in Alzuguir’s closed guard. The time is 4m17s.
Alzuguir has been hunting Krya’s right arm for some time. The score remains 2-0 in Kyra’s favor at 7m11s.
Kyra Gracie has now defeated Luana Alzuguir by a score of 2-0 to win the women’s black belt lightweight division.

kyra gracie jiu-jitsu

(In response to the comment below that this must be a “total pain”: it’s not easy, but the Mighty 600,000 deserve it! :-))
Hannette Staack is now going against Fernanda Mazelli for the middleweight title.
Hanette Staack has defeated Mazelli.
Penny Thomas (Gracie Humaita) is now going against Ana Laura Cordeiro (GB) for the middle heavyweight title. This should be good!
The score between Thomas and Cordeiro is 0-0; Thomas is trying to stave off Cordeiro from taking her back!
Thomas JUST ESCAPED A NASTY ARMBAR that she REFUSED TO TAP TO! The crowd cannot believe it. The fight continues 0-0, but Cordeiro has 7 advantages to Thomas’ zero.
Time is running out! Looks like Cordeiro wins…
No! At the last moment, Thomas nearly sinks a gi choke on Cordeiro!
Cordeiro shrugs off the choke (and Penny Thomas) and time expires. Cordeiro wins by advantage with a score of 0-0. Awesome match to watch.
Now women’s heavyweight final is beginning. It’s Gabrielle Garcia against Maria do Carmo.
Just 90 seconds into the match, Garcia is up on points 9-0.
At 1m57s, do Carmo taps to a gi choke as Garcia took her back. Garcia is the new heavyweight champion in the women’s black / brown division.
After a 20 minute break, Roger Gracie will face Leonardo Leite for the super heavyweight title.
Bill Cooper has begun warming up.
The down time in competition has put too much free time in people’s hands, and Gracie Barra and Alliance are egnaging in dueling crowd chants. The different camps have self-segregated so there are large sections of fans wearing Alliance t-shirts, Gracie Barra t-shirts, and Gracie Humaita t-shirts.

Okay everyone! We are now in the Men’s Black Belt Finals!!!

Super super heavyweight division: Roger Gracie vs Leonardo Leite

The two are still grip fighting at 44 seconds in.
Leite has an advantage for a takedown attempt.
0-0 at 1m49s
0-0 at 3m41s. Still grip fighting from standing.
More of the same at the five minute mark.
Brasa’s Leo Leite gets a takedown at 5m53s. He is now up 2-0.
At 6m42s Roger gets a sweep. It’s tied 2-2 although Leite has one advantage point.
Now Roger has mounted at 7m10s! The score is now 9-0!
Roger is slowly creeping up to work the hands in for the choke… under two minutes left!
The Brasa supporters have all moved over to the Humaita crowd and are chanting in unison against the Barra crowd!
Roger continues working for the choke!

roger gracie bjj 2008

Heavyweight division: Xande Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) versus Xande de Souza (Gracie Florianopolis)

Ribeiro is now in de Souza’s open guard.
de Souza has one advantage point for a near-takedown. Time 1m55s.
de Souza has two advantages after an armbar attempt. Time 3m00s.
At 3m29 seconds Ribeiro passes and is up 3-0.
Ribeiro is given negative two advantages, and de Souza is awarded two points after several warnings for Ribeiro’s perceived stalling by the ref. Time 6m 43s.
Ribeiro is now playing open guard against de Souza. One and a half minutes are left.
There is less than a minute and Ribeiro is hanging on to his one point lead; de Souza cannot pass!
Time ticks down and Xande Ribeiro is the 2008 heavyweight world champion!!!

xande ribeiro

Bantamweight division: Honma Yusuke vs Caio Terra

Terra gets an immediate takedown, but shortly thereafter Yusuke sweeps and it’s tied 2-2.
Terra goes for a foot attack and nearly gets his back taken. Honma is up 4-2 at the 3m02s mark.
The score is tied 4-4 at the 4m12s mark.
Terra has swept again and the score is 6-4 in his favor. Three minutes remain.
Less than one minute left and it’s still 6-4 for Terra.
Time is up and Caio Terra is the new bantamweight world champion.

