Day 1 Live Blogging from the BJJ World Championships

This will be pretty fast and furious (forgive the reference to the movie!), but we’re here in Los Angeles at the Pyramid reporting live from the 2008 BJJ Mundials! As with last year, perhaps the best way to find out how your favorite grappler is doing will be to do a CTRL+F to Find their name.

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!

– Caleb


  • The black belt open division is being decided by committee. At the moment as there are no official rankings a discussion of the largest BJJ camps ensures fair and balanced brackets. Present were Saulo Ribeiro, Fabio Gurgel, Marcio Feitosa, Demian Maia, Mauricio Motta Gomes, and others.
  • Relson Gracie’s son Rhalan yesterday was disqualified after applying a kneebar to an opponent. Rhalan claims that he was told kneebars were allowed by an official. It turns out that the “official” was the person responsible for checking gis, and also flat mistaken.
  • Big names in attendance who are not competing: Josh Barnett, Royler Gracie, Demian Maia, Robert Drysdale, Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza.

Purple Belt Mens
Neiman Gracie is taking on Omar Santiago. He is being coached by Renzo Gracie and Kayron Gracie.
Santiago was working some x-guard on Neiman but he is now defending an armbar attempt in Neiman’s guard.
Neiman wins by armbar.
Ryan Hall just stepped on the mats against a very large opponent from Team Megaton.
Several minutes into the match, the score is still 0-0 across the board in Ryan Hall’s match.
When the timer sounds, it’s still 0-0 for Ryan Hall’s match, and the judges award the match to his opponent.

Purple Belt Womens
Nyjah Easton was holding Jasmin Sewgobind in her guard when I last checked but I am unsure of the outcome of their match.

Brown Belt Mens
Kayron Gracie choked Nic Gregoriades
Kayron Gracie takes first place, fellow Gracie Barra member Bruno Alves takes second by gentleman’s decision.
Leo Santos (UNIJJ) is in action.
Leo Santos wins on points.
Leo Santos is getting ready to take the mats again.
Leo Santos is still standing against his opponent who is wearing a BYJJ patch many minutes later.
Leo Santos eventually won. Slow, uneventful match.
Leo Santos (UNIJJ) is involved in a very physical match against an opponent from Chute Boxe Jiu-Jitsu.
Leo Santos wins on points and takes the gold medal for the division.

