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Well with all this recent commentary on The FightWorks Podcast about training Brazilian jiu-jitsu away from home, it’s a time to talk about how to find places to train. If you’re not headed to a BJJ camp like our sponsor’s 40 Degrees BJJ Camp for example, you may not know where to look to come across new places for BJJ instruction while you’re on vacation.

Luckily, there are new resources popping online for this. One is and another is We emailed a list of questions to both site owners so you, the Mighty 600,000, could get to know the sites a little better.

Here are the questions and answers from’s owner, Rob Capili.

What is the goal of your site?

“The goal of the site is to make it easy to find places to train Jiu Jitsu. I first thought of making it when my buddy moved to New York. He had to drive across country, and he kept asking me to find places he could train. I would post on the various message boards and ask for opinions, but I kept thinking, this would be way easier if there was just a map that showed dojo’s and recommendations.

So, I built the first version of to do just that. Then I thought it would be easy so people could use it to find training partners or look up events as well, so I changed it to do that.”

How long has your site been online?

“The site has been online for a little over one month and a half.”

How many BJJ academies does your site currently list? Can users add and submit entries to the site?

“Right now, there are 870 schools. The entries come primarily from users entering their own information. To make sure we have a large DB, we let anyone enter the information for a given school. So, if you train somewhere and it’s not on the list, you can add it. But, to make sure the info is correct, we are in the process of contacting all the schools to make sure the info is still good.”

Any new features coming soon?

“There are LOTS of new features coming soon. The next release will have keyword search, top schools, and enhanced listings. Shortly after that, we plan to develop GPS support so people can download this information into their GPS nav systems.”

Anything else you think people should know about your site?

“If you know of a school or event that’s not listed, add them to the directory! It’s free, and it helps make the site a better resource for everyone. Mahalos, Rob”

Unfortunately I still have not received an email back from the folks at despite emailing them again after my original email to them on April 21st. If I hear back from them I will be glad to post their answers here!

UPDATE May 2009 I have taken over and have begun repopulating the information there.

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  1. Hmm – yeah, seems to have gone a bit quiet since I last contacted them, and I can’t get the page to load. Maybe they’re having teething problems?

    I also see that the TrainJiuJitsu site appears to be a little erratic on loading too, though I did eventually get it to come up. Will see if I can bung UK clubs on there. 🙂

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