Laurence Cousin: France's Female BJJ Phenom

Laurence Cousin in her victory over Leticia Ribeiro. Photo courtesy of EFNSports.

It’s funny – by coincidence when I went up to LA to cover the BJJ Mundials last year I stayed in the same hotel as this young French woman carrying a gi and her salt-and-pepper-haired boyfriend. They were both very polite and our paths seemed to cross often in the elevator.

When I heard them speaking in French, I was curious about where they’d traveled from to compete in the Mundials. I asked if they were perhaps French Canadian. When they responded that they were from France I was a little surprised but of course encouraged that someone would come all the way from France – which is not particularly known for its BJJ yet – to compete in the world championships.

Little did I know that little Laurence Cousin would go on to win the black belt featherweight division of the world championships, and come in third place in the open weight division! She was really beaming with joy and it was one of those moments in sports where you really feel good seeing someone else do so well.

The European Fight Network has a new interview with Laurence Cousin – who is a police officer by day – that you should check out. You can find it here!

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