2008 BJJ Pan-Ams Day 3 Live Updates

by Caleb on March 30, 2008

More details coming as I can catch them! This is getting pretty lengthy so perhaps the best way to find out about the BJJ competitor you are interested in is to use the CTRL+F function to find their name. With that being said, here you go!

Black Belt Male

  • Leo Dalla won his first match by points.
  • Robin Gieseler (Relson Gracie) won his first match on points over Sean Bansfield, a Saulo Ribeiro black belt, by triangle.
  • Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller defeats Jay Zeballos 5-0.
  • Roberto Godoi defeats Walter Vidal (Team Mica).
  • Leo Dalla defeats Arthur Ruff, and claims the Super Heavy Masters title
  • Jared Weiner loses to Luiz Felipe do Nascimento by choke at 5m38seconds.
  • Robin Gieseler (Relson Gracie) defeats Domicio Lucindo Barros Jr.
  • Fabio Gurgel defeats Marco de Lima by short armbar from the mount at 2m35s.
  • Franjinha wins his second match 2-0.
  • Asa Fuller wins his second match by armbar.
  • Roberto Godoi beats Robin Gieseler by neck crank.
  • Richard Travis (Gracie Barra) defeats Luis “Limao” Heredia 6-5.
  • Fabio Gurgel defeats Jason Middaugh (Fabio Santos) by cross collar choke at 2m53s to win his division.
  • Fabio Santos, the first red and black belt to compete in Pan-Am history is subbed by footlock by Jon Bjorksten (Alliance).
  • Eduardo Rocha defeats Franjinha 12-2.
  • Asa Fuller loses to Luciano Bandeiro de Oliveira by a score of 6-0. Fuller was on bottom for the whole match.
  • Andre Galvao (Brasa) defeats Marcus Cavalho (Gracie Barra) by a choke from the back after racking up a score of 7-0.
  • Jeff Glover (Paragon) is defeated by Sandro “Batata” Santiago (Gracie Barra) with a tie score of 0-0. Batata won by advantage.
  • Chewy Ibarra defeats Jon Bjorksten 3-0.
  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles wins his first match against an unidentified Japanese opponent.
  • Batata is subbed by Philipe Della Monica (Gracie Barra)
  • Johnny Vasquez (New Breed) wins his first match by choke
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. wins his first match by submission.
  • Wellington “Megaton” Dias loses his second match 2-0 to an unidentified opponent.
  • Andre Galvao beats a Gracie Barra opponent by advantage after a 2-2 tie.
  • Rick Macauley verus Roberto “Tuca” Alencar (Gracie Barra) is underway.
  • Tuca is up 7-0 over Macauley.
  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles wins by advantage in a 0-0 tie over an unidentified black belt.
  • Andre Galvao versus Tarsis Humphries in a moment!
  • Rick Macauley loses 7-0 to Tuca.
  • Mats are pretty quiet right now. Only two of the six have matches underway.
  • Gustavo Campos (Rickson Gracie) defeats an Alliance blackbet 5-4.
  • Roberto Tozi defeats a Jean Jacques Machado black belt.
  • Rick Migliarese is taking the mats against an opponent from Gracie Barra.
  • At the 2m03s mark Rick Migliarese armbars his Barra opponent.
  • Octavio Souza (Gracie Barra) just went up 2-0 against an unidentified opponent.
  • Octavio Souza wins 2-0 against his an unidentified opponent.
  • Rick Migliarese takes the mat against an an unidentified opponent.
  • Rick Migliarese is down 0-2.
  • Rick Migliarese is still down 0-2 at the eight minute mark.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro) is now facing Fernando de Pierro (Alliance Ecuador).
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro) is up 2-0 over Fernando de Pierro.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. (Saulo Ribeiro) beats Fernando de Pierro by kimura at 5m38s. The score of 7-0 is a moot point.
  • Roberto Tozi is on the mat with Roberto “Tuca” Camargo. The score is 0-0.
  • Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro is on the mat against a very large Gracie Barra black belt.
  • At the 7 minute mark it’s still tied 0-0 between Roberto Tozi and Tuca.
  • Roberto Tozi loses to Roberto “Tuca” by one advantage point after a 0-0 score lasts all ten minutes.
  • Andre Galvao and Tarsis Humphries are nowhere in sight. I guess they are not up anytime soon after all.
  • Johnny Vasquez is down 0-2 against an unidentified opponent.