Womens Brown / Black
Luka Dias (Humaita) lost her first match to Sayaka Shioda (AACC) by armbar
Hanette Quadros Staack defeats Gabrielle Garcia
Sayaka Shioda defeats Monica Fonseca Da Silva by footlock.
Kyra Gracie is up next…
Kyra Gracie will take on McDermott (brown belt).
Kyra is up 2-0 by takedown.
Sophia McDermott is now down 0-5 against Kyra.
Kyra in McDermott’s kalf guard, attacking.
Kyra defeats McDermott, who did not score any points but fought a tough fight.
Christie Thomas (Relson Gracie) is now up against Sayaka Shioda, who is already looking for foot attacks.
Shioda is up on Thomas by points, and is now in Thomas’ guard.
Shioda catches Christy Thomas in an ankle lock.
Laurence Cousin (Behring), the 2007 featherweight world champion from France is getting ready to take the mat.
Cousin’s opponent: Hanette Staack.
Michele Nicolini is up against a brown belt from Gracie Humaita.
Cousin has Staack in her guard.
Nicolini quickly wins her first match.
Staack is still in Cousin’s guard, many minutes later.
Cousin wins!
Michele Nicolini is stuck in a flying triangle, which she eventually escapes!
Nicolini is down on points 6-4.
Nicolini loses 10-4.
Laurence Cousin steps on the mat against Kyra Gracie!
Cousin is underneath Kyra in half guard. Kyra is attempting a head – arm triangle choke.
After nearly having the head arm triangle for many minutes, Kyra spins into an armbar and taps Cousin.
Michele Nicolini is tied against Ana Laura Cordeiro (Gracie Barra) 2-2.
Nicolini is now down on points against her much larger opponent. She suddenly succumbs to an armbar from the mount from Cordeiro.
Shioda has her back taken quickly by Kyra Gracie.
Kyra’s been going for a gi choke against Shioda from the back… Shioda is defending.
Renzo Gracie is imploring Kyra to maintain the position. Josh Barnett is coaching Shioda.
After defending valiantly for many minutes, Shioda taps to Kyra’s choke.
Leticia Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita) is stepping on to the mat against Sayaka Shioda (AACC).
Christy Thomas (Relson Gracie) is fighting Ana Laura Cordeiro (GB).
Ana Laura Cordeiro has defeated Christy Thomas.
Leticia Ribeiro is beating Shioda 10-0.
Luka Dias is getting ready to face Gabrielle Garcia.
Patricia Lage (Barbosa JJ) armbarred Jennifer Petrina (Gracie Humaita).
Gabrielle Garcia is up 2-0 over Luka Dias after a takedown.
Shioda is still giving Ribeiro a run for her money. Ribeiro’s husband Fabricio Camoes is cheering on Leticia, who ultimately wins on points. Very tough match.
Gabrielle Garcia’s size appears to be too much for Luka this time around. Dias is now down 8-0 on points.
Kyra Gracie is now on the mat against Gabriela Bermudez (Gracie Humaita).
Luka Dias loses to Gabrielle Garcia. The score is 11-0.
Kyra Gracie is winning 4-0 over Gabriela Bermudez.
Hanette Staack is upagainst Sophia McDermott (Machado Australia).
Kyra defeats Gabriela Bermudez 4-0.
A medic has been called out to attend to Sophia McDermott. She may have dislocated her shoulder. Staack is declared the victor.
Penny Thomas and Christy Thomas are one of the last fights of the evening. The score is tied 0-0.
Leticia Ribeiro is about to compete againar Bianca Barreto (Gracie Barra).
Barreto is now up 2-0 over Leticia Ribeiro.
Penny Thomas (Limao) is now up on points over Christy Thomas.
Bianca Barreto has taken Leticia Ribeiro’s back.
Penny Thomas defeats Christy Thomas (Relson Gracie) on points.
Bianca Barreto still has Leticia Ribeiro’s back. Ribeiro is face down on the mat and Barreto is looking for an opening.
Bianca Barreto defeats Leticia Riebiro.
Laurence Cousin wins her final match of the day by armbar.

