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One of the most common emails I get here at the FightWorks Podcast headquarters is something like this:

I am coming to San Diego to visit relatives / for a conference / on vacation / whatever. You often mention San Diego’s vibrant Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene. Could you please tell me where I might train while I am there? Can you recommend any good schools?


A Curious FightWorks Podcast Listener

The answers to your questions are “yes”, and “kinda”, in that order.

I can show you tons of schools, as we have them everywhere. I have put together this custom Google Map to show you where the schools are* from Oceanside down to the border of San Diego with Tijuana. I made an arbitrary cut-off when I reached Oceanside because once you’re in Oceanside I might as well show Irvine BJJ schools, and if I show Irvine’s BJJ academies, I should map the Los Angeles BJJ schools. If I could devote a weekend or more to this I might give that a shot, but the likelihood I could knock that out in one sitting is as likely as me landing a triangle on Jeff Monson.

As you can see, San Diego’s BJJ schools all over the place. If you click on any of the blue tabs in the map above, it will give you contact information for that BJJ school so you can get details about training there. A few of them are more MMA-oriented and may not offer classes in the gi, so definitely call ahead.

Unfortunately, I cannot make any recommendations about the quality of different places to train BJJ in the San Diego area. Not only am I not a good judge of what you look for in a BJJ experience, we try to stay as impartial as possible on our humble BJJ podcast, and if we were to chose favorites it would be a conflict of interest. However, just as with any consumer decision you make, if you have heard of a particular offering before there’s a decent chance that you heard of it for a good reason.

So, with all that said, I definitely encourage you to come visit San Diego for its Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Many thanks, as always, to Alicia Anthony for helping me compile of BJJ schools together for this map.

* if you know of a school I have missed, please email me and I will be happy to add it

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  1. I love the map: that’s a great idea! I was trying to think how to do something useful with my UK BJJ Club list, and looks like I’ve got my answer. Are they easy to make? I seem to remember something about being able to create custom locations on Google Maps, so will have a play around with that.

  2. You forgot all The Boxing Clubs, several of them teach grappling/bjj,, also UCSD teaches BJJ in their recreation department. I believe Jao Cunha has a school in Ocean Beach,

  3. Anyone knows of a reputable BJJ school in Tijuana Mx I know this is a San Diego CA page but as you are all interested in the BJJ martial art you may have contacts or at least knowledge of decent schools in Tijuana, Iā€™m not looking for MMA school but for BJJ one, I will like to learn the art and my primary motivation is self defense, the art itself and obviously the sport side of it, not much into professional competition or anything like that, just interested in the art as mentioned before. I will really appreciate any info.


  4. Didn’t Nelson Monteiro have a school in Poway as well? I stopped in a few years ago and checked it out. Not sure if it’s still there though?

  5. HI I see that someone asked about schools in Tijuana but no answers… so any of you knows of any good school in Tijuana Mx?

  6. Professor: Cadu Francis
    5500 Grossmont Center Drive
    La Mesa, CA 91942

    Come over. Check us out.
    We are proud to have a one of the best teachers out there.

  7. BJJ Revolution Team has a school in Point Loma. Real Life Defense on Rosecrans in Point Loma. Awesome teacher Phillip Moore who is also the wrasslin teacher at PLHS

  8. Eduardo Telles opened up a jiu-jitsu academy in the UTC/La Jolla Area a couple months ago.
    The Open Mat Fight & Fitness
    3316 Governor Dr.
    San Diego, CA 92122

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