#107 Wellington "Megaton" Dias

Megaton Diaz vs Jeff Glover 2006
Wellington Megaton Diaz (l) against Jeff Glover (r) in competition in 2006

Wellington “Megaton” Dias hails from Rio de Janeiro, where he was awarded his black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the age of eighteen at Gracie Humaita. With more than thirty years of BJJ training, Megaton continues to compete in tournaments today when he is not training others at his school in Phoenix, Arizona.

Having just returned from winning third place in his black belt division at the 2008 European BJJ Championship, we’ll talk about the European BJJ scene, the difference between training BJJ in Brazil and in the United States, raising a daughter in BJJ, and tons more!

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8 Replies to “#107 Wellington "Megaton" Dias”

  1. I think your mp3s are too high quality and too big. I suggest you use mono or at the very least joint stereo. Also consider a much lower kbit/s setting. 192 kbit/s is used for music. I think you should try 48 or 64 kbit/s since your mp3s are mostly spoken word. I suggest mono at 48 kbit/s CBR.

    This would not only be better for users since it takes less time to download and less space on the computer/mp3 player, but it will also save you money on bandwidth.

  2. I dunno: I’ve listened to a lot of Fightworks Podcasts (probably all of em, come to think of it) up til now, and I’ve never had a major problem with download speed or sound quality. I’d hate to see a reduction in sound quality, as because I listen through headphones most of the time, its really irritating getting that crackle that often happens with lower quality sound.

    For example, I also listen to podcasts like the Berkeley Webcasts (which are awesome, by the way). Occasionally, those are lower quality and smaller, which adds a crackle. Gets quite painful on the ears after a while (could turn the sound down, but then can’t hear what they’re saying), a problem I’ve never had with Caleb’s stuff.

  3. Thank you both for the comments!

    In the past I have heard some listeners ask that I increase the sound quality, so I bumped it up. I wasn’t aware though that it is at 192 kbit/s. I have been a little surprised at how big the files have gotten recently. I’m not concerned too much about saving $ on bandwidth as it’s very cheap for me with the plan we have but I understand that it can be hard for some listeners to download the files when they get very big. I will see if I can turn down the bit rate a tad and not affect the audio quality.

    Thanks again both of you!


  4. A reduction to 64 kbit/s will be unnoticeable to people, especially when dealing with spoken word (I listen to the podcast with headphones too). Most audio books are at 32 kbit/s and are very clear. 192 kbit/s is near CD quality which is very high quality for detailed music, not spoken word.

    Thanks lot for the consideration.

  5. I have to jump on the bandwagon with pats0. I think a reduction in quality to 64k would be unnoticeable. The original problems with quality were the recording equipment, which has been obviously solved. Living in Brazil it can take FOREVER to download the episodes.

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