Men’s Open Weight Black Belt Division
The action on all mats is stopped and a five minute video from Budo Video is shown recapping the open weight division fights since the IBJJF’s Mundials.
Mike Fowler is down 0-2 against an Roberto Abreu.
Mike Fowler is on bottom in half guard.
Fowler is falling behind on points to his much larger opponent, and remains on bottom.
Abreu beats Fowler.
Robin Geiseler (Relson Gracie) lost his first match.
Andre Galvao is about to take the mats against an
unnamed opponent.
Galvao’s opponent is Martins Soares. Galvao is now passing his guard, almost taking the ack as the opponent turtles. They are stood up.
Galvao is having his way with Soares, almost dancing around his defenses. Soares taps to a kimura to loud applause.
Flavio Almeida is in action against an unknown opponent and is in half guard on top.
Cobrinha versus Rafael Lovato JR! Starting now!!!!!
Lovato is on bottom. No points yet.
Cobrinha is having a tough time getting by Lovato’s long legs. Fabio Gurgel is coaching from the sidelines.
Flavio Almeida is being attended to by the medics for a cut on his head.
Roger Gracie is on the sidelines, presumably getting ready for an imminent match.
Lovato is still on bottom, gets a takedown. Points awarded.
Lovato is now in Cobrinha’s guard.
Roger Gracie is now in the half guard of his opponent.
Cobrinha is going for a omoplata, Lovato stands.
Xande Ribeiro is in action.
Flavio Almeida gets a big slam on his opponent.
Cobrinha sweeps Lovato for two points.
Roger Gracie is mounting his opponent, going for choke.
Roger sinks the choke.
Xande is about to take his opponent’s back.
Flavio Almeida wins his first match on points.
Xande sinks a choke on his opponent and wins his first match.
Lovato Jr. wins AS THE CLOCK EXPIRES WITH A SWEEP against Cobrinha!!!
Cobrinha’s large crowd from Alliance is protesting, of course.
Andre Galvao is up against Roberto Abreu.
Galvao defeats Abreu by kneebar.
Roger Gracie steps on the mat against an unknown opponent in a black Koral gi.
Xande Ribeiro is now on the mat against an unknown opponent.
Roger is on top in half guard in his match.
Roger is already mounted on his opponent, getting ready to set up the choke.
His opponent regains half guard.
Xande wins by submission. (Sorry, I missed it.)
Roger has his opponent’s back.
Roger taps his opponent for the win.
Rafael Lovato Jr. is up against Gracie Florianopolis’ Marcel Fortuna.
Lovato Jr. pulls guard.
Lovato Jr. eventually secures an armbar over Marcel Fortuna.
Flavio Almeida is now on the mat against an unknown opponent.
Almeida gets the takedown and is up 2-0.
Almeida is still up 2-0 against his opponent many minutes later.
Almeida wins by points, 2-0.
Just as I feel a break in the action and try to take a break, I see Rafael Lovato Jr. and Andre Galvao getting ready to go against each other. I settle back in.
Xande Ribeiro is in action against Antonio Braga Neto (thanks for help with the name Ross!), and is winning 2-0.
Xande has mounted his opponent, is looking for the choke.
Xande sinks the choke on Neto.
Lovato Jr. versus Andre Galvao has begun!
Lovato pulls guard. Galvao is standing.
Lovato is plaing open guard, Galvao is attempting to pass.
More of the same. The two are restarted in the center.
Galvao gets an advantage point for a near-pass. Roger Gracie is watching from the side.
Galvao takes Lovato Jr’s back, and sinks a collar choke!
Roger Gracie takes the mat against and unknown Gracie Florianopolis opponent.
Roger gets a big judo thrown and lands on top. He quickly lands mount.
Roger Gracie is sinking the choke from the mount against his opponent.
Roger Gracie sinks the choke. Match over.
Flavio Almeida is in action again. He is facing Gabriel Vella (Alliance).
Vella defeats Almeida by points in a great match. Almeida’s previously sustained eye injury looks rough! I will post a photo of it sometime soon.
Roger Gracie and Andre Galvao are pacing next to mat number one! Fireworks in a moment!
Galvao and Roger lock up… they’re fighting for grips. Roger looms over Galvao by many inches.
The crowd is nearly silent waiting in tense anticipation.
Roger gets a judo throw and gets big applause!
Galvao slips out from underneath and is nearly on Roger’s back!
Both are standing. Galvao is standing low behind Roger’s back, clamped on.
