2007 BJJ Mundials: Black Belt Title Matches

I have done the best I could to cover the action in the title matches today from the 2007 BJJ Mundials. Before going any farther I want to apologize to the female competitors for not following their matches more closely. I really have no excuse and I hope they’ll forgive me!

OPEN WEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Roger Gracie defeats Romulo Barral

  • At 1:02 Gracie takes Barral down and is up 2-0 on points.
  • Gracie is awarded an advantage point at 3:33 for his efforts to pass Barral’s guard, which he finally does but is unable to establish side control.
  • Gracie takes Barral’s back moments later at 3:40 and the score is now 6-0 in Gracie’s favor
  • Gracie switches from having Barral’s back to full mount at 4:24 and is given four more points. The score is now 10-0.
  • As often happens when Roger Gracie has his opponent’s back, there is not much time before the match is over. At 4:44 Gracie sinks a gi choke and Barral is forced to tap.

Roger Gracie taps Romulo Barral
2007 Open weight and Super Heavyweight Black Belt Champion, Roger Gracie defeating Romulo Barral

Bantamweight Title Match: Bruno “Badboy” Malfacine (UGF) defeats Yusuke Honma (Paraestra )

  • At 4:01 Malfacine has taken the back and is up 6-0
  • By 7:24 Malfacine, cheered on by Thiago Alves, is now up 10-0
  • At 7:49 Honma sweeps Malfacine to make the score 10-2.
  • At 8:02 the two are on foot again until Malfacine takes Honma down for another two points.
  • At 9:12 Malfacine takes the back for another four points to make the score 14-2, but it’s a moot point as he quickly sinks a rear naked choke to win the title!

Bruno Malfacine
2007 Bantamweight black belt champion Bruno “Badboy” Malfacine

Super Featherweight Title Match: Robson Moura (Nova Uniao) beats Samuel Cruz (Gracie Barra)

  • At the five minute mark the score is still 0-0
  • Along the way both are penalized for stalling.
  • When the buzzer rings at the ten minute mark, the score remained 0-0 but Moura was up 4 advantage points to Cruz’ two, and Moura becomes the champion
  • Robson Moura celebrates after his victory

Middleweight Title Match: Lucas Leite (Brasa) vs. Andre Galvao (Brasa)
As sometimes is the case when two BJJ competitors from the same association are the two finalists in a bracket, a decision is made among them or by the head of the association as to which will receive the first place title instead of conducting a match to determine the winner. In this manner Lucas Leite became the 2007 BJJ widdleweight world champion.

Heavyweight Title Match: Roberto “Tuça” Camargo (Gracie Barra) falls to Alexandre “Xande” Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita)

  • Twenty-one seconds into the match, Xande receives one advantage point for a takedown attempt.
  • Tuça answers with a takedown attempt of his own at 0:43 which send the two grapplers out of bounds. The attempt fails also but is awarded an advantage point.
  • At 1:28 Xande lands a full takedown and receives 2 points.
  • Standing again, the fighters are squared off and Xande is awarded another advantage point for another takedown attempt at 2:28.
  • Tuça decides he’s not interested in standing anymore and pulls guard on Xande at 2:44
  • Xande is awarded two more advantage points at the 3:40 mark.
  • At 5:33 Xande secures the mount for another four points to bring his score to 6-0 over Tuça
  • Just six seconds later at 5:39 Xande sinks the choke from the mount and Tuça taps! Xande is the new champion!

