BJJ Black Belt Ed O'Neill interview on Sherdog

For those who have not heard yet, this week on Sherdog’s show MMA Sunday School their gang interviewed Ed O’Neill, the actor who played Al Bundy on the popular television show Married With Children. O’Neill received his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2007 from the Rorion Gracie academy in Torrance, California after training fifteen years.

O’Neill has a lot of stories to tell in the interview and you can really hear his passion for jiu-jitsu. It’s great to hear more folks out there espousing the BJJ lifestyle.

I know at some point the shows there are archived and not made public, so check out the interview here now while it is still available!

This coming Sunday on The FightWorks Podcast we should have an interview with O’Neill’s friend David Mamet, who wrote and directed Redbelt, which will be released very soon. If you have questions for Mamet send them to me now!

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