  • Johnny Vasquez loses 0-2.
  • Fabio Gurgel just started a match against a Ralph Gracie black belt.
  • Fabio Gurgel is now up 4-0 over the Ralph Gracie black belt.
  • The five minute mark is reached and Fabio Gurgel defeats the Ralph Gracie black belt 4-0.
  • Ailson Brites is on the mats against the Roberto Tozi black belt Adrien Roberto Domingues.
  • Ailson Brites beats Adrien Roberto Domingues by a score of 7-0.
  • Fabio Gurgel is on the mat against an unidentified Ryan Gracie black belt.
  • Alliance’s Babs Olusanmokun just tapped an opponent in 6 minutes.
  • Fabio Gurgel submitted the Ryan Gracie black belt in 3m38s. I missed the submission, sorry. The score was 4-0 in his favor as well.
  • Andre Galvao and Tarsis Humphries are now taking Mat number three! This is for the gold.
  • Tarsis Humphries gets 2 points on Galvao for the takedown.
  • Humphries and Galvao are engaged in leg spaghetti.
  • The score is now 2-2 as Galvao ties the score with Humphries.
  • Tarsis Humphries answers with a quick takedown. Galvao returns the favor, and the score is now 4-4.
  • Tarsis Humphries is holding his shoulder in pain. It appears he may have dislocated it. He is being tended to by the medics.
  • A very emotional Tarsis Humphries gets up, grasping his gi collar to remove stress on his injured shoulder. Andre Galvao is declared the winner at the 6m36s mark.
  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles is just about to take on Bruno Frazatto (Brasa).
  • Asa Fuller is disqualified in his match against a Gracie Barra black belt for an altercation with the referee.
  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles and Bruno Frazatto are tied 2-2.
  • Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles beats Bruno Frazatto by two advantage points when the time runs out and the score is still 2-2.
  • Lucas Lepri (Alliance) is now in action against Celso Vinicius.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. is warming up for his finals match against Roberto “Tuca” Alencar.
  • Mike Weaver and Leo Dalla have locked up on mat number 5.
  • Celso Vinicius is beating Lucas Lepri 2-0.
  • Fabio Gurgel is now in action against an unidentified Gracie Barra black belt.
  • Lucas Lepri (Alliance) is now losing to Celso Vinicius by a score of 0-4. There are two minutes left.
  • Lucas Lepri scored a takedown on Celso Vinicius. The score is now 4-2 Vinicius.
  • As time runs out, the crowd reacts negatively as they believe Lepri deserved four points for taking Vinicius’ back. The score remains 4-2 as time expires and Vinicius wins.
  • Fabio Gurgel defeats the unidentified Gracie Barra black belt. 3-0.
  • Octavio Souza (Gracie Barra) is now in action against Gustavo Campos (Rickson Gracie).
  • Octavio Souza taps to Gustavo Campos (Rickson Gracie) at the 2m19s mark.
  • Rafael Lovato Jr. and Roberto “Tuca” Alencar are taking the mats.
  • Lovato and Tuca are tied 0-0 at the 2m30s mark.
  • Tuca has Lovato in a deep triangle but Lovato is hiding the arm. He’s been there for over one minute.
  • Lovato escapes! The ref pauses the action to retire the competitors’ belts.
  • The score is still 0-0 but Tuca has two advantage points.
  • Lovato now has two advantage points. The score is still 0-0.
  • Lovato gets another advantage for a kimura attempt that Tuca escapes!
  • With less than 45 seconds left, Lovato gets a takedown and takes Tuca’s back! The score is now 6-0 Lovato! The whistle blows and he is the winner! Loud cheers from the crowd.
  • Arthur Jacinto (UGF) and Roberto Abreu (Lotus Club) met on mat three, but I missed the ending as I was conducting a quick interview.
  • Bruno “Mamute” Paulista is losing 0-2 to Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro.
  • Bruno “Mamute” Paulista loses to Luiz “Big Mac” Teodoro. The final score is 0-2.
  • In the very last match of the evening, Roberto Tozi steps onto the mat against Andre Galvao.
  • Andre Galvao lands a pretty sweep from spider guard at the 3 minute mark. The score is now 2-0 Galvao.
  • Andre Galvao sinks a choke from the Roberto Tozi’s back at the 6m25s mark to win the 2008 Pan-Ams black belt open weight division.

