2008 BJJ Pan-Ams: 31 T-shirts

Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments are pretty colorful events. You normally see lots of:

  • red and blue mats
  • black, white, or blue gis
  • BJJ T-shirts

While we wait for the DVD to be released for this past weekend’s 2008 BJJ Pan-Ams, I thought it might be interesting to deliver a visual of what you would have seen off the mats among the many participants and competitors. Here’s a video of 33 BJJ T-shirts that I noticed while walking the floor of the event. Enjoy…

4 Replies to “2008 BJJ Pan-Ams: 31 T-shirts”

  1. Heh – some scary designs in there. The GB shirt at 1:08 looks like somebody has run over to a gun-shot victim just so he can throw on a submission! 😉

  2. All that and no Fabio shirt?! I kept waiting and waiting…and nothing. I think you need to edit the video and change the title to 32 T-shirts. LOL

  3. I know! I already caught crap for that from Carlos! lol

    But I even forgot to put a FightWorks t-shirt in there too 🙂

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