#90 CSAC's Armando Garcia; NoLimits Fighting Debacle Last Weekend


We have two guests on this weekend’s episode of The FightWorks Podcast! Our first guest is Armando Garcia, the Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission. We discuss the six months of MMA fighter drug testing results from the CSAC that was released on Wednesday. We’ll go over what types of fighters are testing positive for performance enhancing drugs and what types are testing positive for steroids, trends that Garcia sees and much more, including his thoughts on whether the CSAC will ever permit knees to the head of a downed opponent in an MMA match in California.

Our second guest is Dr. Mike Lano, a professional wrestling photographer who was present October 20th at the NoLimitsFighting event that was to be held at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The event began to gain infamy in the weeks leading up to the show as fighters who were not contracted to fight were still being advertised on the fight card, like Jeff Monson, Javi Vazquez, and Nick Diaz. The CSAC eventually declared that the show & an affiliated professional wrestling event were not to be held. Unfortunately none of the fighters nor wrestlers were paid, and fisticuffs broke out in which MMA veteran Don Frye was reportedly sucker-punched by the bodyguard of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s son. Sound crazy? It’s wilder than I knew going into the interview. Dr. Lano gives us all the grizzly details.

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2 Replies to “#90 CSAC's Armando Garcia; NoLimits Fighting Debacle Last Weekend”

  1. I knew that the San Francisco MMA event was going to be a loser when I saw that it had been scheduled for the same day as a UFC (not to mention the US Open BJJ tournament in nearby Santa Cruz).

    At the time, I thought the organizers were merely clueless – not criminal.

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