Brown Belt Male

  • Justin Rader (Saulo Ribeiro) takes the mat against an unidentified opponent.
  • Justin Rader is up 2-0 in his match.
  • Jonathan Long (Dave Camarillo / Guerilla Jiu-Jitsu) is about to take the mat against Donald Park (Royler Gracie).
  • Justin Rader is up 5-0 with about 5 minutes remaining.
  • Justin Rader taps his opopnent at 8m05s. I missed what the submission was.
  • Jonathan Long is up 2-0 against Donald Park.
  • Kayron Gracie is warming up on the sidelines.
  • Jonathan Long beats Donald Park by a score of 2-0.
  • Kayron Gracie is up 2-0 against Fernando Bernadino.
  • Kayron Gracie taps Fernando Bernadino with a footlock at 6m05s.
  • Dave Hart (Machado Australia) is now on the mat against Jonathan Long (Dave Camarillo).
  • Dave Hart beats Jonathan Long (Dave Camarillo) by one advantage point after a 0-0 score lasts the whole 8 minute match.
  • Chris Westfall (Team Lutter) is now on the mat against Kayron Gracie (Gracie Barra).
  • Kayron lost the takedown to Chris Westfall but is now going for a choke.
  • Kayron Gracie taps Chris Westfall at the 2m30s mark with a gi choke from behind.
  • Justin Rader is taking the mat against an unidentified opponent with a mohawk.
  • Ian McPherson (Alliance) defeats an unknown opponent by a score of 4-2.
  • Kron Gracie is taking the mat against an unidentified opponent.
  • Justin Rader is still tied 0-0 with his opponent.
  • Kron Gracie is attacking his opponent from the guard.
  • Justin Rader slams his opponent hard for a takedown. It’s now tied 2-2.
  • Kron Gracie chokes his opponent from the guard after being slammed hard. The win comes at 3m56s.
  • Justin Rader wins. By DQ? Not sure what happened but it seemed like there may have been some drama. The score said it was 2-2 at the end.
  • Kayron Gracie is now on the mats against Dave Hart.
  • Kayron Gracie is up 2-0 against Dave Hart. Kayron has been in Hart’s guard most of the match.
  • Kayron Gracie went hard on a bow and arrow choke against Dave Hart but it was not under Hart’s chin and he escaped.
  • Dave Hart submits Kayron Gracie at 4m46s by a modified triangle.
  • Just got clarification from Justin Rader on how his last match ended. His opponent disputed a referee scoring call and refused to continue.
  • Kron Gracie is on the mat against Ian McPherson (Alliance).
  • Kron Gracie armbars Ian McPherson in 24 seconds. The match unfolded almost exactly like Kron’s encounter with another Alliance competitor, Chris Moriarty, yesterday when Kron sunk the armbar after being taken down quickly.
  • Justin Rader is up 2-0 on his latest opponent.
  • Justin Rader wins 2-0.
  • Marcelo Mafra (Brasa) is now on the mat agains Kron Gracie.
  • Kron Gracie armbars Marcelo Mafra (Alliance) at 1m34s when Mafra attempts to escape a triangle attempt.
  • Thiago Clemente Pires (Alliance) has been called to the mats against Justin Rader.
  • Thiago Clemente Pires is up on Justin Rader 6-0. Rader’s back is taken.
  • After five minutes of having his back taken Justin Rader escapes.
  • Thiago Clemente Pires defeats Justin Rader 8-0.

