#74 Staph Hits The FightWorks Podcast & Rodrigo Medeiros Black Belt Corner

The rising star that you’ve heard the least about in combat sports over the last few years is undoubtedly the staph infection. It’s made appearances during reality television, afflicting Kenny Florian and others during the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. More recently cases have been reported among such names as Forrest Griffin, Diego Sanchez, and Cole Escovedo.

Staph can kill.

This special episode of The FightWorks Podcast is dedicated to educating our listeners about the very real dangers of staph infections for combat sports participants. We replay one of our most important conversations we’ve ever had on the show in which we speak with a representative from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta. Afterwards, we’ll talk with FightWorks Podcast cohost Dan about his recent encounter with the bacteria.

Finally, we wind down with an installment of The BlackBelt Corner with Carlson Gracie Sr. black belt Rodrigo Medeiros.

staph infection

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11 Replies to “#74 Staph Hits The FightWorks Podcast & Rodrigo Medeiros Black Belt Corner”

  1. ewww qhat is that that he has that shyt look so damn discusting LOL but yeh i heard that it very deadly and shyt lol but ewww man i cant beleive this shyt is very deadly and shyt but bkah blah…………

  2. i have something almost identical to that on my chest
    its startin to scare me now
    how did that start ??
    and how serious is it?.

  3. If you have something like that growing on your chest, get to a doctor immediately and ask them to test it for MRSA!

  4. so its real bad?..
    cuz this one doctor i went to the other day gave me some pills to take for infections and idk if theyre gonna help enough?..

  5. I am not a doctor, so don’t rely on my advice, but I know that you need to take every last pill in the prescription the doctor gave you. And make sure that the doctor tested your infection to see if it was the MRSA strain of staph.

  6. ok i gave it a few days of just takin the pills and its healed up quite a bit its not yellow or anything anymore when i took the last bandaid off the puss stuff came with it and it just made a hole in my chest the skins formin over it now tho so its a lot better

  7. dude im pretty scared i have a thing like that on my wrist i just noticed when i got home its not as yellow or red im pretty scared can you give me advice im gettting ready to see a doctor

  8. Definitely see a doctor is the advice I would have, and when you do you might suggest that they run a culture for MRSA on the bacteria to confirm that you do or don’t have this bug!

  9. I have also had stapf for a long time for going on 6 years. I have not had a breakout in about four up until now .Im not sure that this is what i think it is? It manifested itself as a rash this time.Now there is a small hole in the middle of it.No puss but clear liquid.Its on my backside and i cant see it to well. Any advice. If its not staph does anyone have a idea what it might be. I have been diagnosed with the resistent strain of MRSA.

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