#104 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Author Ed Beneville

ed beneville
Ed Beneville after winning a match at the 2006 Masters’ World Championships in Rio.

Ed Beneville is a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Joe Moreira and has produced two popular books on Brazilian jiu-jitsu:

Beneville’s third BJJ book will be released shortly and has received good reviews from those who have seen the pre-release copies, so we knew we had to get him on the show to pick his brain about the books, his thoughts on learning BJJ, and more.

Plus, FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan defends himself from an upset listener!

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6 Replies to “#104 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Author Ed Beneville”

  1. Great episode: I really liked what Ed had to say, probably because it echoes my own thinking. Two things in particular – first, having a solid defence so you can take more risks in offence, secure in the knowledge that if you mess up, you can fall back on your defensive skills. Soon as he mentioned that was a big part of the book, immediately went on my bday list: exactly the kind of ethos I’ve been wanting from instructional material.

    Secondly, the re-emphasis of forgetting about ego: the way I put it is that training is about learning, not ‘winning’ or ‘losing’. There’s an awesome thread on that topic, which ever since I read it before starting BJJ I’ve taken as a guideline to my approach.

    Reassuring to hear a black belt have much the same mindset. 😀

    Also, I heard a while back that Ed might be bringing out an updated version of Passing the Guard – did he mention anything about that outside of the interview? The original seems hard to find. Unless the ‘update’ is Strategic Guard?

  2. Slideyfoot,

    I am working on an updated version of Passing the Guard. Originally the idea was that the update would take just a couple months and then I would send it off to the printer. The reality is that it has turned out to be more work than I bargained for. I am working on it, and I am going to try to have it off the the printer early this spring.


  3. Ed you must be my cousin Ed/s son your Grandfather and my Dad were brothers. You look a great deal like your grandfather Ed.I just recently had to give up Krav Maga for health reasons. I currently live in the Palm Springs area. Just thought I would say Hi cousin.

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