Total Combat 24 in San Diego

thomas denny
Thomas Denny with his victorious student Steve Torres.

Last night regional mixed martial arts promoter Total Combat held its twenty-fourth event just north of San Diego in The Show Palace. The event was originally scheduled for October, but the change of plans did not stop the rabid community of southern California MMA fans from turning out for the event.


Miguel Alvarado vs. Mike Morales
In this contest between 170-pounders, it was clear that this fight was a learning experience for both. Morales had a much better grasp of the ground and dominated positionally for most of the fight. It looked like the fight was going to end earlier when Morales had a couple of good looks at submission attempts, but it took until 1:55 of the third round before Alvarado tapped to an armbar and Morales was named the winner.

Steve Torres vs. Kevin Dunsmoor
This fight went back and forth, with Dunsmor looking to be ahead in the first with regular successful takedown attempts. In the second round Dunsmor seemed gassed and Torres seemed to be getting the better of things. In the third round, Torres escaped having his back taken – despite it being secured with a leg bodylock – and spun into Dunsmor’s guard. From there he opened the guard and blasted away at Dunsmor, who did not seem to dodge many of the shots coming down. The bell rang to end the third round and Torres was declared the winner, bringing his pro MMA record to 1-1.

Ricky “Hoku” Wallace vs. Joshric Fenwick
The Hawaiian Hoku Wallace, fighting out of the Las Vegas fight camp Cobra Kai, spent much of his time on his back after being taken down by Joshric Fenwick, whose fight style reminds one of Josh Koscheck. Scoring loud, slamming takedowns, Fenwick controlled the action and at one point a Fenwick strike elicited a large mouse to appear over Hoku’s left eye. Wallace’s ground game looked sharp but it was not enough to stop Fenwick, who won by unanimous decision. Wallace’s pro MMA record becomes 0-1 and Fenwick’s 1-0.

Jermaine Wilson vs. Chris Cope
Every round of this match, which was the pro MMA debut for both fighters, was very similar. Cope, from San Diego, aggressively struck his opponent around the ring with punches and kicks. Wilson, who physically cut a very intimidating figure and scowled at his opponent throughout the match, answered almost exclusively with intermittent front kicks. Unaggressive, Wilson took the sum of the punishment in the fight but did manage to last to the end of the third round. Undisputed Gym’s Chris Cope went on to secure at unanimous 30-27 judges’ decision after Wilson’s response to Cope’s attacks never materialized.

UPDATE 11/14/2007: The California State Athletic Commission reported today that Wilson’s urine sample tested positive for marijuana. Wilson’s suspension period will run from November 4, 2007 through February 2, 2008 and he has been fined $500.

Brian Smith vs. Sean Loeffler
Smith was on the receiving end of Loeffler’s punishment, as he held on against Loeffler’s attack for just 1:18 in the first round. Loeffler landed a takedown, mounted Smith, took his back, and punched at the sides of Smith’s face while Smith was face down on the mat and when referee Herb Dean called the match. Loeffler donated his proceeds from the fight to the American Red Cross fund for victims of the San Diego wild fires.

Jesse Newell vs. Joe Nicholas
The match between Newell and Nicholas was bound to happen as both have been features of Total Combat shows in 2007. Nicholas’ striking appeared much improved and he gave the aggressive Newell a run for his money in this encounter. Newell for his part almost ended the match early with an armbar attempt in the first round, which Nicholas escaped. However it was indeed Newell’s submission game that would put an end to things as he secured a tap via triangle choke at the 3:38 mark of round two. Despite the victory Newell suffered a concussion during the fight and was later evacuated by medical personnel for follow-up.

Nick Braker vs. Frank Salgado
Although Braker possessed a significant advantage in reach, it was Salgado’s punching that won this quick fight. Salgado launched a right handed SCUD missle that landed on Braker’s chin fifteen seconds into the match. Braker’s face went slack as he fell backwards and hit the mat limp like a rag doll. Referee Herb Dean stopped the match immediately and during the post-fight interview Salgado went on to thank his beard for its contribution to the victory, amidst a crowd that cheered “Frank the Tank”.

Greg McIntyre vs. Lucas Factor
McIntyre looked sharp as he imposed himself on Factor in this 155-pound match. Factor attempted a guillotine submission on McIntyre after McIntyre shot in for the takedown, but McIntyre escaped and sternly punished Factor’s offense by taking Factor’s back and sinking a rear naked choke just one minute and twenty-six seconds into the fight.

Established fighters who were present to coach their peers last night included:

  • Thomas Denny
  • Kendall Grove
  • Jeremy Jackson
  • Jon Koppenhaver
  • Jason Lambert
  • Dean Lister
  • Wade Shipp

Cecil Peoples and fans
Referee Cecil Peoples with fans.

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