They come undone near the sidelines and are given a moment to re-tie their gis in the center.
Now reengaging, Galvao attempts to pull guard but Roger passes immediately. Roger gets points for takedown and passing. Roger is now on top in half guard.
Every eye in the Pyramid is on the two, as Roger gets another two points for passing.
Roger nearly gets mount but Galvao escapes. Roger gets an advantage.
Roger now has Galvao in a body triangle from the back. Galvao’s situation worsens.
Roger is sinking the choke from behind on Galvao, but Galvao escapes for the time being back into Roger’s mount.
Roger Gracie is going for the armbar as time runs out and defeats Andre Galvao by points!!!
Xande Ribeiro (UNIJJ) is taking the mat against Gabriel Vella (Alliance).
Controversy erupts as it looked like Vella just tapped to an armbar by Xande, but they are stood back up again.
Xande gets the takedown, now working from half guard.
The action moves out of bounds and they restart in the middle standing.
The score is now 2-0 in Xande’s favor. Xande also has three advantages and Vella has one.
The two have been exchanging takedown attempts, and they are given a quick second to recompose their gis. The action resumes from standing in the center again.
Xande is now on top in half guard and secures mount!
Vella escapes and is now underneath in half guard again.
Vella secures full guard on Xande.
Vella sweeps and gets the takedown. Xande winds up on bottom as time runs out.
Xande Ribeiro defeats Gabriel Vella by points.
Tomorrow’s final in the absolute division will be a rematch between Xande Ribeiro versus Roger Gracie!
Wilson Reis is warming up on the sideline, fresh off his MMA victory last weekend.
Joe Camacho just walked on the mat against Leonardo Soares. His opponent very quickly jumped into a flying triangle that Camacho is fighting off.
Camacho pops out and is attempting to pass.
Soares defeats Camacho (Sorry I missed the submission).
Wilson Reis’ opponent will be Kazumasa Sekiguch.
Wilson Reis defeats Kazumasa Sekiguch on points.
Frederico Sabbatini (Cia Paulista) is in action against Joao Silva (Aloisio Silva).
Sabbatini and Silva have been paused to fix their gis. Sabbatini has spent most of the time in Silva’s guard.
Sabbatini has sped away on points, now up 8-0 on Silva.
Silva has appeared to lock a tight triangle on Sabbatini, who did tap but just as the whistle had begun blowing. Sabbatini is the winner!
Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles just took the mat against Jean Jacques Machado black belt Scott DeWitt.
Cobrinha has taken DeWitt’s back early in the encounter.
Cobrinha sinks the choke against DeWitt in under two minutes.
Paulo Guillobel won his match. Sorry, I don’t know his opponent.
Jared Weiner and Gilbert Burns are heading to the mats.
Celso Vinicius is ip on his opponent by one advantage point.
Celso Viniciuus is now up 5-0 on his opponent.
Wellington “Megaton” Dias is now up by one advantage over Toshiyuki Sato.
Megaton has his opponent in the guard.
Frederico Sabbatini is in action again.
Megaton taps Sato by armbar! The crowd reacts with warm applause.
Celso Vinicius defeats his opponent by points.
Jared Weiner is fighting off an omoplata attempt, and escapes. The two are now standing
Sabbatini is way down on points.
Daisuke Sugie is up 7-0 over Andre Maracaba.
Sabbatini loses to an opponent from Alliance.
Jared Weiner wins his match against Gilbert Burns on points.
Daisuke Sugie defeats Andre Maracaba on points.
Johnny Ramirez (BJJ Revolution) is now in his second match of the day. He is facing Gracie Barra’s Samuel Braga.
Celso Vinicius is now in action against his Team Megaton opponent and up 2-0 after a big throw lands him on top.
Michel Maia and Paulo Guillobel are in action. Michele is on bottom in half guard.
Wilson Reis is about to face Gabriel Furley.
Celso “Celsinho” Vinicius (Ryan Gracie) is pounding his opponent on points, 18-0.
Paulo Guillobel has Michel Maia in a deep triangle.
Marcos “Yemaso” Torregosa wins his first match.
Michel Maia escapes the triangle and the is now standing against Guilobel again.
Noah Booth is up 3-0 on his opponent.
Sandro “Batata” Santiago is underneath his opponent in half guard.
Batata is now down on points.
Wilson Reis defeated Gabriel Furley on points.