Medium Heavyweight Title Match: Romulo Barral (Gracie Barra) defeats Saulo Ribeiro (Gracie Humaita)

  • Romulo Barral, affectionately referred to as “Rominho”, pulls guard against Saulo.
  • Barral receives one advantage point for a submission attempt against Saulo
  • Barral goes up 2-0 after sweeping Saulo.
  • The fighters are now standing again and at 2:17 Barral gets a takedown on Saulo to make the score 4-0.
  • Saulo, never very happy on bottom, shortly thereafter gets back to his feet. Barral attempts to pull guard at 2:48 and has to settle for half guard as Saulo scrambles around one of Barral’s legs.
  • At 5:55 Barral sinks in a triangle on the multiple time world BJJ champion! The audience expects this to be near the end! However Saulo calmly stands completely upright and Barral holds on!
  • Saulo cannot bear the weight forever but he is now in a squatting position with Barral still having a triangle locked in. Saulo’s posture prevents the triangle from completely sinking. At 7:01 Barral’s legs cannot take it any longer and his triangle opens, freeing Saulo from the near-submission.
  • At 9:21 Barral sweeps Saulo for another two points.
  • As the match ends at the ten minute mark, Romulo Barral is up 6-0 over Saulo Ribeiro and is the new medium heavyweight BJJ black belt world champion.

Super Heavyweight Title Match: Roger Gracie (Gracie Barra) taps Robert Drysdale (Brasa)

  • Roger Gracie pulls guard at 1:46
  • Drysdale’s gi sleeve rips badly and the action is stopped so he can put on another gi top.
  • Gracie is awarded an advantage point for a combination sweep / arm attack at 2:28
  • The fighters are standing again and Gracie decides he would rather be on the bottom, so he pulls guard at 4:37
  • Gracie pushes Drysdale’s right arm across Drysdale’s chest, clearing the way for Gracie to begin taking Drysdale’s back.
  • Gracie makes his way around the back and locks in a triangle body lock around Drysdale’s waist and is awarded 2 points.
  • At 6:55 Roger Gracie sinks the choke from back mount and wins becomes the 2007 super heavyweight black belt world champion!

Ultra Heavyweight Title Match: Luis “Big Mac” Teodoro loses to Rafael Lovato Jr.

  • Immediately, Lovato Jr. pulls guard against Teodoro.
  • The match continues with Lovato Jr. constantly alternating between open and closed guard attacks that are shut down by Teodoro
  • Teodoro, for his part, is not able to pass Lovato Jr.’s guard but is given an advantage point at 4:31 for nearly doing so.
  • The match continues in this fashion – Lovato Jr. on bottom trying to set up submissions, and Teodoro trying to pass Lovato Jr’s guard. It looks as if Teodoro is on his way to becoming the new champion
  • As the fans of Teodoro began their victory chants and the final ten seconds in the match are ticking away, Saulo and Xande Ribeiro’s cries to Lovato Jr. to give it his last and best attempt to score on Teodoro are realized, as Lovato is awarded an advantage point for an omoplata attempt just as time is about to run out. The athletes are tied at 0-0, and both have one advantage point. The judges award Rafael Lovato Jr. the 2007 ultra heavyweight title for his constant attempts to submit Teodoro!

Rafael Lovato Jr.
Rafael Lovato Jr. is named the ultra heavyweight champion.

Featherweight Title Match: Rubens Charles (Alliance) taps Mario Reis (Gracie Barra)

  • At 3:20 Charles is given 3 points for knee in the belly position
  • A moment later at 3:25 Charles achieves sidemount and the score is now 5-0 in Charles’ favor
  • At 4:45 Charles wins the match when Reis taps to a bow and arrow choke!

Rubens Charles taps Mario Reis
Rubens Charles taps Mario Reis.

Lightweight Title Match: Lucas Lepri (Alliance) defeats Michel Maia (Nova Uniao)

  • At 2:47 Lepri is given an advantage point for a throw that nearly landed
  • Lepri earns two consecutive advantage points for submission attempts at 6:57
  • At 7:30 Lepri attains side mount and he is now winning 3-0
  • Lepri then reaches both hands into Maia’s collar and sinks a collar choke from the side mount at 7:42, leaving Maia no alternative but to tap!

Lucas Lepri taps Michel Maia for the gold.
Lucas Lepri taps Michel Maia for the gold.

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