Featherweight division: Samuel Braga (Gracie Barra) vs. Yoshioka Dai (Tokyo Yellowmans)

Two minutes in and the score is still 0-0.
After four minutes, the score is still 0-0. Braga has one advantage point.
After eight minutes, the score is still 0-0. Braga has two advantage points.
Advantages now leave Braga on top. The final score is 0-0, but he was up 3-2 on advantages.

Pena division: Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles vs. Bruno Frazzato (Brasa)

Tied 0-0 after ninety seconds…
At 3m38s Frazzato sweeps Cobrinha and gets 2 points, but Cobrinha soon answers with two of his own. It’s now tied 2-2.
Frazzato nearly takes Cobrinha’s back! The score is now 4-2 in Frazzato’s favor! There are five minutes left.
Cobrinha sweeps just before the six minute mark. It’s now 4-4!
With just 2 minutes left, it’s still tied 4-4, with no advantages.
It’s still tied 4-4 but Frazzato nearly swept Cobrinha, giving him an advantage point.
At the 9m10 mark, COBRINHA SLAPS A VICIOUS FOOT LOCK ON FRAZZATO! FRAZZATO TAPS LOUDLY and Cobrinha is the champion again.

Lucas Lepri vs Celso Vinicius

Still tied 0-0 with no advantages after two minutes.
After five minutes, the score is still 0-0, no advantages.
At 6m39s Vinicius earned an advantage point. He’s working to pass Lepri’s guard.
Vinicius now has three advantages and the score is still 0-0 with less than one minute left.
Vinicius got a takedown at 9m52 seconds and he’s now up 2-0.
Celso Vinicius is the 2008 lightweight champion. As his hand is raised, the Gracie Barra crowd is cheering loudly, and Vinicius points to his Ryan Gracie patch.

Middleweight division: Sergio Moraes (Alliance) vs. Bill Cooper (Alliance)

Cooper misses an armbar attempt and Moraes shakes him off, almost taking his back upon Cooper’s landing.
Moraes just got two points for a takedown. He’s winning 2-0 just under the 2 minute mark.
Cooper is playing guard on bottom. Moraes is stacking Cooper but he can’t seem to pass.
At 4m02 seconds the fighters recompose their gis. Cooper is down by two points and two advantages.
Bill Cooper is now down 4-0. Moraes is proving to be a very tough new face on the scene. Four minutes remain.
Now with just three minutes left, Cooper pulls full guard.
Just one minute left, and Moraes remains in Cooper’s guard. Cooper is still down by four.
Bill Cooper is given two points as the ref deemed Moraes was stalling. It’s 4-2 with one minute left.
Cooper is taken down and the score is 6-4 in Moraes favor.
Time ticks away and Sergio Moraes is the new middleweight champion!

Medium heavyweight division: Braulio Estima (Gracie Barra) vs. Andre Galvao (Brasa)

After one minute and thirty seconds, the score is tied 0-0. Galvao opened with a flying triangle attempt which he missed.
Galvao remains working towards an omoplata after that missed triangle. Time: 2m37s.
Brauilio is now in Galvao’s closed guard. The guard opens and they briefly both go for straight foot locks.
Now Estima is standing over Galvao’s open guard.
Galvao sweeps Estima and is now up 2-0!
The time is 6m30s and Galvao is on top in Estima’s open guard, up 2-0.
Galvao has almost taken Estima’s back! Galvao then sinks a gi choke at 8m40s! ANDRE GALVAO IS THE NEW MEDIUM HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Super heavyweight division: Rafael Lovato Jr. vs. Antonio Braga Neto (Gordo JJ)

