Brandon Vera Looking for Training Partner

Brandon Vera

Lloyd Irvin, Brandon Vera‘s trainer sent out the following note yesterday looking for assistance in preparing Vera for his upcoming fight against Tim Sylvia. The two meet in the octagon at the upcoming UFC 77: Hostile Territory.

I’m looking for a few extra pad holders for brandon vera’s training camp. I usually hold for Brandon if Rob’s not holding but because of my neck injury I can’t hold as of the moment.

I just want to be safe and have a couple extra full time pad holders.

We have a fight in the UFC on October 20, 2007 and I’m looking for a skilled pad holder to come to Maryland. Must be able to hold for a heavyweight.

If interested please reply to this with your contact information, experience and background.

I will contact you asap to take care of your travel.

Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin’s Martial Arts Academy

I’m sure Lloyd’s already gotten a ton of responses, but if you’d like to assist Vera in his preparation, you can reach Lloyd at grapplingcoach AT thegrapplingblueprint DOT com .

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  1. What would it take to have Brandon wear my sweatshirt into the octagon & mention my company after he wins? Or put my logo on his shorts? Thank you so much!!!!

  2. I would contact Lloyd Irvin at the email address in the post. If he’s not in charge of things like that for Brandon Vera, he will definitely know who to talk to!

    – Caleb

  3. hi .brandon,my name is stacy bond, i know lloyd from a power lifting gym in temple hills, back in the 90s,ive been training bjj in gaitherburg,im a big fan of yours if you need somone 2 roll with,i mite be able 2 help?I dont have alot of experiance but i do ok! email me back if you need my help

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