Rio BJJ News on the Way Soon

Dan Breno Sivak
Cohost Dan with Breno Sivak in Rio.

Just a quick note to let you all know that the cohost of The FightWorks Podcast, Dan, landed in Rio de Janeiro for some authentic Brazilian jiu-jitsu training on Saturday, and with any luck he will be bringing back some great information to share with the rest of us.

In the photo above from 2003, Dan is on the left and Breno Sivak is on the right in the funny hat. You will all remember Breno from our prior interview with him on The FightWorks Podcast. He is not only a long time family friend of the Gracie family (especially Rickson Gracie) but he also was a central character in the recent episode of Fight Quest when they covered Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Breno trained the Fight Quest personality Doug. Maybe our cohost Dan will end up rolling in the water or pulling a jeep with his head the way Doug did.

Normally Dan and I have always headed down there together and stay with Breno but it did not work out in terms of scheduling this time around. So in the meantime I join you all in living vicariously through his stories about the great BJJ training in Rio.

2 Replies to “Rio BJJ News on the Way Soon”

  1. Caleb,

    I’m going to Rio this summer!! Any advice on where I should train? Also looking for a place to stay if you have any good connections :).

    Also, where is the best acai?


  2. Elyse,

    I have only trained at Gracie Humaita when down there, so I don’t know enough about all the great places down there one can go. I will see if I can learn where you might stay.

    As for the best acai, man that is a loaded question! But when I was there, Dan and I often headed to a place that I believe was called Bibi Sucos.

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