Best BJJ Blog of 2007: Prancing and Sucking


It’s official! We have a winner. The Brazilian jiu-jitsu community has spoken and declared that the best BJJ blog of 2007 is Val Worthington’s blog called Prancing and Sucking! Congratulations Val. Courtesy of Grapplers Quest, you win two GQ DVDs which will be sent out in short order.

Here’s how the top three candidates fared:

  1. Prancing and Sucking, – 389 votes
  2. Aesopian, – 368 votes
  3. John Will’s BJJ Australia, – 194 votes

Aesopian will receive one GQ DVD as well for coming in second place. Sorry John, there was no prize for third place but you got so many votes I thought I just had to show folks how well you did.

One thing I noticed… as far as I know, with the exception of John Will, all of those super folks in the top three are BJJ purple belts (correct me if I am wrong, someone). And… I am a purple belt too! I don’t know if that means anything but if so I hope that the great work everyone is doing continues on as folks progress to brown and black belts.

In addition to being able to give credit to some folks who work hard on their sites, I hope that the Best BJJ Blog of the Year contest here exposed you to some new ways people are talking about and sharing BJJ on the internet. Just as we all learn when we are on the mats training and grappling against each other and we share techniques and advice, BJJ blogs are an excellent way to promote the same sort of exchanges when we are away from the mat.

Who knows, perhaps some new folks will be inspired to begin their own BJJ blog after seeing what some other people have been doing in 2007. Judging by the increased quantity and quality of BJJ blogs in the last twelve months, I think things will continue to get even better.

Thanks to everyone who voted and if you come across any Brazilian jiu-jitsu blogs that are special, please contact me so it can be considered for our Best BJJ Blog of 2008!

CORRECTION 12-31-07 7:59 AM PST I mistakenly had ShogunHQ in third place the first time this article was published. Thank you Slideyfoot for pointing out the error! My relatives in Australia would not be happy to see me make that mistake! 🙂

2 Replies to “Best BJJ Blog of 2007: Prancing and Sucking”

  1. Congrats to not only the top 3 but to everyone on the list. 🙂

    I think that, like Caleb said, the exposure to blogs I’ve not seen before and to be part of the expanding online BJJ community is a great thing.

    Big shout out to everyone at Fight works for arranging this and I look forward to seeing 2008’s shortlist.

    Keep blogging and keep reading.

    Adam Adshead – Conceptual BJJ

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