The crowd favorite is Lovato, who takes the mat to loud cheers. The Gracie Barra cheering crew has thrown their voice behind Neto.
After one minute Lovato is on top and the score is 0-0.
Neto sweeps to make the score 2-0 in his favor at 2m10s.
Lovato has a triangle attempt! The crowd begins cheering but Neto quickly escapes.
Neto is in firm control in half guard on top. 4m33s.
The score is now 5-0 for Neto! He is in side mount now. Four minutes remain.
90 seconds remain…
The action is paused while they retie their gis.
After restarting, Lovato worked from the guard but was unable to make anything happen in the remaining moments. Antonio Braga Neto is the new Super Heavyweight world champion of BJJ!


The two lock up in the middle, searching for grips…
One minute in, and the two remain on their feet, jockeying for the better place to find a throw.


xande ribeiro bjj 2008

Quick closing thoughts:

  • Many thanks to PeshPhoto for the great shots!
  • What a tournament! The organization was phenomenal! The competition was crazy!

I am out of here!

– Caleb

Last and final update: 7:20 PM.

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  1. Thanks alot for this great service. I was there Thursday and Friday unfortunately had to return early but, man your keeping us INFORMED!!!!!!

  2. Can you also watch for Alexandre de Souza? He lost to Roger Gracie yesterday in the absolute, but should do better today in his weight class.


  3. Excellent Work Caleb!

    For those of you asking what happened to so and so, and who fought who in the past, you can either check out the earlier play by play, or you can piece things together by checking out the official brackets and deduce who must have been eliminated:

    That way Caleb can concentrate on the PBP, (which believe me is HARD work)

  4. I think victor an Otavio both have only 2 fights left. Victors next fight is against sergio moraes i think. I cant figure out whos against otavio, who won that side of the bracket? Im also using the site stated by gumby to piece things together. lol.

  5. lol @ lovato jr
    always gives the crowd those comeback from behind victory or down to the wire finishes
    awesome fighter!

  6. ahhhh! The suspense is killing me! Thanks for the updates mate! Almost more intense than listening to the radio with this man!

  7. Tony Passos injured his arm in the absolute, won his first match in his division, but could not continue with the competition.


  8. Thanks so much, it must be a real pain in the a** to do this, your efforts are really appreciated.

  9. I think Leo Santos competed against Gustavo Dias{Chute Box}. Was that fight the finals? How did Kevin Casey and Jake Mapes do?

  10. Thanks for the updates!!! Maybe next time we can get a couple simultaneous bloggers for more coverage :D.
    Still, this was AWESOME given that it’s basically the only “live” coverage.


  11. Thanks for the great service. This makes it a little easier not being able to be there.

  12. what would it take to get this stuff televised ?

    i know budovideos is recording it to sell it in like 5 MONTHS! such a loong time to see that cobrinha vs lovato or galvao vs roger…
    i think that bums me out the most..

  13. Did Marcel Louzado Advance? It showed him facing Andre Galvo, but arn’t they both Brasa? What happened there?

  14. Isn’t Roger the Super Super Heavyweight Champion? Who is the Super Heavyweight Champion? I have this correct, eh?

  15. thanks so much for keeping us enthusiasts informed!! i was there on saturday, had to miss sunday and was at working waiting for every update! thanks so much, and congrats to all combatants particulary my teacher, world absolute champion xande ribeiro!!

  16. Thanks alot for this fantastic service. I think all of us can agree that if you honestly need any help next year with this, we’re here for you!

    I’ll see you at next year’s Worlds!


    World Jiu-Jitsu Championship

    Academy result:

    International Novice JJ Championship:

    1- Gracie Barra
    2- Ralph Gracie
    3- Alliance

    World JJ Championship:


    1- Alliance
    2- Gracie Humaitá
    3- Gracie Barra


    1- Gracie Humaitá
    2- Gracie Barra
    3- Alliance


    1- Godoi JJ Club
    2- Alliance
    3- Soul Fighters


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