Women’s Black and Brown Combined Division

  • Emily Kwok against Ana Laura Cordeiro (Gracie Barra) will start in a moment. The winner will face Hanette Staack (Carlson Gracie).
  • Gabriella Garcia is about to face Penny Thomas (Maui Jiu-Jitsu).
  • Emily Kwok is down 0-2 against Ana Laura Cordeir.
  • Penny Thomas is down 0-3 against Gabriella Garcia.
  • Emily Kwok is down 0-5 against Ana Laura Cordeir.
  • Emily Kwok is choked out by Ana Laura Cordeir at 6m26s.
  • Penny Thomas misses a triangle attempt and Gabriella Garcia passes. The score is now 6-0 in Garcia’s favor.
  • Penny Thomas is awarded 2 points for Garcia’s stalling. The score is now 6-2.
  • Christy Thomas has Maria do Carmo Te in her guard.
  • Luciana Dias (wife of Megaton) chokes Gabriella Garcia in the first minute of their match!
  • Hanette Staack is up 9-0 over Emily Kwok.
  • Hanette Staack is up 13-0 over Emily Kwok.
  • Hanette Staack defeats Emily Kwok 19-0.
  • Ana Laura Cordeir (Gracie Barra) defeated Hanette Staack.
  • Penny Thomas is beating Michelle Nicolini 2-0. Nicolini is being coached by ADCC 2007 Absolute division champion Robert Drysdale.
  • Emily Kwok is now on the mat against Gabriella Garcia and the score is tied 0-0.
  • Luciana Dias is on the mats against a brown belt and just tapped her in 44 seconds.
  • Penny Thomas is attempting an armbar / triangle combo on Michele Nicolini. Nicolini escapes. The score is 4-4.
  • Emily Kwok was just taken down at the 7 minute mark by Gabriella Garcia. The score is now 2-0 Garcia.
  • Michele Nicolini beat Penny Thomas 8-6.
  • Gabriella Garcia beat Emily Kwok 2-0
  • Christy Thomas (Relson Gracie) is about to take on Michele Nicolini (Brasa).
  • Christy Thomas is tied with Michele Nicolini 2-2.
  • Michele Nicolini is beating Christy Thomas 9-2.
  • Michele Nicolini beat Christy Thomas 13-4.
  • In a match on mat number one, Luciana Dias is declared the victor over Gabriela Garcia despite being down on points 2-3 when time ran out. Garcia is upset and complaining to the referee. She takes her case to Alvaro Mansur, who is now discussing things with Megaton Diaz.
  • Luciana Dias is now up against Michele Nicolini.
  • Luciana Dias is now beating Michele Nicolini after a sweep. The score is now 2-0.
  • After a failed omoplata Michele Nicolini finds herself on top, she passes the guard and the score 5-2.
  • Now Dias lands a sweep and is behind by just one: the score is 5-4.
  • With three minutes left, Nicolini is beating Dias 7-6.
  • Dias lands a sweep and she’s now winning 8-7 with 30 seconds left.
  • Nicolini initiates a sweep with 3 seconds left! Dias is taken over but lands upright! Nicolini only gets an advantage! Dias maintains her one point lead and wins! What an emotional ending!

That’s all for live coverage of the 2008 BJJ Pan-Ams in Carson, California. I have been asked for an article by Ultimate Grappling Magazine, so that’s where you’ll find a comprehensive look back at the weekend. The article will be accompanied by photos from Alicia Anthony.

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D March 30, 2008 at 12:37 pm

Thanks for posting all this up-to-date info for those of us who aren’t there to watch the action! Keep it up!!!

Does anyone know if there is any site that has the results posted from Friday and Saturday?

JP Taylor March 30, 2008 at 1:26 pm

1 down, Lovato Jr. Good job! GO RADER!

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Yeah!!!, GO Lovato jr.!!

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Great job man, thanks for doing this!!! Keep it going!

rob March 30, 2008 at 2:06 pm

I heard Tarsis and Galvao are up at 4pm

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Jucao All the way

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