Megaton is up 2-0 against a Japanese opponent after a judo throw to open the match.
Paulo Guillobel defeated Michel Maia on points.
Bill “The Grill” Cooper is in action against Luis Gutavo Campos. The score is 0-0.
Roger Gracie just landed in the open guard of Luigi Mondelli as their match opens. Roger already passed.
Roger Gracie taps Luigi Mondelli by breadcutter from sidemount for the win.
Tarsis Humphries is handily beating his opponent on points.
Bill Cooper defeated his opponent by footlock.
Thanks to for help with keeping us powered!!!
Mike Fowler and his cheetah-spotted head are on the mat against Kyle Sukehira (Kamole JJ).
Tarsis Humphries wins 19-0.
Tony Passos wins his match.
Marcos “Yemaso” Torregossa is on the mat against a new opponent.
Rafael Ellwanger (Gracie Barra) and Eduardo Telles are getting ready to face one another.
Fowler has full mount on Sukehira.
Fowler finishes Sukehira with a choke from half guard.
Torregossa is winning on points.
Telles defeated Ellwanger.
Asa Fuller is down by five points against an unknown opponent.
Yemaso has won his match.
Asa Fuller has lost on points to Leonardo Leite.
Bill Cooper gets a takedown to open his match against Paulo Procopio, and escapes a subsequent triangle attempt.
Kron Gracie and his opponent Sergio Moraes (Alliance) have begun their match.
Moraes gets a quick 2 points for a takedown.
Kron is now down by a score of 4-2. Moraes is being examined for an eye issue sustained when the two went out of bounds during a Moraes takedown. Now medically cleared, the two have begun again.
Kron continues down on points though attacking from the guard. The Alliance crowd is chanting “Ser-gi-O! Ser-gi-O!”.
Kron gets slammed down and the crowd is demanging takedown points for Moraes, which do not come. Kron is now mounted! The score is now 11-2! Kron taps to a gi choke! Lead by the cheering from the Alliance crew, the Pyramid ERUPTS!!!
Rickson Gracie, Kron’s father, comes to the sidelines and whispers in his son’s ear. As Kron leaves the mat, he is rewarded with warm cheers from the crowd.
Bill Cooper wins 5-0 on points against Procopio.
Otavio Souza and Thiago Alves (Barbosa JJ) are getting ready to begin.
The score continues to be 0-0 between Souza and Alves.
Xande Ribeiro just tapped his opponent by armbar.
The score is now 2-2 between Alves and Souza. Souza is winning on advantages. The two have restarted standing.
Mike Fowler taps to a triangle from Vitor Estima (Gracie Barra).
Otavio Souza defeats Tiago Alves on points.
Braulio Estima (Gracie Barra) is now up…
Bruno Paulista (Gracie Barra) has defeated James Foster (No Limits / Lotus Club).
Braulio Estima defeated his opponent.
Luiz Teodoro aka “Big Mac” is now disqualified for not appearing.
Gustavo Campos (Rickson Gracie) just defeated Tokito Akuma (Purebred).
Sergio Moraes, who earlier defeated Kron Gracie, is in a deep triangle from Gracie Barra Augusto “Tio Chico” Vieira opponent.
As time runs out, Sergio does not tap and is declared the winner on points.

Last and final update: 06:57 PM I haven’t eaten anything but a granola bar today. (I also brought a ripe pear in my pocket which quickly exploded the first time I sat down. You’d think I’d know better!) It’s time for some grub and then back to the hotel to begin work on tomorrow’s show!

Reminder: Come back tomorrow for live results of the finals!

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  1. you are the MAN!

    i loved this part i could feeel it being far away
    “Lovatos wins AS THE CLOCK EXPIRES WITH A SWEEP against Cobrinha!!!”


  2. should be an awesome absolute final.
    im anxious to see rogers new judo game, and who trained hi judo and im wondering if xande trained at all with flavio canto or the guy jin izuni from san diego judo.
    Itll come down to judo at the end.

  3. Thank you for the fantastic coverage.
    Any news on the galo (bantamweight?) black belt adult male division? Has it happened yet?

  4. Thanks so much for the play by play. It is almost like being there. Submit some whoop ass Team Lovato and the Saulo Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Association!

  5. Thanks so much for the play-by-play. If you ever come to ATL, I’ll buy you some beers!

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