#111 BJJ Pan-Ams Wrap-Up, Training in Brazil

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Fabio Gurgel (white gi) in his return at the 2008 BJJ Pan-Ams.

Today on The FightWorks Podcast we will sit down with Kid Peligro, the most prolific author of Brazilian jiu-jitsu books to date, to discuss last weekend’s the BJJ Pan-Ams tournament from the United States Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation. Kid and I will recap the most exciting stories from this year’s Pan-Ams for all those folks who couldn’t make it personally to Carson, California to be there. We’ll even hear from Rafael Lovato Jr. right after his amazing come-from-behind victory against Gracie Barra’s Roberto “Tussa” Alencar at the Pan-Ams.

Finally, we will hear from FightWorks Podcast correspondent Bruce Hoyer, who has just left to on a trip that many of us wish we could take: he’s on his way to the annual Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt camp in Buzios run by Felipe Costa. Although the camp actually began yesterday, I recorded a quick conversation with Bruce before he left. He promised to come back on the show and let us know what it was like after he returns.

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